Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Srinagar Nov 30 (Only Kashmir):Smoking has taken its toll among the males in the Kashmir Valley with the highest number of lung cancer cases being reported in the state so far this year.
Till October this year, 316 cases of lung cancer have been registeredd at SK Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS). There were 363 cases reported in 2009 and the number of such patients was 265 in 2008.
This year the number of lung cancer cases registered at SKIMS, the main oncology facility in the Valley, was a record high and surpassed the number of esophageal cancer cases which was previously the most common cancer here.
More than 7,000 cancer patients registered at SKIMS in last three years who suffer from among 80 variants of the disease, around 1000 patients had developed lung cancer with nearly 900 cases blamed on smoking.
"Lung cancer is mostly caused by smoking, all types of smoking, but 90% lung cancer cases are caused by cigarettes," Dr Maqbool Lone, head of the Oncology department, said.
Since smoking is more prevalent among the men here, it is they who suffer the most. The statistics of last three years show that among the two, majority of the cancer cases are male patients.
In 2008, the number of cancer patients registered here were 1,467 against 922 female patients. In 2009, the number of male patients suffering from cancer were 1,705 compared to 1,168 female patients. So far this year, 1285 males have been confirmed of the disease as against 822 women patients.
Apart from smoking, dietary habits of Kashmiris are another reason for the growing number of cancer cases.
Lone said pickles, which are not preserved properly, very hot tea and the sun-dried vegetables meant for consumption during the harsh winters in the valley, can also cause this cancer.
He said one of the causes of breast cancer, which is on rise in the valley with 148 cases in 2008, 162 cases in 2009 and 132 cases registered till this October end, is also poor dietary habits in the valley.
"Even though we produce lots of fruits, most of it is exported and not consumed here. That is also a problem because eating fresh fruits and vegetables decrease the chances of cancer," Dr Syed Ashiq H Naqshbandi, vice-chairman of Cancer Society of Kashmir, said.



Srinagar, Nov 30 (Only Kashmir): Massive protests rocked Wanigam area of Pattan after dead body of a 17-year-old student, Tariq Ahmad Kumar, who was deliberately hit and critically injured by a speedy Indian army vehicle on Thursday, was brought to his native place.
Tariq, a 12th class student, was hit by an army vehicle on November 25 when he was talking to one of his friends on the roadside at Khambiar Maud in Pattan. While his friend sustained minor bruises, Tariq was shifted to Soura hospital in Srinagar with major injuries. After battling for life for five days, Tariq succumbed to his injuries at the hospital on Monday.
As the body of the martyred student reached the area, people took to the streets and staged anti-India demonstrations. They demanded punishment to the killers.


Monday, November 29, 2010


Srinagar, Nov 29 (Only Kashmir): Indian troops, in their fresh act of state terrorism, martyred three more innocent Kashmiri youth in a shoot out in Srinagar city, today. The troops martyred the youth in a vindictive operation after a policeman was killed in an attack in Qamarwari area of the city, this afternoon.
The area has been sealed off and search operations are on.


Saturday, November 27, 2010


New Delhi, Nov 27 (Only Kashmir): A New Delhi Court on Saturday ordered Delhi Police to register an FIR against veteran Hurriyet leader Syed Ali Geelani, renowned writer Arundhati Roy and five others for allegedly making 'anti-India' speeches during a seminar here on October 21.
Sushil Pandit, the complainant in the case, had filed a complaint on October 28 at Tilak Marg police station against Syed Ali Geelani, Arundhati Roy, and others, and demanded that a First Information Report be registered for their alleged anti-India speeces at a seminar titled 'Azadi - the only Way' here.
According to the order by Patiala House district court, the others against whom the FIR is to be registered include Delhi University professor, S.A.R. Geelani, who was acquitted in 2001 parliament attack case, and Sheikh Showkat Hussain, a professor of the Jammu and Kashmir University.



Srinagar Nov 27 (Only Kashmir): S.M. Sahai, Inspector General of Kashmir Police (IGP), Friday evening also told the media here that protests during the past five months were not spontaneous and "were masterminded by terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba".
"Sixty-odd government employees have been arrested by the police for their involvement in stone pelting incidents," he said.
The IGP disclosed that seven of the arrested government employees have been booked under the Public Safety Act (PSA).
"Police have also sent recommendations about the involved government employees to their respective departments and we hope disciplinary action would be taken against them," Sahai said.
He said some timber smugglers and criminals had taken advantage of the recent unrest in the valley as the attention of the police had remained focused on law and order during this period.
Asserting that "protests during the last five months were not spontaneous," Sahai said: "These were masterminded by the terror outfit LeT."
"Investigations reveal the agitation was increasingly a thoughtful plan carried out by the LeT," Sahai said.
To support his stand, the IGP said a module of grenade throwers had been busted by the police in Batmaloo area of Srinagar city, and those involved in stone pelting incidents had a nexus with the LeT.
"There is also a nexus between the separatist leaders and the LeT."
"Recently we arrested the tehsil sadder of the Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (Syed Ali Geelani's separatist party). His telephonic conversation with LeT commander Furqaan reveals he was linked to the outfit."
The IGP said militancy related incidents had started increasing as stone pelting incidents had started coming down in the Valley.


Friday, November 26, 2010


Srinagar, Nov 26 (Only Kashmir): A group of Indian civil society has strongly condemned the attack on APHC Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who was heckled and roughed up at a seminar in Chandigrah on Thursday by hooligans of a Hindu extremist organisation, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).
The Indian civil society group in a statement termed the attack undemocratic and an activity of anti-social and fascist elements. “This is a violation of human rights and an attack on the democratic norms,” it said.
The Indian civil society members said that they fully appreciated and endorsed the efforts of pro-liberation leaders to reach out to the people in India to discuss the Kashmir dispute and establish a sustained process of dialogue and understanding
Demanding Indian government to establish special investigation team to punish the individuals and organizations involved in the criminal act, they urged the civil society groups all over India to invite pro-freedom leaders to their cities and also enable people from different parts of the country to visit the occupied territory to promote better understanding about the longstanding dispute which would eventually lead to its resolution.
The Civil society members who denounced the attack included Swamy Agnivesh, Admiral Ramdas, Mazher Hussain, Mahesh Bhat, Mohini Giri, Kamala Bhasin, P.V. Raja Gopal, Jatin Desai and Sandeep Pandey.
Meanwhile, the Head of Dal Khalsa Amritsar, H S Dhami, in a statement said that the assault was planned with the connivance of the state authorities to deter the resolve of the real Kashmiri leadership in reaching out to Indian civil society to muster the support for their just cause.
On the other hand, the President of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Forum, Pandit Bhushan Bazaz in a statement in Jammu also denounced the attack on Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.



Chandigarh Nov 26 (Only Kashmir): Hurriyat Conference chief Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who was roughed up at a seminar here Thursday, said he was not hurt and appealed to people to resolve the Kashmir issue through dialogue.
Mirwaiz was attacked by displaced Kashmiri Pandits and right-wing Hindu activists who objected to his anti-India comments at the seminar.
"I am not hurt. I am totally fine. We were sitting here to discuss things. If they had something to share, then they could raise the issue and it can be debated. For every problem there is a solution and it was the main aim of this round table conference," Mirwaiz said.
"I cannot comment on anything about the security arrangements as it is the duty of the organisers. But here in Chandigarh, I am quite satisfied with the security part. See, you cannot stop anybody if he is coming with some wrong intentions," he added.
At least a couple of protestors jumped on the conference table and attacked him. He was sharing the dias with leaders of other political parties, including the general secretary of Shiromani Akali Dal Prem Singh Chandumajra.
The organisers immediately jumped in to save Mirwaiz. There was total chaos inside the hall for close to 30 minutes as the protestors shouted slogans against Mirwaiz, Hurriyat Conference and Pakistan.
The police later detained 20 activists, including some women.
Even after the seminar concluded, police had a tough time escorting Mirwaiz to his car. A police Gypsy escorted his car.
"There are many forces that are trying to mislead people but we will continue our efforts. People of India have big stake in the issue of Kashmir and they have to come up to solve this problem. We would go to various places and present the real picture of Kashmir," he said.
"It is our conscious decision to disseminte knowledge about our movement and about the probems of Kashmir all across the country. We have started it from Chandigarh and I am happy with the response. From here, I would travel in different parts of the country," he said.
Mirwaiz also attacked the Jammu and Kashmir government.
"Half-hearted steps of the state government would not take us anywhere. We need a comprehensive plan to create a conducive environment to solve the Kashmir problem. On one side, chief minister is giving positive statements but on the other, they continue arresting, detaining and killing people. These things are totally contradictory. One thing should be very clear that killings and dialogues don't go hand in hand," he said.
Mirwaiz said Pakistan was also a part of the Kashmir problem.
"It is a fact that Kashmir is a dispute and we all have to be together to address it. We have to take care of the aspirations of Kashmiri people and it is totally wrong to give this issue a Pakistani colour. Pakistan is also the part of this problem. We have to involve people of both Pakistan and India while finding a solution," he said.
Talking about resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley, Mirwaiz said: "Kashmiri Pandits are part and parcel of our society but their return to the valley is a different issue than our problems. We also want them to return. Currently 9,000 Kashmiri pandit families are staying along with their Muslim brothers."


Thursday, November 25, 2010


Srinagar Nov 25 (Only Kashmir): Mr. Muzaffar Shah, Sr. Vice President, Awami National Conference has condemned the brutal attack on Mirwaiz Moulvi Mohammad Umar Farooq in a seminar at Chandigarh. He further said that in a civilized society and a democratic set up such acts are highly condemnable and all opinions must be heard and debated, as dialogue is the only way out.
He cautioned that such disruptive elements should be booked and severe punishment meted out to them who don't want dialogue to proceed further. Castigating the UT government of Chandigarh he said that it was their prime duty to prevent such dastardly acts and ensure safety of all the participants of the seminar.
The Chandigarh administration should have made preventive arrangements in light of a similar attack on a seminar at Delhi, which also stands condemned by ANC.



Jammu Nov 25 (Only Kashmir): In a major decision, Jammu and Kashmir Government today ordered withdrawal of nearly 1000 CRPF personnel from Srinagar town besides removal of 10 more bunkers as part of its peace initiative to make life easy for the people of the state.
Chief Minister Omar Abdullah cleared the proposal this evening after assessing the law and order situation in the Valley, which has seen a violent summer this year, official sources said here.
According to the sources, 10 more bunkers will be removed from Srinagar city raising the number of bunkers removed to 26 since October five.
A plan had been worked out by the local police with the CRPF in consultations with the security agencies for withdrawal of one battalion of the CRPF (1000 personnel) from the city, a move which is seen in tandem with the Chief Minister's promise of reducing foot prints of security personnel in the civilian population if there was an improvement in the situation.
Earlier, as per the decision of the unified headquarters, 16 bunkers were to be removed.
The CRPF has been assisting the state police in maintenance of law and order in Srinagar and other towns and its personnel are manning the bunkers dotting the city.
The Centre had also requested the state government to review the deployment of security forces in Kashmir Valley with particular reference to descaling the number of bunkers and check-points in Srinagar and other towns, and to review the notification of areas as 'disturbed areas'.



Srinagar, Nov 25 (Only Kashmir): Kashmiri Pandit Sangarash Samiti (KPSS) has condemned the act committed by some right wing Hindu groups in Chandhigarh under the KP banner to widen the gap between Kashmiri communities.
In a statement Sanjay K Tickoo, President of KPSS, said the role of UT government and the organizers should also be put under scanner who allowed the people to instigate the situation that can lead to more damage in Kashmir Valley.
“In 2008, during Shri Amarnath land row, when so called Indian mechanism failed to protect the rights and lives of minorities in the Valley from the un-scrupulous elements, it was Syed Ali Shah Geelani, , Mirwaiz UmarFarooq and other Hurriyat leaders who provided sigh of relief to the minorities living in Kashmir by showing concern and sending their cadre to protect the minorities whenever needed,”.
Whatever the political or religious ideologies Syed Ali Shah Geelani or Mirwaiz and other pro freedom leaders belong to, they always extended the helping hand to the minorities in the hour of need,” he said.
KPSS believes that India as per the constitution possesses a mature democracy, which is gifted with gripping political dissents and diverse viewpoints, and everyone should be allowed to use this opportunity. Also, every one has the right to accept or reject any body’s views, which is also an intrinsic part of democracy but the difference of opinion must be decent, civil and democratic.
KPSS expresses concern over such incidents which are becoming a norm in India whose leaders have always spelt democracy backwards and forwards suiting their immediate concerns. Tickoo said that it was the duty of government over there to provide security to Hurriyat leaders as such events are always the playground of unscrupulous elements whose main aim in life seems disruption only. He wondered why the security was so loose that a group of hooligans managed the entry into the police cordon and indulged in uncivil and un democratic behavior in a seminar where intellectual debate was taking place.” Has the hooliganism become the new form of ‘governance and administration in India”, he questioned. He questioned the motives of the elements who resort to hooliganism instead of debate to voice their views. “These elements have always worked for the disintegration of society in India while falsely projecting themselves as the ‘Heroes’. They are the real cowards who fear the debate and hide their cowardice behind their aggressive and indecent activities.
“It is a humble submission to the local people of valley that they should always try to avoid the negative forces statements/actions which unnecessarily give opportunity to those forces which are bent upon disturbing already isolated Kashmiri society.
Meanwhile Police said that Mirwaiz UmarFarooq is completely safe The rumor that Mirwaiz has got injured at a function in Chandigarh is totally false. The miscreants have been arrested. Meanwhile Police said that Mirwaiz UmarFarooq is completely safe The rumor that Mirwaiz has got injured at a function in Chandigarh is totally false. The miscreants have been arrested.



Chandigarh, Nov 25 (Only Kashmir): The Chairman of All Parties Hurriyet Conference, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, was attacked by the hoodlums of the Hindu communal organisation, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh in Chandigarh, today, during a seminar on Kashmir and Pak-India relations.
The attackers barged onto the stage, where Mirwaiz Umar Farooq had just started his speech and snatched mike before him.
They subjected the APHC Chairman to physical assault.
It may be mentioned here that the hooligans of Hindu extremist organizations had earlier attacked veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani, and senior APHC leader, Shabbir Ahmad Shah. APHC and other pro-freedom parties have strongly condemned the attack on Mirwaiz.


Saturday, November 20, 2010


Srinagar, Nov 20 Only Kashmir: All Parties Hurriyat Conference Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has said that due to unparalleled sacrifices of the Kashmiri people the international community has realized the urgency of resolving the Kashmir dispute.
The APHC Chairman addressing a press conference at his Nigeen residence in Srinagar, today, termed his continued house arrest as the worst form of political vendetta. He pointed out that after snatching political rights of the people, the puppet administration, under a conspiracy, was now preventing them from offering their religious obligations, which was condemnable. The Mirwaiz appealed to the Organization of Islamic Conference to discharge its obligations towards the Kashmiri Muslims.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Only Kashmir wishes all its reader a happy and prosperous Eid. May this Eid bring Peace and Prosperity to the whole world on general and to the people of Kashmir Particular.
Eid Mubaraq



United Nations, Nov 17 : The Jammu and Kashmir dispute remains on the United Nations Security Council’s agenda, a UN spokesman categorically stated Monday, while rejecting as “inaccurate” reports that it has been removed from the list of unresolved issues.“Some articles today on Kashmir are inaccurate,” UN Spokesman Farhan Haq said, referring to those reports. He said the latest list of matters the Security Council is seized of “continues to include the agenda item under which the Council has taken up Kashmir which, by a decision of the Council, remains on the list for this year,” the spokesman added.
Earlier, a spokesman for the Pakistan Mission clarified that Pakistan’s Acting Ambassador Amjad Hussain Sial, in his speech to the General Assembly on Friday, November 12 had referred to the omission of Jammu and Kashmir dispute in a statement by the President of the Security Council, and NOT from the Council’s Annual Report-as reported in a section of press.
“The agenda item entitled, ‘India and Pakistan Question’, which covers Jammu and Kashmir dispute, is duly mentioned in the Annual Report of the Security Council and is also present on its agenda,” Spokesman Mian
Jehangir Iqbal said in a statement. In his statement, the 15-member Council’s President for the current month, British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant, while presenting the Annual Report to the 192-member assembly, did not mention the Kashmir dispute in the context of unresolved long-running situations, despite the fact decades-old issue is included in the Annual Report.
“We understand this was an inadvertent omission, as Jammu and Kashmir is one of the oldest disputes on agenda of the Security Council,” Ambassador Sial remarked, after Grant’s statement.
Meanwhile, Pakistan’s UN Ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon, who is on a visit to Pakistan, said there was no question of the Kashmir issue being dropped from the Council’s agenda. “The Security Council Report in its annexures is explicit,” he said in a statement.
“The President of the Security Council, the Permanent Representative of the UK, is amply clear on the subject and is cognizant of the matter. I would request all concerned not to speculate unnecessarily upon the subject”.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Srinagar Nov 17 (Only Kashmir): While Syed Ali Shah Geelani remained under house arrest, the amalgam Tuesday threatened serious repercussions in case the chairman was not allowed to offer Eid prayers tomorrow.
Hurriyat (G) spokesman, Ayaz Akbar told Press Bureau of India that Geelani would be offering prayers at Hazratbal. “In case the government doesn’t allow him to offer prayers, it would have to face serious repercussions,” Akbar warned.
He also condemned the continued house arrest of Geelani and accused the government of infringing his religious rights by barring him from offering Friday prayers. Akbar also condemned the raids on the houses of Hurriyat (G) office secretary, Mohammad Abdullah Sheikh and Geelani’s driver, Ishar Ahmad. He also condemned government cold-shoulder to court orders. “By refusing to release Hurriyat (G) leaders, Mir Hafizullah, Moulvi Bashir and Mohammad Rafiq Ganai despite court order, government is contradicting its talk of releasing political detainees.”



New Delhi Nov 16 (Only Kashmir): With Kashmir reportedly being excluded from the UN list of unresolved disputes, the US said it was an "internal issue" of India and should be resolved bilaterally through negotiations with Pakistan.
"This is an internal issue for India. It is a bilateral issue between Pakistan and India, to discuss term, scope, character and pace," US Ambassador Timothy Roemer said.
He was asked to comment on UN excluding Kashmir from list of unresolved international issues.
"The (US) President (Barack Obama), I think was very articulate on this issue of Kashmir. This is an internal issue for India," he said on the sidelines of a function here.
Roemer noted that during his visit, Obama had said that he encouraged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and people of India to engage with the government and people of Pakistan.
He underlined that whenever India and Pakistan talk, it will be at the "pace and character" of the two countries.
On Obama announcing support for India's bid for permanent UNSC membership, he said the US will now work to realise the promise.
"We are very proud about President's announcement that he is unequivocally and fervently in favour of India having a permanent seat in a reformed United Nations. It was one of the many highlights of (his) visit to India..We will be working to see that happen," Roemer said.



Jammu, Nov 16 (Only Kashmir): The task Force for Jammu constituted by the Prime Minister under the Eight Point Package for Jammu and Kashmir, today called on Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah here.
The Task Force is headed by the Member Planning Commission, Dr. Abhijit Sen and comprising of Union Joint Secretary Plan Finance, Joint Secretary Kashmir Ministry of Home Affairs, S. Sikandan, Vice Chancellor Jamia Milia University, Delhi, Dr. Najeeb Jung, Professor of Economics, Center for the Regional Development School of Social Sciences JNU, Dr. Amresh Dubey and Divisional Commissioner, Jammu, Dr. Pawan Kotwal.

The Task Force discussed their assignment and plan of action to proceed on the task speedily with the Chief Minister. It also discussed issues pertaining to the short term and long term nature of development issues of Jammu division.
The Task Force said that after having preliminary discussions with the State Administration at various levels, it is scheduled to interact with the people on wider spectrum.
The Chief Minister expressed the hope that the Task Force would ascertain the long term and short term requirements for infrastructure development and all round progress in Jammu division. He also hoped that the recommendations made by the Task Force in this regard would help in a big way to give necessary impetus to the development in the division.
Omar Abdullah said that there were various sectors requiring focused attention and generation of employment for youth was one of the most important ones. He said measures to address unemployment crisis requires two pronged attention – one as short term measure and the other as long term strategy.
The Chief Minister also identified road communication, LT and HT distribution system, health, education, agriculture, drainage, water supply, kandi area development, construction of flyovers, etc other important sectors requiring attention in the division.



New York, Nov 16: Pakistan has objected to the non- mentioning of "Kashmir dispute" in the context of unresolved long-running conflicts under the observation of the United Nations Security Council as mentioned by the UK's top diplomat during an annual debate on UNSC reforms.
Pakistan said the UNSC has to recalibrate its efforts in conflict prevention and take more recourse to pacific settlement of disputes.
The paper said Ambassador Amjad Hussain B. Sial,Acting Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, has conveyed his concern to the UNSC.
"This is particularly important in cases of inter-state conflicts. Major unresolved issues, including the issue of Jammu and Kashmir are on the agenda of the Security Council, awaiting settlement for a long time. Even in the case of issues that are routinely discussed --- like the Palestine issue, the Council seems to have abdicated its role to individual countries or informal groupings. It needs to redress this to effectively discharge its responsibilities of maintaining international peace and security," he said.
"We understand this was an inadvertent omission, as Jammu and Kashmir is one of the oldest disputes on agenda of the Security Council," he said.
Speaking earlier at the General Assembly, the UK envoy to the UN, Mark Lyall Grant, said that "some long-running situations, including in the Middle East, Cyprus and Western Sahara remain unresolved, as do issues where the Council has become engaged in recent years, including Nepal and Guinea Bissau."
"Huge challenges remain in Sudan, Somalia and the DRC," he added.
Pakistan has been asking the UN to intervene to help resolve the issue but India has always maintained that it has to be resolved bilaterally between the two countries and without mediation of third party.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had said that the UN will not intervene in Kashmir issue until requested by both the parties -- India and Pakistan.
"As far as this role of good offices is concerned, the United Nations normally takes that initiative when requested by both parties concerned," Ban said in October.
"India and Pakistan, they are neighbouring countries, important nations in that region - peace and security would have important implications," he added.


Monday, November 15, 2010


United Nations: In a significant development, Jammu and Kashmir has been removed from the UN list of unresolved disputes, giving a setback to Pakistan which has been asking the world body to intervene on the issue.
The omission of Jammu and Kashmir from a list of disputes under the observation of the UN Security Council was noticed by Pakistan whose envoy has lodged a protest.
"Jammu and Kashmir dispute was not mentioned in the context of unresolved long-running situations," said Amjad Hussain B Sial, Pakistan' acting envoy to the UN.
"We understand this was an inadvertent omission, as Jammu and Kashmir is one of the oldest disputes on agenda of the Security Council," he added.
Sial was speaking at the UN General Assembly session, which was discussing the functioning and reform of the Security Council. It was organised by the UK that holds the presidency of the Security Council this month.
Pakistan has been asking the UN to intervene to help resolve the issue but India has always maintained that it has to be resolved bilaterally between the two countries. Speaking earlier at the General Assembly, the UK envoy to the UN, Mark Lyall Grant, said that "some long-running situations, including in the Middle East, Cyprus and Western Sahara remain unresolved, as do issues where the Council has become engaged in recent years, including Nepal and Guinea Bissau."
"Huge challenges remain in Sudan, Somalia and the DRC," he added.
Pakistan repeatedly raises Kashmir as an issue for the UN while India asserts that its is an internal matter.
While expressing concern about the unrest, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that the UN will not intervene until requested by both parties.
"As far as this role of good offices is concerned, the United Nations normally takes that initiative when requested by both parties concerned," Ban said in October.
"India and Pakistan, they are neighbouring countries, important nations in that region - peace and security would have important implications," he added.
At the debate in the General Assembly, the UK also repeated its support to see India on as a permanent member of the Security Council.
"On the Council's structure, we continue to support permanent membership for Brazil, Germany, India and Japan, as well as permanent representation for Africa," said Philip Parham, deputy envoy to UK.
"We look forward to working with many of these countries next year when they join the Security Council," he said, referring to the entry of India and Germany on the Council next year as non-permanent members for a two year term.
While Japan will leave the Council in 2011, Brazil will serve out one more year.
The UK representative also suggested "an intermediate model" of reform, which would create new seats with a longer mandate than the present two year term.
Then, at the end of this period, a review would be done to see whether these seats should be turned into permanent ones.
Pakistan, which objects to India being on the Council, argued that the new council should include a few large states, a number of medium sized States and a majority of smaller States.
"We support the position of the Organization of Islamic Conference demanding adequate representation of Muslim Ummah in the Security Council," said Sial.


Sunday, November 14, 2010


Srinagar Nov 14 (Only Kashmir): Police today send Sofi Mushtaq and Farooq Ahmad Sodagar the president and Vice President Shaheed-I-Milat Awami Action youth (SMAAY) respectively to Nine days Police remand till 21st Nov and have been shifted to Safa Kadal police station. A spokesman said to Only Kahmir.
Meanwhile some workers of Awami Action Committee have also been sending to Police remand which includes Altaf Ahmad Dar, Feroz Ahmad Bhat etc.
The spokesman said that the detained Hurriyat (M) activists and workers needed to be released but the authorities were declining to do so to punish them for leading the liberation movement.
Pertinently, authorities have not allowed Mirwaiz to offer Juma prayers at historic Jamia Masjid for ninth consecutive Fridays.


Saturday, November 13, 2010


Srinagar, Nov 13 (Only Kashmir): South Kashmir on Saturday was rocked by a massive embezzlement scandal in one branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank where a total of Rs 30 lakh was found missing from the accounts of several of its customers.
The second manager of the branch is absconding, and the police have launched a major hunt to track him down.
Signs that something was far amiss at the Nahama branch surfaced yesterday when a customer found Rs 4 lakh missing from his account.
The shocked bank manager, faced with the hue and cry of the customer and his repeated pleas that he had not withdrawn the money, was compelled to deposit the missing amount in the account-holder’s name.
The branch was still grappling with this shock as the news of the missing money spread through the area, and panicked customers rushed in to check their accounts.
Swamped as the bank was with crowds of anxious people, the full scale of the fraud began to unfold today as many customers found money missing from their savings.
Kulsoom, with account number SB 2885, said that she had Rs 2,90,000 deposited in the bank for her Hajj pilgrimage, but had been unable to take the journey for some reasons, and had come to check her balance today.
“I found that Rs 2,30,000 were missing from the account,” she said.
She brought this to the notice of the bank authorities, but was stunned when they handed over her balance sheet showing that she had withdrawn the amount.
The document showed two withdrawals of 50,000 each and one of Rs 30,000 having been made on October 28, and 8th and 9th November respectively.
Kulsoom raised an alarm, forcing the bank to look deeper into the matter, and found that the second manager of the branch, Bashir Ahmad Lone, had allegedly transferred the money into his wife’s name.
Another customer, Muhammad Abdullah Shah, found that Rs 3 lakh missing from his account.
Abdul Rahman Thoker said that Rs 40,000 had been withdrawn fraudulently from his account by four cheques.
The allegations of their money having been fraudulently withdrawn went on piling up throughout the day as scores of account holders found their savings either wiped out or significantly depleted.
The branch manager said admitted that his deputy was involved in the embezzlement, and said that an extensive investigation had been set up.
He said that he had informed the bank’s zonal chief and cluster head, and top authorities had arrived on the scene today to supervise the scrutiny of the bank records.
The branch would remain open on Sunday tomorrow to facilitate the investigation, he said.



Srinagar Nov 13 (Only Kashmir): Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, while talking to an eight-member delegation of Delhi-based human rights organisation, Jan Hastakshape, which called on him under the leadership of Dr N Bhattacharya at his Nageen residence, said that political integrity and development in the region were impossible without the amicable solution of the dispute.
The APHC Chairman apprised the delegation of the latest situation in the occupied territory including the killings of innocent civilians particularly the teenagers who were brutally killed by Indian troops. He told the delegation that India was committing the worst human rights violations in the occupied territory to suppress the voice of Kashmiri people for their right to self-determination.
The delegation informed the APHC Chairman that most of the people of India were unaware about the real situation in occupied Kashmir as the Indian print and electronic media was running propaganda-based campaign against the Hurriyet leaders. The Mirwaiz said that APHC leaders would soon visit different Indian cities to inform the people about the happenings in the territory.
Other members of the delegation included Professor Amit Badri, Mrs Madhu Badri, Pankaj Singh, Jaspal Sidhu and N Mishra.
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq also paid rich tributes to Syed Ali Hamdani on the eve of his urs.


Friday, November 12, 2010


Srinagar Nov 12 (Only Kashmir): Following threats of fatwa (religious decree) by scholars, authorities allowed Friday prayers in historic Jamia Masjid in old city here after nine weeks.
Imam Hai (chief cleric) Moulana Ahmad Sayeed Naqeshbandi led the prayers in the grand mosque in absence of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the chairman of the Hurriyat Conference (M), who was placed under house arrest along with his several aides.
They said that unlike past, there was no curfew or other restrictions in the old city. Last week, the Ulemas had threatened government with fatwa in case it continued with curbs on Friday prayers at Jamia Masjid and other major mosques of the Valley.
The Ulema representing several Islamic organisations under the banner of Valley based Mutahida-Majlis-e-Ulema had flayed the administration for ignoring the resolution passed by the Islamic body earlier against the “brazen interference in religious affairs of Muslims.”
Meanwhile, a spokesman of Hurriyat conference (M) condemned the house arrest of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq besides other leaders and detention of activists of the amalgam. Administration had placed Shabir Ahmad Shah, Moulana Abbas Ansari, Moulana Masroor Ansari and Salim Geelani under house arrest, the spokesman said. Police also detained many activists of the amalgam including Mushtaq Ahmad Sofi, Farooq Ahmad Sodagar, Altaf Ahmad Dar, Firdous Ahmad Bhat and Farooq Ahmad Gojri.
Soon after the prayers, meanwhile, over a hundred people staged a protest demonstration against the house arrest of Mirwaiz on ninth consecutive week.
Earlier, Imam Hai announced that the Eid prayers would be held in historic Eidgah at 10:40 am and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq will address people at 9:30 am.



Srinagar, Nov 12 (Only Kashmir): The authorities placed the APHC Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and veteran Kashmiri Hurriyat leader, Syed Ali Geelani under house arrest. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq told media men that a huge contingent of police and paramilitary CRPF troopers cordoned off his Nageen residence and informed him that he could not move out.
Meanwhile, authorities have also not lifted the siege of the house of Syed Ali Geelani, who was arrested after he came from New Delhi on October 24 after attending a seminar there and was put him under house arrest at his Hyderpora residence in Srinagar.
Pertinently, authorities have not allowed Mirwaiz to offer Juma prayers at historic Jamia Masjid for eight consecutive Fridays.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Srinagar Nov 11 (Only Kashmir): The Kashmir Journalists Guild (KJG), an apex body of broadcast journalists in Kashmir, representing various national TV News channels held its annual election here on Thursday.
In the election to the executive body, News X bureau chief, Suhail Bukhari, was elected unopposed as the president of the guild while Aarish Bilal of Live India was elected General Secretary.
Other elected members of the executive body of the guild include Rashid Wani from Sahara Samay, Asif Suhaf from News 24 and Aijaz Ahmad of New X.
The News Channels represented in this association include Aajtak, Headlines Today, NewsX, Times Now, Sahara Samay, News 24, TEZ, Live India, Day N Night, CNEB, MH1 News.



Srinagar, Nov 11 (Only Kashmir): The All Parties Hurriyet Conference Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has emphasised that India would not be able to suppress Kashmiris’ just struggle by brute force and military violence.
Presiding over a meeting of Awami Action Committee in Srinagar, today, the APHC Chairman paid rich tributes to the people of Kashmir for their unique sacrifices to achieve their right to self-determination.



Srinagar, Nov 12 (Only Kashmir): At least 20 civilians including a local doctor were injured when troopers and police went on a beating spree indiscriminately in Pattan area.
Six persons were also detained from the neighbouring Palhallan area.
The locals of Pattan said that troopers barged into the residential houses and a girls’ school and beat inmates and teachers. The residents stated, the troops, comprising 29 Rashtriya Rifles, Central Reserve Police Force and Special Operations Group, brandishing sticks and sophisticated weapons, started house to house searches in different Pattan localities like Gojri Mohalla, Jamia Mohalla, Wani Mohalla, Ahangar Mohalla and beat the inmates without any reason.
The troopers also smashed windowpanes and damaged houses. They said that due to intimidation by troops, many youth had to flee from the area to save themselves from getting beaten. The residents said that the beating spree started on Wednesday evening when troops and police laid siege of Bazaar Mohalla, Kandhar Mohalla, Gashiwara, Teli Mohalla, Gori Mohalla, Wani Mohalla and Sofi Mohalla.
In Palhallan, the locals said, police and CRPF raided Tantray Mohalla and detained six youth and beat people without any rhyme.
The CRPF troopers along with army also barged into Girls Middle School, Goshbug, and went on a beating spree. “Panic spread in the entire school,” an eyewitness said adding, “They beat up teachers.”
Hospital authorities in Pattan said they treated six people with one having grievous injury. They said Abdul Majid Gojri received six stitches in his head as he was severely beaten by the troopers.
At Bakhipora Rafiabad, teachers in a Government school were threatened by police after the former refused to show them the attendance register.



Srinagar Nov 11 (Only Kashmir): Lawyers in Kashmir Valley on Tuesday returned to work after 125-days of strike in protest against the detention of president and other two members of High Court Bar Association by state administration under Public Safety Act.
The bar association Monday announced to suspend the strike till November 25 but declared to follow the shutdown called by Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Shah Geelani under amalgam’s “Quit Kashmir Campaign.”
The lawyers were seen serving their clients immediately and were seen moving from one court to another armed with files in a bid to recover the time lost. Similar reports were received from district courts also including Baramulla, Kupwara, Bandipora, Ganderbal, Budgam and Islamabad.
The lawyers were on strike in support of the demand for the release of its president advocate Mian Abdul Qayoom, general secretary G N Shaheen and Mohammad Shafi Reshi.
The sudden bar decision came in view of public interest and the inconvenience faced by under trial, sources in the association, said.
The lawyer’s body has convened another meeting on November 25 to decide future course of action. However, it has already decided to strictly follow the strike protest by Syed Ali Shah Geelani led Hurriyat Conference. The amalgam has already called for strike on next Thursday, Saturday and Monday.
The lawyers went on strike from July 7 last as a mark of protest against the “unconstitutional arrest” of Qayoom under PSA.
Later, state administration arrested two more lawyers of the bar association general secretary Ghulam Nabi Shaheen and member Mohammad Shafi Reshi.
Pertinently, during the strike period, lawyers, however, continued to plead cases of those arrested on charges of stone pelting and others arrested under PSA.



Srinagar, Nov 11 (Only Kashmir): The All Parties Hurriyet Conference has expressed concern over the alarming health conditions of Hurriyet leaders and activists in the jails of India and occupied Kashmir.The APHC spokesman, in a statement in Srinagar, today, said that Hurriyet leaders including Yasmeen Raja, Zaffar Akbar Butt and Muzaffar Ahmad were suffering from serious ailments and the jail authorities were not providing medical facilities to them.
The spokesman said that the detained APHC leaders needed to be shifted to hospitals for proper treatment but the authorities were declining to do so to punish them for leading the liberation movement.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Lahore Nov 10 (Only Kashmir): AJK Prime Minister Sardar Attiq Ahmed Khan on Tuesday expressed his firm belief that the day was not far off when Kashmir would become part of Pakistan.
Addressing a ceremony on the 133rd birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal at the Alhamra Art Centre, he said the ruling Muslim conference had passed several resolutions that Kashmir was the jugular vein of Pakistan and would accede to the Islamic republic after liberation from India.
The ceremony had been organised jointly by Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust and Tehrik-I-Pakistan Workers Trust.
NPT Chairman Majid Nizami was also present at the ceremony.
Sardar Attiq paid tributes to Allama Iqbal for conceiving the idea of Pakistan. He said although the poet-philosopher was an asset for the Islamic Ummah, he had very special status in the eyes of the Kashmiris. The AJK prime minister said there was a need for a more visionary leadership to meet the challenges of the present era. In his opinion the leadership must be able to unite the nation.
In his opinion the president, the prime minister and politicians alone were not sufficient to meet the requirements of leadership. He said the writers also had an important role to play in provide leadership to the nation. The foremost duty of the leadership in the present situation was to steer the nation out of despondency. He said a capable leadership always emerges from crises.
Former foreign minister Sartaj Aziz said it was regrettable that the West was linking Islam to terrorism
He said when even mosques and shrines were being targeted in Pakistan, combating terrorists was becoming increasingly difficult.
He said Islam was the only religion that could provide guidance to the entire world.
JI former amir Qazi Husain Ahmed said the wrong policies of the government had created a situation that skilled people were leaving the country along with their capital. As a result, he said, the state institutions stood destroyed and factories were getting closed down. He alleged that drone attacks were being carried out with the consent of the government and they had reduced tribal areas to ruins.



Srinagar, Nov 10 (Only Kashmir): In occupied Kashmir, two Indian paramilitary troopers were killed and several others were injured in an attack in Pattan town, today.
A trooper of 154-batallion Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) identified as Hawaldar Om Prakash and Hawaldar Balram Teja were killed by Mujhaideen in an attack in the main market of the town.
The troops seized and surrounded the area and started search operations.
Meanwhile, the markets were immediately closed after the incident.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Srinagar, Nov 9 (Only Kashmir): Hurriyat Conference led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq convened a meet of different religious parties to discuss the Jamia siege. It is for the second time in the past 10 days that the religious parties and scholars have met to discuss “the state’s direct interference in the religious affairs of people.”
Muslim clerics Tuesday threatened to issue a Fatwa (religious decree) against the Jammu and Kashmir government if it disallowed the congregational afternoon prayers at the historic Jamia Masjid on coming Friday (November 12).
This comes in the wake of government’s disallowance of prayers at the Grand Mosque at Nowhatta for the past nine Fridays, a move that has evoked widespread condemnation from one and all.
Earlier on November 2, clerics from various religious organizations had met under the banner of Muttahida Majlis-e-Ulema at the Mirwaiz Manzil here and passed many resolutions to decry the curbs on prayers at Jamia Masjid. The meet was held on instructions of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.
“In today’s meeting, the parties unanimously decided to issue a Fatwa against the state government if it disallowed prayers in Jamia Masjid on Friday next,” said Mirwaiz, who chaired the meet. “Enough is enough. This week we will be monitoring the issue very closely. In case the state government again disallows prayers, it will force us to issue the joint decree against it.”
Last week religious preachers and clerics had met to discuss the issue. There the participants had decided to meet again this week.
“It (Jamia siege) is government’s direct interference in the religious affairs of the people which can’t be tolerated anymore. We are warning the government that if it won’t allow prayers next Friday, the religious scholars and parties would again meet next week and issue a joint Fatwa against the government. After that, the government would be itself responsible for the consequences,” Mirwaiz told Media
He said Muftis from different religious sects would sit together before issuing the Fatwa.
“This week should serve as a warning to the government. Once the decree is passed, it is mandatory for Muslims to follow that. We will give this week to the government as a chance to review its policy with regard to crushing the religious freedom of the people. In case it doesn’t changes its mind, we will go ahead with the decree,” Mirwaiz threatened.
Mirwaiz said it was unjustifiable to put curbs on prayers. “The continued curbs force the clerics and religious parties to take the extreme position. Things are getting beyond tolerable limits now. The state is crushing the religious freedom of people through the barrel of gun, just like it is crushing human rights. We strongly denounce this,” he said.


Monday, November 8, 2010


Srinagar Nov 08 (Only Kashmir): "No curfew or restrictions have been imposed anywhere in the Valley today as the situation continues returning to normal here", a senior police officer said here.
Educational institutions, private transport, government offices and pavement sellers continued functioning in summer capital Srinagar, but shops, other major businesses and public transport remained shut here.
Reports from other towns of the Valley indicated a partial response to the 'civil curfew' call given by separatists to coincide with Obama's four-day visit to India ending Tuesday.
Despite separatists trying to raise the pitch of shutdowns and protests during the US president's visit to the country, the overall situation in the Valley has been improving for the last one month after the worst phase of violence here since June 11 in which 115 people lost their lives in clashes between the security forces and protesters.
Significantly, the protest call given by the separatists had a not-so-enthusiastic public response in contrast to apprehensions that violence could increase across Jammu and Kashmir during Obama's visit to India.
Before some years, when the then US president Bill Clinton visited India, 35 Sikh villagers were killed by unidentified gunmen in south Kashmir's Chattisinghpora village.
"High alert will remain in force across the state till the visit of the US president ends," said a senior intelligence officer here.



Srinagar, Nov 08 (Only Kashmir): The Chairman of All Parties Hurriyet Conference (APHC), Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, has said that the unresolved Kashmir dispute is a potential threat to the peace and stability in south Asian region.
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq talking to the newsmen in Srinagar said that India was using brute tactics against the innocent Kashmiri people to suppress their just struggle for right to self- determination and to linger its illegal occupation over the occupied territory.
He appealed the US to impress upon India to revoke the draconian laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from the territory, withdraw its troops and release all the illegally detained pro-liberation leaders and activists.
The APHC Chairman said, “Kashmir is a political problem and it needs a political solution in accordance with its historical perspective and aspirations of the Kashmiris.” He said that the bilateral efforts had not succeeded in resolving the Kashmir dispute for the last six decades and there was no option but to settle it through the mediation of a third party like the US.
The Mirwaiz deplored that on one hand the Government of India was talking about the settlement of the longstanding dispute and on the other, Indian troops were killing the innocent Kashmiri youth in the occupied territory.
Hailing the Indian civil society for supporting the Kashmiris’ just movement, he said that the people of the territory had offered matchless sacrifices to take the liberation struggle to its logical conclusion. He asked the Muslims and the members of minority communities to remain vigilant of the conspiracies hatched by anti-movement elements to sabotage the communal harmony in occupied Kashmir.


Sunday, November 7, 2010


New Delhi, Nov 7 (Only Kashmir): Omar Abdullah was the only Chief Minister invited to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's private dinner in honour of the US President Barack Obama tonight.
Omar was seen chatting for a while with Obama and his wife Michelle at the dinner.
Kashmir's famed beauty is believed to have figured in the chit chat during which Omar remarked that he hoped that the US first couple would visit the state someday.



Srinagar, Nov 07 (Only Kashmir): At least 9000 mourners gathered at the residence of deceased killed by stone palters at Shopian when Minister for Rural Development, Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar and Minister for Social Welfare Ms. Sakina Itoo joined the family members at to share their grief.
The people from all walks of life of Shopian were openly expressing their anguish and anger against those stone pelters who caused death of innocent people at Shopian yesterday.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sagar said that it is the time that entire society should show solidarity and unity against such forces who are inimical to development and progress. He said it s is really unfortunate when people leave their houses for earning bread and butter they fell victim to such brute acts leading to human tragedies. He said that violence always has caused miseries to general people. People of the valley have suffered due to continuous hartals, turmoil and devastation. He said the people who are instigating violence are real enemies of the society as they are depriving ordinary people of their livelihood. They are the people who brought economy of entire valley of Kashmir to standstill and did not allow developmental activities to take off during last four months.
On the occasion, Sakin Ittoo also shared the grief of the family members and the locals on the death of innocent civilians by stone pelters. She said that society will never forget the colossal losses caused by such urchin who are trying to intimidate civilians with stones. She said now people have realized the real intention of such people and have been raising their voices against their abnormal activities. She said that the presence of such a huge gathering in Shopian is the clear indication of the fact that general masses are fed up with the activities of such unbridled elements and time has come to put strong check on their activities in the society.



Srinagar, Nov 07 (Only Kashmir): The State Institute of Education, on the instructions of Director School Education Kashmir, replaced the question paper packets of Science subject from entire District Srinagar well before the start of the examination on 7/11/2010, the scheduled date of examination, in view of the rumour that the question paper of science subject for class 8th has been leaked.
Various teams of State Institute of Education and DIET Srinagar rushed to the examination centres who collected the so called leaked question paper packets back. During replacement the question paper packet at Boys Higher Secondary School Soura was found tampered. An FIR in the case was instantly lodged in Police Station Soura. Meanwhile Principal BHSS Soura (the Complex Head and in-charge middle examination) have been placed under suspension pending enquiry into their conduct.



Srinagar Nov 07 (Only Kashmir): Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah feels the Armed Forces Special Powers Act can be withdrawn from some areas in the state with a rider that the army could step in again if the situation so warranted.
He will soon chair a high-level meeting to review the possible withdrawal of Disturbed Areas Act, which may subsequently lead to removal of AFSPA.
"I think the time has come where we can start to objectively look at areas from where the AFSPA can be removed with the understanding that if there is a situation requiring the Army to intervene, we can make a temporary sort of return to that," Omar said.
Seeking to reduce the footprint of security personnel in the Valley, Omar said the state government has started moving back the forces and the recent dismantling of 16 bunkers in Srinagar was a first step.
"We hope to continue until we reach a level where the visible presence is greatly reduced," he said.



Srinagar Nov 07 (Only Kashmir): "There is no doubt that the visit of Obama is focussed on economic development but it cannot be achieved without political stability and resolution of Kashmir issue is imperative for achieving that goal," Hurriyat chairman Mirwaiz Umer Farooq told reporters at his residence.
The Hurriyat chairman, who is under house arrest, briefed the mediapersons about the amalgam's signature campaign, which began on October 24, seeking US intervention in resolution of the issue.
Mirwaiz said the Hurriyat initiative was not to embarass India during the high-profile visit of the US president but to highlight the need for third party assistance for resolving Kashmir as bilateral dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad over the past many decades had failed to make any progress.
"Bilateralism has failed and there is huge trust deficit between the two nuclear-armed neighbours. In this scenario, third party mediation or assistance has become inevitable," he added.
Mirwaiz expressed surprise that Centre and other political parties in the country take objection to the "mere mention of third party intervention".
"When there are economic disputes (with Pakistan), government of India approaches World Bank or IMF. Why is there aversion to do the same about political issues?" he asked.
The Hurriyat chairman said the amalgam had collected two lakh signatures in the two-week campaign apart from thousands of signatures collected in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).
"It is a symbolic initiative... we do not expect the US president to go through all these documents. I have spoken to US embassy officials and they have said that necessary action has been initiated after the mission received a large number of petitions through email and fax," he said.
Mirwaiz said the Hurriyat did not expect any overnight results but a step-by-step approach for resolution of the Kashmir issue.
"The US should appoint a special representative for South Asia if peace and stability is to be achieved in the region," he said, claiming if Kashmir issue was again "put on the backburner, it can push the youth to revive the armed struggle for achieving their goals".
The Hurriyat chairman lauded the role of Indian civil society, saying, "We have been invited to speak at seminars and workshops for creating awareness about Kashmir issue.
We will be visiting Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai after the Eid (falling on November 18 or 19) to explain our viewpoint on Kashmir to the people of India."


Saturday, November 6, 2010


Srinagar Nov 07 (Only Kashmir): Jammu and Kashmir High Court (HC) has issued notices to State Government, Police and Secretary, Union Home Affairs and Regional Passport Officer (RPO) on a petition filed by Ajaz Ahmad War, a journalist by profession, seeking direction to respondents to issue passport to him.
A single bench of the High Court, comprising Justice Hussnain Masoodi today directed the respondents to file objections with two weeks against the petition.
Mr War, in the petition filed by his lawyer M. Aijaz today, alleged that he has applied for an International passport on February 27, 2008 and deposited Rs 1000.
He said after the issuance of the passport was delayed abnormally he made a representation to the Chief Minister who directed the Additional Director General of police, CID, for immediate action as per existing policy and also to intimate the action taken in the matter.
The petition alleged that nothing happened in the matter as a consequence thereof he approached different authorities and also asked for a report under RTI Act.
The petition said that the CID department in its reply to Chief
Minister on January 9, this year alleged that Mr Aijaz was brother of Hilal Ahmad War, Chairman of the Peoples Political Party (PPP) and Jameel Ahmad War, a pro-freedom leader .CID department has written in its reply that Jameel Ahmad War is the close associate of Syed Ali Shah Gilani and Syed Salahuddin which is one of the reasons of the denial of passport to Ajaz Ahmad War.
The department declared him a threat to security and warned that separatists may use his visit for anti national activities.
However, the department said that he himself was not involved in any anti national activities. Finally the Public Information Officer, Police headquarter communicated to the petitioner through a letter that as per the existing guidelines the issuance of passport to the petitioner is denied.
However, the petitioner approached the First Appellate Authority by virtue of a representation that in the light of the norms
guidelines issued by the Chief Minister that if a relation of an applicant is involved in any anti-social or anti-national activity and the applicant is not directly involved cannot be denied the passport.
The appellate Authority acceded to the request of the applicant and communicated to IGP, CID, to consider my case for the issue of passport.
However, the IGP CID declined to clear the name of the petitioner for issuance of the passport.
Mr War prayed for direction to concerned authorities for issuance of passport to him.
The notices were accepted by Additional Solicitor General of India on behalf of secretary union home affairs and RPO, Srinagar and Additional Advocate General for state government, IGP, CID and Senior Superintendent of Police headquarters.



Srinagar, November 06 (Only Kashmir): Police have arrested at least fifty four civilians including a leader of Jammu and Kashmir Muslim League (JKML), Feroz Ahmad Khan from different parts of the Kashmir Valley.
During crackdown down operations and house raids the policemen arrested the youth from Srinagar, Kupwara, Sopore, Pampore and Shopian areas.


Friday, November 5, 2010


Srinagar Nov 06 (Only Kashmir): Stone-pelting by protesters, who were enforcing a shutdown in South Kashmir's Shopian district, on Saturday caused a road accident in which two people were killed and three were injured.
A load carrier overturned at Nagbal-Zainapora, some 75-km from here, when the driver lost control of the vehicle due to stone-pelting by protesters in the area, locals said.
Two people died instantly while three were injured, they said adding all of them were residents of Zainapora.
In April this year, a man died after he was hit by a stone on his head during protest in Batamaloo area here.
An 11-day-old infant had died when protesters attacked the vehicle carrying him to hospital in Baramulla district in February.



Srinagar, Nov 05 (Only Kashmir): Kashmiris on both sides of the line of control and world over will observe Jammu Martyrs’ Day, tomorrow, to reiterate the pledge that they will not rest till they achieve their right to self-determination.
During the first week of November in 1947, hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris were massacred by the forces of Maharaja Hari Singh, Indian army and Hindu extremists in different parts of Jammu region while they were migrating to Pakistan.
Veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Geelani, has given a call for civil curfew in the occupied territory for three days commencing from tomorrow to mark the massacre of Muslims in Jammu.



Srinagar Nov 05 (Only Kashmir):The Chairman of Jammu & Kashmir Human Rights Council International wing, Raja Habib Jalib today, sent a letter to twenty Head of States of Muslim world asking them to raise the human rights violation in Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir with American Governments.
He said that US Government must realize that peace in South Asia is very important for the future of World economy as well as peace in the area, and peaceful solution to the Jammu & Kashmir issue could bring great business to the World. He said that until the issue of Jammu & Kashmir is not solved according to the wishes of people of Jammu & Kashmir, south Asia will have continues tensions.
In a letter to the President of Turky, King of Saudi Arabia & President & Prime Minister of Pakistan Raja Habib Jalib requested the leaders to raise the issue with President Barrak Oboma to discuss these issues while touring India. Meanwhile, Raja Habib Jalib also requested the leadership of Jammu & Kashmir to unite in one voice, and raise the issue of Jammu & Kashmir according to UN resolutions.



Srinagar, Nov 05 (Only Kashmir): There were no prayers in historical Jamia Masjid and other major mosques in old city Friday in wake of the Curfew, reports and witnesses told. This is for the 8th consecutive Friday that there were no congregational prayers in the central Jamia masjid.
Jamia Masjid, in the heart of Srinagar’s old city, remained out of bounds for the people due to imposition of curfew despite a normal day called by Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Shah Geelani on the eve of Diwali.
Hundreds of CRPF and policemen, armed with sophisticated weapons, enforced strict restrictions in Nowhatta and adjoining areas including Rajouri Kadal, Mahraj Gunj, Nawa Kadal, Gojwara and Bohrikadal.
Flaying the government for re-imposing curfew in the old city and restrictions on prayers at Jamia Masjid and other major mosques, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday asked Islamic scholars and clerics in Valley to raise their voice against what he termed a brazen interference in the religious affairs of Muslims.
In a statement issued here, Mirwaiz said the government under a conspiracy was repeating the “black” history of Kashmir. “ Non-Muslim rulers during their occupation of Kashmir have always tried to stop Kashmiri Muslims from offering prayers at the Jamia Masjid in order to weaken its socio-religious and political importance,” he said.
Earlier this year, it was after six weeks that congressional prayers were offered in the grand Mosque on August 13 last.


Thursday, November 4, 2010


Jammu, Nov 04 (Only Kashmir): Senior All Parties Hurriyet Conference leader, Shabbir Ahmed Shah was attacked by the hoodlums of the Hindu communal organization, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh in Jammu, today.
The attackers barged into a local hotel, where Shabbir Ahmed Shah was addressing a news conference.
Vandalising hotel furniture they tried to disrupt the event and manhandle the APHC leader. However, Shabbir Ahmed Shah remained unhurt as his supporters shielded him from the attack. The APHC leader was released, last night, from Kot Bhalwal Jail, Jammu, after 10 months illegal incarceration.
Addressing the press conference, he said that the APHC was not averse to the holding of talks on Kashmir but India should accept the ground realities to make dialogue process a success.
The APHC Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, in a statement in Srinagar denouncing the attack said that Indian Hindu fanatics would not succeed in defeating the Kashmiris’ resolve to continue their liberation struggle. The Convenor of APHC AJK Chapter, Mehmood Ahmed Saghar also condemned the attack.



Srinagar Nov 04 (Only Kashmir): Ophthalmologists in Kashmir have warned of serious eye-related diseases on the Valley ties caused by prolonged use of computers by the urban youth. Experts said that Computer Vision Syndrome is on tremendous increase across the valley as the unrest has limited the options other remaining busy with their computers.
“Prolonged use of computers and other electronic devices combined with severe climatic changes in the valley have drastically taken toll on people in the valley particularly children are the soft targets,” former head of the department Ophthalmology, SMHS, Dr Bashir Ahmed told Agence India Press.
The expert raised concern over the growing number of people showing Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) — eye-related diseases.
More than four months long unrest in Indian Kashmir has made people to remain confine to their homes. The youngsters who have been active on social networking sites highlighting the atrocities of their own land have come to the limelight not from the side of Police but this time from doctors.
Elaborating, Dr Bashir who also runs his own eye care Clinic in the summer capital-Srinagar said that CVS is caused by decreased blinking reflex while working before computer screens.
“There is a tremendous increase of this disease among boys and children who spend most of their time on computer screens,” He said adding that the normal blink rate in human eyes is 16–20 a minute and studies have shown that the blink rate decreases to as low as 6–8 blinks a minute in persons working on computers.
“Students and other professionals have accepted the new trend of using computers for long time. Social networking has become a craze for the Kashmiri youth, which is proving detrimental for the eyes,” he said.
Talking about its symptoms, the expert said “fatigue and redness in eyes headache, blurred vision, neck pain, eye strain, dry irritated eyes and difficulty in refocusing the eyes are common in such patients.”
The Ophthalmologist also sought proper check on the diseases and role of teachers and parents in curbing over-usage of computers by children.
Talking about the avoidance of CVS, he said.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Washington, Nov 03: The Amnesty International has urged the US President, Barack Obama to raise the dispute of Kashmir with New Delhi during his visit to India. The appeal has been made in a letter addressed to the US President by Larry Cox, Executive Director of Amnesty International.
He pointed out that more than 100 Kashmiri protestors were killed from June to September, this year. The Amnesty reiterated its demand of an independent, impartial and thorough investigation into these killings as per international human rights standards.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Srinagar Nov 02 (Only Kashmir): Police today did not allow the chairman of Hurriyat Conference (M), Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, to attend Mutahida Majlis Ullama meet to discuss the Jamia Masjid siege imposed by government.
Mirwaiz was placed under house arrest sice this morning, Meanwhile other members of MMU attend the meeting which includes: Maulana Showkat Shah, Moulvi Tayib Kamili, Moulana Khurshied Kangoo, Moulvi Aga Syed Hassan Mousvi, Mufti Nazir Ahmad Qasmi e.t.c


Monday, November 1, 2010


Srinagar Nov 01 (Only Kashmir): Hurriyat has never proposed a five-point formula for the solution of the Kashmir issue, said chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in a response to BJP leader Ram Jethmalani's claim that his Kashmir Committee had brought moderate separatists on board for a Kashmir solution.
There was no written agreement with the Kashmir Committee headed by Ram Jethmalani,” Mirwaiz said in a statement issued here on Monday. “The claim is false”.
Mirwaiz said the only formula Hurriyat was interested in was the four-point proposal of former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf.
We discussed the implementation of these proposals with the Kashmir Committee. And nothing else,” Mirwaiz said. The four-point proposal set out a four-step incremental process for the Kashmir resolution. The steps are: identification of the regions in Kashmir for a solution; demilitarization; self governance and a joint or a consultative mechanism between India and Pakistan on the state.
Jethmalani had earlier said the Kashmir Committee had reached a five-point agreement with moderate separatists for a permanent Kashmir solution which was subsequently sabotaged by the central government.
We had a written agreement with the Hurriyat leaders on five important issues, knowing fully well they were talking to us with the full knowledge and consent of Pakistan. The main points are ―violence and terror were to be totally outlawed; the solution must be acceptable to all parties and sections, which means it included people of Ladakh and Jammu. Extremist positions like scrapping of Article 370 of the Constitution and the demand for secession were to be abandoned by both sides, displaced Pandits have to be rehabilitated with full honour and dignity and that the new dispensation will be a democracy of equal rights,” Jethmalani said in an interview to a television channel.
However, he said the Committee received no encouragement from the central government. “There are people in this country who have an interest in not solving the problem,” Jethmalani said.
Mirwaiz, however, said the Hurriyat was ready to talk to New Delhi. “We are ready to holds talks with New Delhi at the highest level,” Mirwaiz said. He said the Hurriyat will not talk to interlocutors as they didn’t have the authority to take big decisions.



Srinagar Nov 01 (Only Kashmir): Hurriyat Conference (G) spearheading the ongoing “Quit Kashmir Movement” on Monday amended its protest calendar and decided to give relaxation on Diwali day (November 5).
“Many delegations of minorities including Sikhs approached Geelani Sahib during the past few days urging him to amend the calendar for Diwali. After deliberations it was decided that there will be no strike on October 5 so that minorities living in Kashmir are able to perform their religious duties smoothly,” a local news agency KMN, quoted Hurriyat (G) spokesman Ayaz Akbar as having said.


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