Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Srinagar July 31 (Only Kashmir): Statement of Chairman, People’s Political Party (PPP), Engineer Hilal Ahmad War, before Press conference at Hotel Ahdoo’s on July 31, 2012 at 11:30 .a.m. at Srinagar.
In view of the scenario prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir as a result of peoples politico-armed struggle , our party (PPP) , after serious and careful assessment of critical situation prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir and keeping in view all the aspects of Kashmir problem , sentiments of people of Indo-Pak subcontinent and the concept of self-determination right of the people, Jammu and Kashmir came out first time ever since the creation of Kashmir Problem on August 10,1996 with a viable, just, equitable and practicable Roadmap containing a 3-Point Formula commonly known as Hilal Formula for settling Kashmir Dispute to the satisfaction of India, Pakistan as well as People of Jammu and Kashmir.
Through conviction and vision , PPP pioneered the historic Confidence Building Measures ( CBMs) embodied in its Roadmap , between India and Pakistan which transformed into reality in the shape of Srinagar-Muzaffarabad Bus Service followed by Truck service . We reiterated our stand that PPP’s Roadmap is the only solution to Kashmir Problem and to bring PEACE in this region which has been formulated by incorporating wishes and aspirations of all the people of pre-August 1947  Jammu and Kashmir .
Govt. of India has terrific dread and threat of universally recognized principle of self-determination right. Therefore, to avoid and bypass this doctrine she has now opened a new front with the secret help of Indo-Jewish Agencies in order to pave the way for dragging out the basic and essential principle of self-determination right and bypass its doctrine from the freedom struggle of Kashmir and to divert the attention of valiant youth of Kashmir from the indigenous freedom movement. For accomplishing this task various pygmies and pseudo-economists have been projected from both sides of Control Line under the garb of Trade and Commerce  who are secretly provided with enormous funds by Indo-Jewish  secret Agencies with the blessings of American C.I.A. and Indian R.A.W. by utilizing the Channels of ‘ Conference and Economic Diplomacy’.
The recent Cross L.O.C. Conference sponsored by Delhi Based N.G.O, Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation ( CDR)  at SKICC is an attempt whereby it was intended to expel tactfully the principle of self-determination right from our freedom struggle, dilute the fro-freedom sentiment among our youth and to reduce the struggle for freedom to an ordinary political problem between India and Pakistan which could be settled by Economic packages or other sorts of appeasement or nefarious plans through such conferences by  Government of India by purchasing and using traitors and pseudo experts of trade and commerce and some political concessions as well as minor adjustments of Control Line. The way the aforesaid conference was convened and projected gives clear indications that Govt of India has been trying to hoodwink the world opinion by convening such Conferences in Kashmir with a secret agenda. Therefore we reject this so called ‘Cross L.O.C. Trade conference’ and its recommendations.
 Being the architect and author of the idea and concept of Cross LOC Trade and Traffic as the biggest CBM s between India and Pakistan which pertain to Human and Economic aspect of Kashmir problem according to the ‘HILAL FORMULA” and having done an extensive research on all the three aspects of Kashmir Problem including Political aspect, I feel I am at a place, wherefrom I can sense the minutest of the agendas and secret plans behind this Conference.
The main objective of the idea and concept of Srinagar –Muzaffarabad bus service and Truck service, way back in 1996 apart from a CBM was to allow the people living on both sides of Control Line, to meet, interact and exchange views and thoughts on different political issues as members of ‘one Geo-political family’ for the interim period and to do trade relationship between two halves of Kashmir within the ambit of National Trade Policy of Jammu and Kashmir nation.

Alas! The purpose, aims and objectives of the said conference were totally against the philosophy, purpose and the concept of the ‘Cross Trade and Commerce as propounded in PPP Roadmap. Being the protagonist and a strong advocate of the Economic Independence of Kashmir, I have to painfully swallow the bitter pill to oppose and reject the said Conference.
We fail to understand what mandate does a Delhi based NGO have to carry out such a conference in Kashmir and about Kashmir?  The way this conference was organized by Delhi based NGO smacks of some bigger conspiracy. The delegates from the other side of Control Line who are State Subjects of Jammu and Kashmir as we are, were brought here on Visa. The point here is that coming or going back on Visa means that the delegates  have technically accepted Kashmir as a part of India and Cross LOC Trade will take the shape of International Trade between two countries ( India and Pakistan) not between two halves of Kashmir. Had CDR been genuine and sincere in their efforts they would have brought the traders from Azaad Kashmir to this (occupied) part of Kashmir on easy permit basis through Srinagar-Muzaffarabad Bus as was done in 2008 also. During their visit in 2008, they met pro-freedom leadership and took them into confidence before going ahead. Secondly, the ‘Free Economic Zone’ or ‘Free Trade Zone’ the idea of which has been floated in the conference by using the smart tactics of Conference Diplomacy. This idea is nothing but a brainchild of Zionist Ideology and this well known Jewish Concept has been implemented and tested in many trouble torn and conflicting parts of globe to divert the attention of the struggling people and the world. If such kind of Conferences will go unopposed the day is not far when this conference take the shape of ‘Camp David Accord’ to bypass the Doctrine of Self-determination Right in Kashmir. 
 The participants of the conference who are also co-organizers and who claim to be the Trade experts and self acclaimed Champions of business particularly from our part of Kashmir, by supporting the Agendas within the Conference have proven their connections and linkages with Intelligence agencies. For instance, the height and emphasis given to raise the cross LOC trade  to the status of International Trade may sound fantastic and great but technically the status of International Trade means the two halves of Kashmir are made permanent and incorrigible. I personally advise and request them to desist from such nefarious activities of offering a chocolate of business and economy which will ultimately prove to be a sugar coated poison pill for Kashmirs and their sacred freedom movement. I want Mr. Mubeen Shah and Co. and his counterpart Mr. Zulfikar Abbassi, the so-called and self-acclaimed pioneers of Cross LOC trade to stay away from such conspiracies which they do under the banner and guise of Trade and Commerce and Mr. Mubeen Shah must remind himself of his role during the Economic Blockade in the year 2008 before pretending to be the well wisher of Kashmir, its people and the cause.
 I want to clear here that PPP is not averse to any business conference which is aimed at enhancing and boosting the economy of Kashmir  besides proving to be a great CBM between India and Pakistan which will ultimately create a congenial atmosphere for the final solution of Kashmir Tangle. But we want to make it clear that PPP would come out against any such Conference or move which is aimed at diverting the attention of world community in general and Kashmiri masses in particular from the real problem of Kashmir and its resolution. Even if nobody supports me in this endeavor, I would fight against it tooth and nail as one man army.   
Finally, I would like to suggest to the business communities of both sides of Control Line that before attending any such type of Conference or even signing any MOU, they must consult the pro-freedom leadership and to those who have presented the formula of ‘Cross LOC Trade and Traffic’ in order to see through the aforesaid sinister agenda from multiple angles in order to frustrate and foil the plans of Indo-Jewish Intel agencies.(OK)


Sunday, July 29, 2012


Srinagar, July 29(Only Kashmir): APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has said that the solution of Kashmir was imperative to bring peace in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. He, however, cleared that till India does not show flexibility, the peace would remain elusive in the region.
Mirwaiz, who was while addressing a large gathering at Malik Sahab Safakadal, said the recent visit of Indian Defence Minister and Army chief clearly suggests that they want to strengthen the institutions of army in Kashmir.  He said the visit also indicates that army is the one who rules Jammu and Kashmir and calls the shots.
 APHC Chairman said that the state government is just been installed for running petty affairs and is helpless before army at every level.
“Leave aside lifting of AFSPA or other black laws, this state government is can’t even take some confidence building measures,” Mirwaiz said.
Mirwaiz said that Hurriyat has already pointed out that till there is complete withdrawal of troops and black laws are revoked from Jammu and Kashmir, visit of any Indian defense Minister or army chief would remain a failed process.
APHC Chairman said that on one hand the so called chief Minister is talking of lifting of black laws, while on the other hand same laws are being extended to murder Kashmiri people. He said unbridled force is being used against common masses demanding basic amenities.
He further added that Hurriyat leadership is put under house detention to maintain the fake peace.
APHC chairman said that Kashmiris are under continuous cultural onslaught. Hence, he said, it was incumbent one every person to protect Kashmiri culture and tradition from aggression. (OK)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


New Delhi July 25 (Only Kashmir): Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday became the 13th President of India capping a five-decade career that saw him play significant roles in government, Parliament and party.
76-year-old Mukherjee was administered the oath of office to "preserve, protect and defend the constitution and law" by Chief Justice of India Sarosh Homi Kapadia at an impressive ceremony in the historic Central Hall of Parliament.
The veteran leader took the oath in English in the name of God to a thunderous applause and thumping of desks by those in the packed Central Hall that included Vice-President Hamid Ansari, Speaker Meira Kumar, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and outgoing President Pratibha Patil.
The gathering also included Cabinet ministers, leaders of opposition, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, governors, chief ministers, MPs and diplomats.
Just after he took oath, he was offered a 21-gun salute marking the assumption of office of the highest constitutional post in the country.
In his brief acceptance address, he said the principal responsibility of this office is to function as the guardian of the Constitution.
"I will strive to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution not just in words but in spirit," Mukherjee said.
He also said word poverty should be eliminated from the dictionary of modern India but felt tickle down theory would not work. He said hunger is a humiliation for the mankind.
Referring to the change of equations post-Cold War, he said the world was in the midst of fourth World War fighting terror of which India had the early experience.
Mukherjee ended his speech saying "there can be no greater reward for a public servant than becoming the First Citizen of the country." (OK)


Monday, July 23, 2012


Srinagar, July 23 (Only Kashmir): Mr. Ashok Prasad, an Andra Pradesh 1979 cadre IPS officer assumed as new Director General of Police (DGP) Jammu and Kashmir here this afternoon. On his arrival to Police Headquarters (PHQ) he was received by Additional Directors General of Police Mr. K. Rajendra Kumar, Mr. P. L Gupta, Dr. Ram Lubhaya and Dr. S. P. Vaid and other senior police officers. 
The new DGP was presented a colourful guard of honour by the contingents of Armed Police at PHQ lawns. He inspected the guard of honour and was given a warm welcome by the PHQ staff.Mr. Prasad born in 1956 in Bihar was inducted in IPS Andhra Pradesh Cadre in 1979. He has served in different categories in different States including Punjab and Naxal hit States. He served in Jammu and Kashmir as Deputy Director and Additional Director IB Kashmir, and has been assigned as State Police Chief J&K. The Post has fallen vacant on the superannuation of Mr. Kuldeep Khoda in May this year.Mr. Prasad took over the charge from Additional Director General of Police, Mr. K. Rajendra Kumar, who was holding the post since June 1st as Incharge DGP.After assuming the charge, the new DGP had a meeting and at the outset, Mr. Rajendra introduced Mr. Prasad with senior police officers.  While interacting with the officers he enquired from them about the functioning of their respective wings. Each officer gave a resume to the DGP about the different wings and he asked them to furnish the requirements, if any to PHQ so that these requirement are fulfilled to enhance the working capabilities of the Organization.    
Addressing the meeting, the DGP said that all ranks of the force form the Organization and every member of the Organization has to work with dedication making public service their motive. He said that  Jammu and Kashmir Police has achieved many successes on different fronts  during past 22 years and the pace of success  would continue with the cooperation of people.
Hours after taking his charge Mr. Ashok Prasad, Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police, called on Mr. N. N. Vohra, Governor, at Raj Bhavan, and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. Both the Governor and the Chief Minister wished Mr. Prasad a very successful tenure.(OK)


Saturday, July 21, 2012


Srinagar July 21 (Only Kashmir): Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal Saturday said that his ministry has decided to take up preservation of Kashmir's rich manuscript wealth under the national preservation mission.
Sibal's announcement came during his visit to the Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages here.
Responding to the demand by the prominent Kashmiri poet and Jnanpith awardee, Rehman Rahi, for restarting the practice of having national news reels and documentaries dubbed in Kashmiri language, Sibal said he would take up the matter with the ministry concerned.
He also assured the local writers of all help in addressing their concerns about the development of languages and literature in the state.
During his visit, Sibal saw an exhibition of rare manuscripts, paintings, calligraphy specimens and the academy's publications.
He showed keen interest in the manuscripts and other items. On display was a rare copy of the Holy Quran calligraphed in 1237 AD by Fateh Ullah Kashmiri, another written in 1594 AD which is the only copy in the world to be written in saffron ink.
Copies of Hindu scriptures Bhagwad Geeta and Mahabharata in Persian were also displayed. The academy's secretary, Khalid Bashir conducted the union minister and briefed him about the manuscripts and other objects on display.
Yet another attraction was a Persian manuscript calligraphed with the nail of thumb and popularly known as "Khat-e-Nakhun". A marvel of calligraphy, the margin of the manuscript is decorated with illustrations of men, birds, and animals.
Among the specimens of calligraphy was the collection of the Holy Quran by renowned calligrapher Usman-e-Qadri.
The paintings on display included some rare works of artists like M.F.Husain, S.N. Bendre, Jatin Das and G.R. Santosh. Significantly, these paintings have been done by the artists at painting camps organised by the academy in the past. (OK)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Srinagar, July 17 (Only Kashmir): The Buddhist Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama who is on 6 day visit of summer capital of the State today visited religious sites of Dargah Hazaratbal, Gupat Ganga Shiva Temple, Gurdawara Chatti Padshahi. He also visited Tomb of Shri Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah in Srinagar.
 He paid obeisance at these religious places and prayed for peace and prosperity of the world especially in Jammu and Kashmir State.
Minister for Tourism and Culture, Mr. Nawang Rigzin Jora accompanied Dalai Lama during his visit to these sites.
Dalai Lama visited 500 year old Gupt Ganga Shiv Temple, where lord Shiva is believed to have stayed overnight while going to Amarnathji Cave. He was received by Advisor to Chief Minister Mr. Mubarak Gul besides large number of people at the tomb of late Sheri-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah.
The Spiritual Buddhist leader while sharing his ideas said that “Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was close friend of mine, I met the late leader several times, who always showed genuine concern to my cause.” He prayed for eternal peace to the departed soul .
Dalai Lama also visited the tomb of Madri Meharban Begum Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and paid floral tributes there.
Interacting with the people on the occasion, Dalia Lama said that  Kashmir is world famous for hospitality and “I always remember  the warm welcome  and excellent hospitality of the people of Kashmir which they extended  to me during the visit”.
At Hazratbal the Dalai Lama was received by Imam of Dargah Sharif , Molvi Bashir Din Farooqi and other religious leaders besides a large number of people.
The Dalai Lama paid obeisance at Dargah Sharif Hazratbal and prayed for peace and prosperity of the State. He said that “I feel solace while visiting pilgrim sites like Dargah Hazratbal”, and said that all religions give the message of brotherhood, communal harmony and amity. He said we should follow the right path as enshrined in all religious scriptures. 
Dalai Lama also paid obeisance at Gurdwara Chatti Padshahi, where he also prayed for peace and prosperity of the humanity. He was honoured by saroopa by the grand Granthi. (OK)


Monday, July 16, 2012


Srinagar July 16 (Only Kashmir): In view of recent developments in the trade Union Circles in Jammu and Kashmir, as decided by the SGEJAC and EJAC ® jointly a one day convention of different trade unions and its leaders was held here today in Sheikh Bagh Forest Complex. The convention was objectively convened in order to arrive at broad based consensus to mitigate the burning problems of the employees of the State. The leaders in their address severely criticized the so called trade Union leaders who are responsible for mishandling of the issues of the employees and damaged the movement on one pretext or the other. They castigated the role and hidden Agenda of these elements who have all along been deceiving the employees. It was not the State Government but the leadership at the helm of affairs who are responsible for delay in consideration of demands of the employees. The history will not forgive the dubious role of these trade Union leaders.
Addressing the gathering of thousands of employees senior leadership unanimously announced merger of SGEJAC and EJAC® and all the EJAC factions of the State and declared that new era of trade Union activities under the name of style of “United Platform of Government employees and workers” will start henceforth in order to carry forward the employees struggle to logical conclusion. The participant trade Union leaders representing every nook and corner of the State reposed full faith in the new Platform by raising their hands in support of this historical resolution. It was also resolved in the convention that since all the major constituents of so called JCC have either left or pulled out, this platform gets automatically defuncted.
Giving final touch to the formation of this amalgam of the employees , a 18 members of Central Committee of UPJKGEW was announced which included Subhash Verma, Ram Kumar, Aijaz Khan , Rafiq Khanyari, Sushil Sudan, Suresh Sharma, Malik Gh. Hassan Re, Ishtiyaq Beg, , Shabir Langoo, Sayeda Ladakhi, Mohd. Iqbal, Bushan S.Verma, Shakeel Kuchey,Sanjay Dhar, Javed Akhnoon , Gh. Mohd. Rather ,Gazi Abdul Aziz, Khurshid Ahamed Diwani.It was announced that after month of Ramzan and celebration of Id –ul-fitr State Wide agitational Programme will be announced and in the meantime the Government is again served with this ultimatum to consider the following agreed demands without fail and forcing the employees to come on the roads. The new amalgam declared that it believes in talks and appreciate the concern shown by the Government towards the demands but struggle is the last resort.Leadership projected demands of the employees as under:
1. Regularisation of daily wagers, adhoc, consolidated, consolidated, EVs,RETS after framing of policy. Framing of policy for angwani, asha and fair price shop dealer,mali cum chowkidars.
2. Withdrawal of conditions imposed on GP fund.
3. Removal of pay anomalies of clerical and other cadres.
4. Implementation of 6th pay commission report on remaining PSUs, payment of arrears and budgetary support.
 5. Retirement age should be as per Central Govt. mployees.Besides, it was observed that the state govt. employees have suffered a lot and still there is disparity as regards:
a. extension of LTC facility.
b. Qualifying service for pension be declared 20 years.
c. Mediclaim policy for all employees.d. dislocation allowance.e. Increase in medical allowance to Rs. 1000/-Rules and guidelines of the new Platform were also approved in the convention and it was appealed to all the trade Union leaders to participate and strengthen it .The employees were also appealed to remain united and follow the programme and polices of the amalgam.(OK)


Sunday, July 15, 2012


Srinagar July 15 (Only Kashmir) – Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Sunday gave away prizes at the conclusion of goodwill football match between Mohammedan Sporting Club, Kolkata and Jammu and Kashmir-XI at Bakshi Stadium here. The match was witnessed by huge crowd which encouraged the local team by applauses and shouting slogans. The crowd also appreciated the skillful moves of the Mohammedan Sporting Club.The Jammu and Kashmir-XI won the match by 5-2 after tie-breaker was applied when both the teams scored one each by the end of full time. The Jammu and Kashmir XI went into lead by scoring a goal in the first half which was equalized by Mohammedan Sporting Club in second half through a penalty kick. In the tie-breaker Jammu and Kashmir-XI converted 4 penalty kicks into goals while Mohammedan Sporting Club scored one out of three kicks. Union Minister of State for Home, Jatinder Singh, Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly, Mohammad Akbar Lone, Minister for Finance, Abdul Rahim Rather, Minister for Youth Services and Sports, R. S. Chib, Minister of State for Home, Nasir Aslam Wani, Legislators, Director General Police, K. Rajindra, Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Dr. Asgar Samoon and various other senior officers civil, police and army and Secretary and officials of Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council were also present on the occasion. (OK)


Saturday, July 14, 2012


Srinagar July 14 (Only Kashmir): – Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah today said that State has passed through a period of darkness of disturbance. He said that peace is rooting gradually and days of desperation vanishing.
“After witnessing a dark period of 22 years we are coming out of it gradually towards the peace and development”, he said adding that every section of the society had to bear the brunt of disturbance in one or the other way.
Addressing the public reception function organized by the Tibetan community to honour Buddhist religious leader Dalai Lama at Tibetan High School here, the Chief Minister said that harmony in which Tibetan and Kashmiri are living here for last 50 years denotes the characteristic and positivity of the people.
Welcoming Dalai Lama in the State, the Chief Minister said that Dalai Lama’s visit to Srinagar after a gap of 24 years is a great occasion. “You are not only our respected guest but a revered religious personality”, he told Dalai Lama and sought his good wishes for the State and the people for peace, development and progress.
In his speech, the revered Buddhist Monk 14th Dalai Lama emphasized the need of introducing value based education in schools to create healthy and harmonious society. He said that material and money aspects should not be the goal of education. “Education should nurture and groom young children in the best mould decorated with all values of human dignity, compassion and togetherness”, he said and emphasized the need of making moral and secular education compulsory in the curriculum.
Calling for creating a harmonious society where mutual brotherhood, tolerance and care for each other will rule the roast, Dalai Lama said that man is a social animal and his intelligence should always guide him in the life process. He said anger and negative feelings should never be allowed to conquer the intelligence and commonsense of human beings gifted to them by the God. “You should not get your life process and day to day activities disturbed by negative feelings, jealousy and anger”, he said adding that animals may nurture such feelings but human beings are gifted with intelligence and they can analyse and make difference between good and bad, negative and positive.
Dalai Lama lauded the harmony prevailing between the Tibetan and Kashmiri communities and said that both are living in harmony and amity. He expressed the hope that the relations between the two will get further strengthened and they will jointly contribute for the development of the State.
Recalling his close relation with Sher-i-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, Dalai Lama said that he has similar kind of relations with Dr. Farooq Abdullah and now with young and dynamic Chief Minister of the State, Omar Abdullah.
He wished peace, prosperity and well beings to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Dalai Lama started his speech in Tibetan language and then expressed his viewpoints and feelings in English. He congratulated school management and the Principal for running the school successfully. He said that he would extend all possible help to the school for its further development.
The function began with recitation of verses from Holy Quran and Natiya Sharief by the students of the Tibetan School. They also presented programmes both in Kashmiri and Tibetan languages.
Meanwhile his Holiness Dalai Lama met Mr. N. N. Vohra, Governor Jammu and Kashmir, at Raj Bhavan here today.(OK)


Friday, July 13, 2012


New Delhi, July 13 (Only Kashmir): – The Planning Commission of India today approved highest ever Rs. 7300 crore Annual Plan for Jammu and Kashmir for the year 2012-13. It also approved Rs. 700 crore PMRP. The Commission broadly endorsed the priorities of the State Government reflected under the Twelth Five Year Plan (TFPY). The Planning Commission has agreed to provide additional Central resources of Rs. 6384 crore – Rs. 4400 crore as a Special Central Assistance (SCA) and Rs. 1984 crore as Special Plan Assistance (SPA) to finance the approved Annual Plan.The approval was given at a meeting between Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah led State team and Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India here this afternoon. J&K Finance Minister, Abdul Rahim Rahter, Minister of State for Planning, Dr. Manohar Lal, Members of Planning Commission of India, J&K Chief Secretary, Madhav Lal, Principal Secretary Planning, B. B. Vyas and various Administrative Secretaries were present in the meeting.Making a strong case for enhanced financial support to Jammu and Kashmir State under the Twelfth five year plan (TFYP) and Annual Plan 2012-13, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah underlined the importance of this support for inclusive and broad based development of the State to build on peace dividends and reach out to people in all regions and sub-regions of the State equitably.In the presentation made at the meeting with Planning Commission of India, the J&K Chief Minister threw light on remarkable landmarks achieved by the coalition government in last over three years despite various challenges on law and order front and said that empowered  panchayats and democratically elected urban local bodies will be the main vehicles of delivery of plan objectives.The Chief Minister listed some of the significant achievements such as holding of successful panchayat elections, rolling out of powers to panchayats, enactment and implementation of Public Service Guarantee Act, constitution of State Information Commission and strengthening of State Accountability Commission.  It was mentioned that steps are underway to set up State Vigilance Commission. (OK)


Sunday, July 8, 2012


Srinagar, July 07 (Only Kashmir): A seven-day workshop on ‘professional enrichment of Urdu journalists’ organized by Directorate of distance education (DDE) in collaboration with National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL)started here at University of Kashmir on Saturday.
While speaking during the inaugural ceremony of the workshop which was held at Gandhi Bhawan, Minister for higher education, labour and employment Abdul Gani Malik   emphasized on the need to expedite our collective efforts at various levels for the preservation and promotion of the Urdu language and Urdu press to save it from extinction.
“Several programs, seminars and conferences have been organized by government and other non-governmental organizations and literary forums at college and university level for the promotion of Urdu language over the last few years. However more needs to be done if we are to restore the status of the language which it used to have few decades back in the sub-continent,” said AG Malik.
In his presidential address Vice Chancellor University of Kashmir Prof Talat said the University is always ready for any kind of collaboration with other Universities and institutions aimed at promotion of the Urdu language and has several plans in the pipeline to introduce Urdu as a subject in one of the satellite campuses .
He said “As I am being informed through this inaugural ceremony that since 1986 this is the first event which has been organized by NCPUL at the University of Kashmir. Therefore we are highly thankful to them that they have chosen our campus for the workshop after such a long time and we assure all other universities like the Jammu University and NCPUL that we are ready for any sought of MoU amongst the three institutes for conducting activities for the promotion of Urdu language in future.”
In his address Vice Chairman NCPUL Professor Waseem Barailvey while appreciating the growth of Urdu press in the state of J&K said “Jammu and Kashmir has the highest number of Urdu newspapers all over the country than any other state which shows the tremendous love and respect of the people of J&K for Urdu language.”
Galaxy of Journalists, belonging to Jammu and Kashmir State and National Press, Deans, HOD, of Kashmir University, Jammu University, eminent poet and critic Prof. Rehman Rahi and delegates of other institutions of high repute attended the workshop.
Prof Barailvy said that journalism in corporate media in India today revolves around only politics, films and sports and it is here where Urdu journalists can once again create a space for themselves by highlighting the burning social, economic, environmental and developmental issues.
Khawaja Ikram-ud-din NCPUL Director said that the reason for choosing Kashmir as a venue for the workshop was because Urdu is the official language of the state and the workshop will provide an opportunity to the young budding Urdu journalists to learn about the latest developments in the world of Urdu journalism.
Renowned broadcaster and journalist Ghulam Nabi Khayal delivered a keynote address during the inaugural ceremony of the workshop in which he deliberated on the historical growth and development of Urdu journalism in Kashmir.
Editor-in-Chief Only Kashmir Bilal Bashir Bhat was also present on the occasion.
Dr Naheed Ruhee Associate Professor DDE presented vote of thanks on the occasion.(OK)


Friday, July 6, 2012


Jammu July 06 (Only Kashmir): Veteran journalist S D Rohmetra passed away Thursday following a brief illness. He was 73. Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Excelsior, one of the leading English dailies of Jammu and Kashmir, Rohmetra died at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, early this morning.
Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Governor NN Vohra, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, the Chairman, J&K Legislative Council, Amrit Malhotra, the Speaker, Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, Mohammad Akbar Lone, the Council of Ministers including Peerzada Mohammad Syeed, Ali Mohammad Sagar, Main Altaf Ahmad, Taj Mohi -ud- Din, R. S Chib, S.S. Salathia, Gh. Hassan Mir, A. G. Malik, Aga Syed Ruhulla , Sham Lal Sharma, Ms. Sakina Itoo, Qamar Ali Akhoon, Nawang Rigzin Jora, Advisor to the Chief Minister, Mubarak Gul, Ministers of State, Nasir Aslam Wani, Javid Ahmed Dar, Manohar Lal, Shabir Ahmed Khan and Ajaz Ahmad Khan, Political Advisor to the Chief Minister Devender Singh Rana, The Director General of Police (DGP), K. Rajendra Kumar and the both factions of Hurriyat Conference have expressed their deep sorrow and grief over the sad demise of the veteran Journalist.
In his condolence message Editor-in-Chief Only Kashmir Mr. Bilal Bashir Bhat has expressed his heartfelt condolences and sympathies with the bereaved family of noted journalist S. D. Rohmetra, Chief Editor of Daily Excelsior. (OK)


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


J&K Police presents Guard of honour to one of the deceased policemen Dalbeer Singh at District Police Lines, Srinagar.
Srinagar July 03 (Only Kashmir): Two policemen were shot dead by unknown gunmen in Pulwama and Kulgam districts in south Kashmir Tuesday, police said.
A senior police officer told Media that unknown gunmen fired from a close range at Constable Dalbir Singh in Rajpora Chowk in Rajpora town in Pulwama Tuesday afternoon, injuring him critically.
"The injured constable died while being shifted to the hospital for treatment," the officer said.
In the other incident in Kulgam, police said that unknown militants fired at Constable Mukhtar Ahmad in Yaripora village of the.
"The injured constable was rushed to Kulgam hospital where he succumbed. The incident happened this (Tuesday) evening, when the constable was performing his duties. "A resident of village Pathbugh Dialgam in Anantnag, Mukhtar Ahmad joined the police force in 2001. He is survived by an aged mother, his spouse and three minor kids," a police statement said here. Meanwhile, police have registered a case and investigations are on.


Sunday, July 1, 2012


Peace and normalcy essential for achieving progress and prosperity: Vohra
Srinagar July 01 (Only Kashmir): Mr. N. N. Vohra, Governor, today said that sustained peace and normalcy are essential elements for achieving progress and prosperity and called upon one and all to work towards making Jammu and Kashmir a peaceful, developed and prosperous State. 
The Governor, as Chief Guest, was addressing after felicitating six distinguished personalities from the field of art and culture at a function organized by the Athwaas Foundation, a society of artists, producers, directors, writers, performers and musicians, at SKICC, here this evening.
The Governor felicitated Mr. G. R. Hasrat Gadda; Mr. Zameer Ashai; Mr. Hirday Koul Bharti; Mrs. Kusum Dhar; Mr.Balwant Thakur; and Mr. Mipham Otsal who were presented mementos, shawls and citations on behalf of the Athwaas Foundation. The Governor interacted with the awardees and congratulated them for their significant contributions in the arenas of art and culture. Mr. Gadda, Mr. Ashai, Mrs. Dhar and Mr. Otsal received the awards personally, while Mr. Bihari Kak and Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Tak received the awards on behalf of Mr. Balwant Thakur and Mr. Hirdey Koul Bharti.
Mr. Mubarak Gul, Advisor to the Chief Minister; Mr. Nasir Aslam Wani, Minister of State for Home; Mr. Vijay Bakaya, MLC; Mr. Khalid Bashir, Secretary, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages; Mr. Shabir Ahmad Buch, Director, Doordarshan, Jammu; senior officers, a galaxy of writers, intellectuals, artists, theaterists and invited audience were present on the occasion.   
“Waktuk Partav”- a musical opera in Kashmir, was presented on the occasion. In this opera motifs and symbols were used to communicate the essence of the whole story. These motifs were characters belonging to seasons i.e. winter, spring and birds and flowers. This poetic allegory was an artistic communication of the verse “when winter comes, spring cannot be far behind”. ”Saffar”, a tribute to the late Mr. Vijay Kumar Malla, and Athwaas Song, highlighting the spirit of unity in diversity, were the other highlights of the function.
 Earlier, Mr. Bihari Kak, President, Athwaas Foundation, in his welcome address, gave a resume of the history, evolution and activities of the Athwaas Foundation aimed at arranging platform and creating opportunity for the artist fraternity and utilize medium of art and culture for strengthening harmony and brotherhood. He said that this event was organized in the memory of late Mr. Vijay Kumar Malla, a singer and artist of the State, who passed away recently.     
Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Tak, Chief Editor, Urdu, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, presented a Vote of Thanks.


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