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By: Tahir Muzter
It was in 1963--- Consequent upon Kamraj Plan of Indian National congress, in August 1963, Late Bakhshi Gulam Mohammad resigned as Prime Minister of Jammu &Kashmir and Kh, Shamus-Din took over as his successor. There was some topsy-turvy in the corridors o f power in Kashmir. Late Bakhshi Gulam Mohammad had promised to the Prime Minister late Pandit Jawaharlal Lal Nehru that he would see to it that G.M.Sadiq was elected the chief Minister , but in Kashmir the strongest contender against Sadiq becoming the Chief Minister was Bashki Abdul Rashid, the then General Secretary of the National Conference---
A move started to persuade Bakhshi to withdraw his resignation. That was the time that late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was still in Jail, and there was a strong demand emerging in rational political circles of the country for his release. However it is along and separate story Here it isjust a cursory mention of the then situation prevailing in Kashmir, though kh. Shamas-din- took over as the Prime Minister of the state in that situation. As a researcher on the subject, my opinion is that the mysterious disappearance of the Holy Relic and consequent upon sea change of Kashmir politics is not possible to understand without going through deep in the situation prevailing then.
It was in this background that the Moi-i-Muqaddas (Holy Relic of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was mysteriously found missing on the morning of 27th December, 1963 from Hujrah Sharif of Aasari—Sharief Hazratbal(old building),obviously being politically motivated. But it was the biggest torture of the extreme love and regard Muslim have with the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and within no time of this shivring news, lakhs of people came on roads throughout length and breadths of Kashmir, mourning and weeping. This continued till 4th January , when recovery of Moi-i- Muqadas was claimed officially.
Mysteriously disappearance shook not only Kashmir but it proved a trembling news for Delhi also. With this the politics and history of Kashmir turned a new leaf. It is only to recall here that the Centre opted to remain criminally silent with regard to the conspiracy that worked behind the removal of the Holy Relic, and the culprit from whom the investigating agency recovered the Holy Relic.
It happened despite the fact that the then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Lal Nehru broadcasted to the people of Kashmir, that he was sending his senior Intelligence Officer B. N. Mullick to Srinagar to take charge of the case and to recover the Holy Relic and also promised to punish the culprits.
It was a unique occasion after 1953, when the people of Kashmir trusted the Government of India and demanded the exposure of the wicked culprit and the vicious conspiracy, as it had hurt gravely the sentiments of lacks of Muslims throughout the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Indeed the movement for recovery of the Holy Relic was joined by the non-Muslims including the Hindus at Jammu. Instead of exposing the conspiracy and punishing the culprits as promised by the Prime Minister Nehru publicly the then Chief of the Intelligence Bureau of India, Mr. B.N. Mullik, , who on the directive of Pt. Jawaharlal investigated the mysterious episode, delivered a blow on the face of Kashmir is when he recorded---“Recovery of Moi-Muqaddas (Holy Relic) was an intelligence operation never to be disclosed. I cannot describe the process which led to its replacement at the place from which it had been removed on December 27. (My years with Nehru by B.N. Mullick -1972, Page142).
o give here the details of the “Tahreek Baazyabi Moi-Muqadas (SAW) (Agitation for the recovery of Moi-i-Muqadas) and its gravity is not within the scope of this brief write up but Mullik himself has confessed saying that---------- “What I saw in the town was something which I had never seen before thirty-five years of executive service dealing with law and order. Every thing was closed: offices, schools, shops, cinemas, restaurants. Langers (eating places) had been set up at various places in the town. Large crowds were coming from villages, carrying food, bedding and even fuel for warming their bodies. There was no end to the stream of people and the smallest procession was at least a mile long covering the entire width of the road including the footpaths” There is much more to tell about the Tahreek –i- Moi Muqadas (SAW) and the demand of exposing the conspiracy and punishing the culprits. But ignoring all that and against their commitment to the people of Kashmir. The Govt. of India slapped down the lakhs of people belonging to Kashmir and B.N.Mullik’s above mentioned book is a documentary proof of it. Probably it would expose some pro –India Kashmir leaders, and their political game of power struggle. Anyway, the Holy Relic episode wholly decided, directed and administered by the Central Home Ministry did not prove a hard nut for Kashmir to crack as they soon realized that the drama was enacted to hoodwink them and bring about a political change in the State that would not be as abhorrent to the people of the ill-fated State as the 1953 episode had proved.
( In this picture Late A . Ahead Lone then a sectary, J &K Mahaz-Rai-Shumari is pointing out on the door of “Hujrah Khas of Old Hazratbal , which was broken’”)
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Srinagar, Dec 28 (Only Kashmir): The Board of School Education declared results of matric on Wednesday. Out of 50685 candidates who had appeared in the exams held in October this year 29280 were declared successful.
Five candidates secured 100 percent marks while nine secured 499 out of 500 marks. 14 candidates have secured 498 out of 500 marks.
First time five students have secured 100 percent marks. They are Naseer Ahmad Rather from Sidarth Education Institute Anantnag, Khair-ul-Nisa from SAMIE Beerwah, Amir Mustafa Tyndale Biscoe, Hafsa Haroon from Presentation Convent and Khoban Jamsheed from Mallinson School.
Interestingly all of the nine students who secured 498 marks are girls.
Abid Abdullah from Higher Secondary School Vilgam has secured 497 marks and is one among fourth toppers. Syed Zeeshan Nisar from Boys High School Lajoora Pulwama has secured 495 marks and is fifth one among fifth toppers.
The overall pass percentage this year has reached 66.13 percent from 65.98 percent last year. 4238 candidates who have passed the exam have been kept in qualified but to improve which is a new category this year.
1731 candidates have secured A1 category which is above 90 percent. Last year only 872 candidates had secured A1 category. This year 3273 candidates have secured A2 grade which is above 80 percent and below 90 percent.
Meanwhile, the BOSE had kept the results available on its website,


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Srinagar, Dec 27 (Only Kashmir): Mirwaiz-i-Kashmir (The owner of the highest religious seat in Kashmir) Umar Farooq today at Mirwaiz Manzil (the ancestor home of Mirwaiz) Rajouri Kadal Tuesday inaugurates the first of its kind Islamic Website in presence of a Galaxy of Ulamas & high dignitary persons.
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq who is also president of Mutahida Majlis Amal today inaugurated a website here for the protection of faith. Addressing a meeting of Ulema he called for strengthening of religious institutions and Islamic banking and to help poor and destitute people of the valley.
Mirwaiz also expressed concern over the activities of Christian missionaries. “We should strive for creating Baitul Maal, to help needy people,” he said.
The Mirwaiz said that there was a need for the formation of committee consisting financial experts who would strengthen the Islamic Banking concept in the Valley. “Jammu and Kashmir is a Muslim majority region and we should take some concrete steps to implement Islamic Banking,” he said.
Mirwaiz expressed serious concern about the conspiracies to spread sale of liquor in the valley and demanded to take back the issued licenses from the liquor shops.
He also appealed to religious scholars and preachers to play part in imparting religious teachings and principals of Islam. The Mirwaiz also inaugurated a website ‘www.’ to curb the conversion menace in the valley.
He reiterated his stand and said that the movement for the protection of faith is not against any religious minority community.
Rehmatullah Mir, chairman Darul Uloom Reheemia, Mufti Nazir Ahmad Qasmi, Advocate Zahid Ali, Abdul Rehman Bhat, General Secretary Jami’at Ahalhadees, Moulana Abass Ansari, Chairman Itehadul Muslileem and Moulana Ghulam Rasool Hami, Chairman Karwane Islami were present in the meeting.
Editor-in-Chief Only Kashmir was also present on the occasion.(OK)


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Srinagar Dec 16 (Only Kashmir): General Officer Commanding of Army’s 15 Corps, Lt General Syed Atta Hasnain on Wednesday said the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan can have impact on the security situation in J&K as the leftover militants can sneak into Kashmir. He said that in the past also when Russian forces withdrew from Afghanistan, some of the militants who were fighting against Russia had sneaked to this side and were involved in the militancy related activities in the state.
“The geopolitics of this region especially that of Afghanistan has impact not only on Pakistan but also in Kashmir. In this context, next two years will be influenced by the overall situation in Afghanistan,” Hasnain said on the sidelines of an ‘Awami Sunwai’ in Uri.
He said that army is ready to foil any infiltration bid and apprehensions of infiltration during the winter season from Uri sector are high as most of the areas of Machil, Karnah and Gurez witness high snowfall.


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Srinagar, Dec 5 (Only Kashmir): In the wake of the NATO attacks in Pakistan that killed 28 soldiers, the common man in the Kashmir Valley is worried about the region's instability and its fallout here.
Kashmiris have always reacted with concern to political upheavals in Pakistan. What has increased the common Kashmiri's worries about Pakistan is the latest statement by its army chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, authorizing ground soldiers "to retaliate with full force without fear of cost and consequences" if such an attack is repeated.
Worsening ties between the US and Pakistan and a statement by Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani that there was no apprehension of an army coup in the country are being discussed by the locals these days with concern.
"If the US war against terror loses its support from Pakistan the region faces a grave situation. Believe it or not, the instability in Pakistan could have a serious fallout in Kashmir", said Javaid Shah, a local newspaper editor here.
The common man is keenly watching the developments and hoping things do not come to a showdown between the US and Pakistan.
"It is like an earthquake that has its epicentre somewhere in Pakistan. If Pakistan is jolted by political or security turmoil, we cannot escape the consequences.
"The entire prospect of peace in Kashmir depends upon the stability in the region and better relations between India and Pakistan. Unless the government there is in full control how can it engage in peace talks with New Delhi," a Nizam-ud-Din, 59, a retired school teacher here, told IANS.
When Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was hanged on April 4, 1979, there were violent protests in the Valley during which five persons were killed in police firing. Even the death of the Pakistan dictator, Gen. Ziaul Haq, in an air crash on August 17, 1988, caused law and order problems in Kashmir with protesters blaming the US for engineering the crash of the plane carrying him and the American ambassador.
"Emotions have always run high in Kashmir with the unfolding of events in Pakistan. Today, when that country is placed precariously vis-a-vis its relations with the US, the growing concern in the Valley is understandable. Nobody would benefit if Pakistan comes to harm," said Professor Muzaffar Ahmad, a college teacher here.
"The undermining of the political authority in Pakistan would definitely affect the future of the peace process between the two countries whose inevitable fallout could be the continuation of turmoil in the Valley," Ahmad told IANS.
As cable television networks beam commentaries and news about the strain in relations between the US and Pakistan, for a change Kashmiris remain glued to these programmes during the chilly winter evenings.(Inputs: IANS)


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