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Srinagar, Oct 27 (Only Kashmir): Celebrating the Eid-ul-Azha, Muslims all over the world in general and in Kashmir particular, stood witness to the occasion where thousands of devotees thronged mosques, shrines and Eidgahs (prayer grounds) to offer Eid prayers. Barring a stray incident of stone pelting in old city, Eidul Azha was today celebrated with traditional fervour and gaiety across Kashmir valley. In reports of Stone Pelting were received today as compare to past many years. 
The biggest congregation of Eid Prayer was held at Eidgah Srinagar where nearly 30,000 people offered the prayers, where Hurriyat (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was scheduled to address the occasion, following his house arrest his close aide and the senior member of Hurriyat (M) Hakeem Rashid strongly condemned the house arrest of Mirwaiz at his Nigeen residence, terming it as a direct interference into religious matters of the head priest. Mirwaiz was scheduled to lead Eid prayers at Eidgah, he added. 
According to Only Kashmir sources, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah offered Eid prayers at Dargah Hazratbal amongst thousands of Muslims.
Later, he interacted with people and shared Eid greetings and extended good wishes to them. The Chief Minister also prayed for peace, prosperity and progress of the state and the country.
Meanwhile Hurriyat (G) Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chief Muhammad Yasin Malik; Democratic Freedom Party Chairman, Shabir Ahmad Shah were put under house arrest by state authorities to prevent any public meeting.
Overall Eid was celebrated amid peace and religious fervor as compare to past many years. (OK)


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Only Kashmir, Oct 22 published from Srinagar
By:  Ajmer Alam Wani (Chief Editor: JK Monitor)
Face Book users, beware, you may fall in the trap of international blackmailers network, which is spread from Kashmir to London and Indonesia. It has been established that many youngsters have created fake IDs on Face Book, are trying to lure males all over, talking explicit sex and inviting them for immoral activities.
Earlier it was online lottery notifications and SMS on mobiles to trap people in which many have lost their hard earned money acting accordingly. Though this is still in practice but majority of the people have understood this by now and not getting influenced by such SMS and mails.
Interestingly, they give their number of Indonesia starting with (+62) or London starting with (+44) to those who are from India or Kashmir. And to those who are in London, US or other European countries they give Kashmir numbers starting with (9906 or 9596). It has been established that they are targeting working journalists, writers, police officers, businessmen and others who remain most of the time online.  According to Ajmer Alam’s monitoring they collect the addresses, phone numbers and family details from mutual friends and insists for collecting photographs but do not disclose their own identity. So be cautious and don’t get much excited, when some unknown girls talk to you so open, until you know them or you establish their identity.



Srinagar Oct 22 (Only Kashmir): In a brazen act of official apathy, the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) and police are failing to check the menace of illegal occupation of the roadside venders near Lalchowk especially near Palladium.
All this has created a mess for the masses and offices located in the area it has become terribly inconvenient for staff and clientele to make an entry into the any of shops and offices located in the area which as such is completely chocked by the said vendors.
It is even alleged that SMC Employees and Police take bribe from the vendors for keeping their small beds on roadside and never bother to act against the same menace.
As a matter of fact, the illegal encroachment of footpaths by shopkeepers and street vendors is among the serious problems faced by the pedestrians of the Kashmir valley especially at crowded place like Lal-Chowk .Pedestrians, masses and businessmen hope authorities will now soon act on this serious issue.
It is worth pointing out that the handicraft business community has also protested several times against menace of street vending. Street vendors, who they alleged were defaming Kashmiri handicraft. The dealers held a recent protest demonstration appealing the authorities to take action against streets vendors occupying footpaths and sell “fake Kashmiri handicraft”.
Pertinently, Lal Chowk is one of the most popular shopping spots in Srinagar and the inability of authorities especially SMC to remove street vendors casts a great doubt on their overall efficiency. 
(Outputs: Kashmir Media Watch)


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Srinagar, Oct 20 (Only Kashmir):- Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah today said that some people are bent upon disturbing peace and drag people into difficulties and hardships adding that his government is working to provide life comforts to people and they are out to use unfounded issues for trouble.“They try to create fear in the minds of people by using mikes and guns as peaceful situation does not suit to their style of politics”, he said “Syed Ali Shah Geelani is talking of agitation and issues calendar without looking into facts and ascertaining the truth”, he said adding that no road is being built from Pahalgam to Amarnath Cave. “It is all false propaganda. The papers submitted by the State Government in the Supreme Court and the order of the Apex Court itself substantiates and vindicates the fact that no road is being constructed in the said area”, he said adding that those indulging in this propaganda should go through 200 page document provided by the State Government to the Supreme Court in this regard and show us where there has been any talk of building a road. The Chief Minister threw open challenge to Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani in this regard “I will keep two helicopters of the State at your (Syed Ali Shah Geelani) disposal to fly over Pahalgam-Amarnath track. You select any photographer of your own choice and have a complete aerial view of the mountains and the track and show us where macadam is being laid even over a metre of the track”, he told Mr. Geelani and ridiculed the falsehood being circulated in this regard to disturb peace. He said that some people have made it their mission to create law and order problem for their benefit. “While we are working hard to restore peace and tranquillity, provide employment to youth, help trade and tourism activities to flourish and carry forward a comprehensive development programme across the State, they are bent upon disturbing tranquillity for their self interests”, he added and said that they have utilized all means in this regard and are in search of occasion to mislead people. (OK)
Reaction from Hurriyat (G)
“We have shown the evidences and they are proper. He (Omar) will only talk. He is a very cleaver politician because he knows Geelani will never fly in Indian Helicopter it’s just to showcase people that there is no construction going on.”
"If we are wrong they should bring some independent international agencies or team to look into the matter and we will also accompany them to the construction site” said Ayaz Akbar close aide of Syed Ali Geelani


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Srinagar Oct 19 (Only Kashmir): According to Only Kashmir reliable sources, Payal Abdullah-the wife of J&K Chief Minister who is separated with his husband these days, met the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Nitin Gadkari twice in the last four months, which indirectly indicated that she might be fielded anywhere from Uttar Pradesh because Payal runs an NGO named Rahat which is operational in Uttar Pradesh. According to sources Payal is seeking Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) mandate for the 2014 General Elections. Well this is not the first time a member from Abdullah family did so, In 1984 Patron of National Conference Dr Farooq Abdullah’s brother-in-law, Gulam Mohammad Shah alias “Gul Shah”  along with the then 12 MLA’s of ruling Party National Conference joins the hand with Congress to form a new government headed by Shah himself under the banner “Awami National Conference”. Moreover Farooq’s sister Khalida Shah in 1985 had succeeded in doing away with his brother after declaring herself the president of the “real” NC at a public really in Srinagar. In case if the News proved to be true definitely that will be a big setback for the Abdullah family in general and National Conference in Particular.(OK)


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Oct 15, Only Kashmir
Madina Masjid, an imposing and resplendent structure of glass dome and glass minarets, will formally open doors to devotees Thursday in Meghalaya's capital. The four-storey building - 120 feet high and 61 feet wide -- stands inside an Idgah Complex in the city's Lahan area and is close to the garrison grounds along the Umshyrpi river. At night, the mosque's glasswork glows and glitters. Madina Masjid has a capacity of around 2,000 people and has separate space for women to offer prayers. Around Rs.2 crore has been spent on the Masjid, with fund from well-wishers. Union Law and Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid is scheduled to inaugurate Madina Masjid, along with Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Vincent H. Pala, Oct 18. (OK)


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Srinagar Oct 13 (Only Kashmir):- Giving a big setback to the common people of Kashmir Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde today accompanied by Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and J&K Minister of State for Home Nasir Aslam Wani Saturday evening visited various areas in Srinagar city. They visited Lal Chowk, Polo View, Hari Singh Street, Jahangir Chowk, Sangermal Shopping Plaza and other places.  
 Earlier, the Union Home Minister made shopping at Polo View and purchased fruits at Jahangir Chowk. He also interacted with shopkeepers and commoners. 
Union Home Minister Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde who is on 3-day visit to the Jammu and Kashmir today visited Hazratbal and paid obeisance at the shrine. He prayed for the peace, progress and prosperity of the country.
While talking to Media at Dargah Hazratbal the Union Home Minister said “It was my childhood wish to pray at Dargah.”
The Union Home Minister also went round the Dal Lake through Nehru Park basin, Kabutarkhana, Charchinari, Dal interiors and eventually he deboarded at Hazratbal.


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By: Tahir Muzter
After four years of   Amaranth Land Row (2008). This year once again right wing Hindu parties in India are going to spew poisonous misinformation campaign against Kashmir. This is not something unusual, but a usual course of dictum they have pronounced. They have in very clear words declared that they   will forcefully counter the propaganda allegedly unleashed by separatists; their supporters and valley based main stream political parties against the facilities being provided to pilgrims of holy Amarnath shrine by the Government. The leaders of various Hindu organizations, social activists and intellectuals who participated in a meeting organized by Baba Amaranth & Buda Amarnath Yatri Niyas (BABAYN) on this September to frame a roadmap to counter the   (alleged) propaganda against the yatra. We will not allow anyone to interfere in the religious affairs of Hindus reports “EARLY TIMES”, Jammu.  This is again politicization of Amaranth by   the right wing Hindu   parties, done in 2008, and   still remembered. by all ,    as a renowned   Jammu  based correspondent,  Bini  Joshi, has  very recently    wrote :  “ The  BJP  was playing politics with the sentiments of the  people, became very clear, when it fuelled  the Amarnath Land Row   in 2008”(GK)
What  Bino  Joshi    confessed now   a few days  back  ,  Kashmir    has  faced it very bitterly in 2008, and  is  going to  face again,  as the right  wing Hindu Parties  have chalked out   the   program  as mentioned   above. –Kashmir  talked  logic then,  when land was allotted  to the  Shrine Board, intriguingly, and  Kashmir is talking logic now , when  new political lovers of Amarnath ,  are pleading for  the construction of road ,or nationalization f the Amaranth Yatra  Route. But the fact is Kashmir was    always trampled, instead of giving Kashmir heed. 
Yes!    It is  Syed  Ali Shah  Geelani , who took  the stand  on  new  development of Amarnath  road  and   its expected  fall back.  But this too is a fact, that this time, Kashmir Civil Society, under the influence of highly enlightened Prof. Naeema Ahmad   who came with a   well-meaning resolution on the new development. 
What Kashmir’s fault is?  
What  wrong   Civil  society  of  Kashmir   did, and  what crime,  Mirwaiz Maulana  Omar Farooq,  Mohammad  Yassin Malik   or    Hurriyat  leader  Syed  Ali  Shah  Geelani    committed  against  Amrnath  Yatra,  or  yatries  or Hindus,   as alleged   by the  right wing Hindu  Parties.   It  is  nothing like that.  It  is   a   statement  issued  by  the  Mirwaiz Maulana Omar  Farooq , expressing   concern  on   big  danger   to   the   environment  ,while  Syed  Ali Shah  Geelani   took  a note   of   the    controversy on  Construction of  road to  Amaranth and   voiced    the people’s  concern   on the  issue. This  is for the first time, after 2008 Land Row on environment, that  Geelani  Sahib   felt the need   of   speaking   on   this issue ------- beyond   the ‘Freedom Movement’.  Certainly his stand on this important, has been welcomed   not by the people in general     but even by   the people    who differ   with    his ideology. This writer is    one among such people. Geelani’s   stand on protection of environment   is not being   appreciated   in Kashmir only but it is being welcomed    outside    Kashmir as well. 
Madhu Purnima Kishwar, a professor at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in Delhi and Founder of MANUSHI—an organization committed to protect democratic rights in India,  who is also   a member of   Kashmir Committee (Ram  Jaith  Malani ) has  congratulated Geelani Sahib for having voiced concern for the environmental damage being caused to the eco-sensitive zone due to the massive increase in the number of yatris that have begun visiting the Amarnath Shrine  now. I have personally seen how much garbage and filth, the Yatra generates, and how the extension of the Yatra to two months has caused further damage to the delicate ecology of the area.”
Madhu Purnima Kishwar ----in an open letter to Geelani Sahib in ‘’   has said “On behalf of Kashmir Committee, I fully endorse your demand that just as 153 km area from Gomukh to Devprayag has been notified as an eco-sensitive zone by the Government of India, so also the area around the Amarnath shrine needs to be declared as an eco-sensitive zone. All those who value the Amarnath Shrine as a sacred site, should join hands with their Kashmiri brothers in preserving the pristine purity of the area.” She also admitted --------“You are also right in alleging that the creation of the Shrine Board by Faros Abdullah government was an ill conceived political move. However, the Board stayed within its limits till General Sinha as the Governor of J&K did all he could to communalize the Yatra as well as its management.  Your demand that the management of the Yatra be handed over to the Kashmiri Pandits of the Valley and that they along with their Muslim brothers take care of the needs of the yatris is a welcome suggestion, especially considering that Kashmiri Muslims have played a stellar role in ensuring that the yatris feel welcome and safe no matter how disturbed the conditions in the Valley. This well-meaning Indian lady, with a positive and constructive   approach has not hesitated to confess that ----- “While there is no denying that certain vested interests are using the Yatra as “a show of Hindu strength”.
But  she  added  “ it is wrong to attribute the growing numbers of Amarnath Yatris to the political games being played by Government of India or the Sangh Parivar. ‘’     She appealed   to    Geelani Sahib to resist the temptation of “politicizing” this issue to settle other scores with the Government of India.  This is the surest way to lose the environmental battle.’’
This appeal to Geelani Sahib is very positive. She also hoped that Geelani sahib will also extend his concern to the pathetic plight of rivers, lakes and the fast depleting forest cover in Kashmir.  The land that was once celebrated as a virtual paradise on earth has become an ecological disaster. ------ 
But her  interpretation or  clarification  of   Government Of India, and  Sangh  Parvar  on this  issue , is no  doubt  debatable.—which this  limited column   cannot accommodate .But  for a cursory  reference, this  writer   wants to  convey   her , on the basis of  my  4-years research, that  ,  soft ad Hard Hinduvata swooped down  on Kashmir   with  imposing ----economic  Blockade ---  a war crime   against Kashmir, in the  name Land  Row, in 2008. ----Its detail is very long, and dreadful.  The  fact is   that  the restoration of the land to Board, that  too  exclusively   on  the dictation of Jammu Sang rash Semite,--------and that too   after the  revocation of original  land transfer order , by the elected  Government  is  one sided, illegal, immoral, and comparative,  as declared  by  the renowned  constitution  expert A. G Noorani.  This too is  an open secret  and    a  naked  reality  that   800  kanals of   forest  land   was  transferred to the  Shri Amarnath  Shrine   Board , ,  illegally ,  clandestinely, and  in a consparative way------ with   one  mission   of   Shrine  Board  with  communal  minded  S k Sinha  as its  Chairman    to     make  the  yatra  bigger  and bigger with  every year, ignoring law of the land, the Kashmir ethos , environment, and other drawbacks  Because the mission is all political but in   the name   of religious   yatra.   Kashmir   has   enough  to prove   the  bigger  and larger  yatra as  a political  conspiracy------  One  simple  question in this regard is, which  helps  to understand   the   use of  majority  might  ,  and colonial  attitude with Kashmir. Why  the   criminal    double standard  in  Uttrakhand and  Kashmir.   ?
Tahir Muzter is a well known Journo of J&K, He has been the first Editor of the Daily Chinar & Nawa-e-Subah. Tahir Muzter is also known for his poetry, he is the Author of the book "Neelam Ghar" a collection of poetry in Urdu, Tahir Muzter is one of the content contribution to Only Kashmir. He can be reached at: 



Jammu, Oct 11 (Only Kashmir), Ajmer Alam Wani
Born in an agriculturist family and joined the education department in the year 1986, a man with a mission had to travel 26 years long journey serving the department, to reach his dream chair as Chief Education Officer (CEO) Doda. Now one mission is accomplished and now he is on another mission from the day one after he joined as CEO Doda, he wants to streamline the derailed education system in Doda district by taking care of every need of students, people as well as teachers and other staffers.
In an exclusive interview with Ajmer Alam Wani, the dynamic Chief Education Officer (CEO) Doda, Mohammed Ashraf said that there are numerous problems likewise shortage of teaching / non teaching staff in the schools situated in far-flung areas of Doda and added that shortly “We are going to appoint/engage 189 teachers + 131 RETs already advertised in Socially and Backward areas and expressed hope that these teachers being well qualified will work with dedication and sincerity to uplift the education standard.
He also cautioned to go tough against the officials in CEO and ZEO officers found involved in favouritism and corrupt practices so the students do not suffer.
Q. The time when you joined the education department initially what was your dream that time and had you thought that one day you will become CEO that too of your home district?
ANS:   I joined the Education Department as lecturer in Physics in the year 1986 at HSS Dachhan with a sole dream to service the society as an effective teacher particularly for the betterment of students and at that time to reach upto this office was one of the dreams in my life. Today by the grace of almighty I have been blessed with the responsibility to serve as CEO Doda.
Q. What hurdles and problems you faced to reach this post and what challenges you think will come in your way ahead?
ANS:  It is natural phenomena to achieve a goal one has to face hurdles and problems but so far myself is concerned, no such hurdles and problems came forward to me to reach this post because of the transparent and good governance of the Govt.  There are number of challenges before me to streamlines the education system in District Doda but I will try to my best to come to the expectation of public with the cooperation of people of District Doda, District administration and the higher authorities.  
Q.  Having vast experience in education department, what you observed so-far about the education scenario in Doda district?
ANS:  In view of topography of District Doda being hilly district, there are numerous problems likewise shortage of teaching / non teaching staff in the schools situated in far flung areas. But shortly we are going to appoint/engage 189 teachers + 131 RETs already advertised in socially and backward areas and I hope my teachers being well qualified will work with dedication and sincerity / dedication to uplift the education standard.
Q. Do you agree that present education system in Doda district has been influenced by politics and corruption?
ANS: No. There is neither any illegal influence of politics in the education system in District Doda nor is any question of corruption in the education system.
Q.  What you suggest, and will act upon as CEO Doda to streamline the system and how you will ensure quality education in schools, particularly in far flung areas?
ANS: I as Chief Education Officer Doda suggest to the general public, political parties, panchayats, to cooperate with education department in positive manner to streamline the system. Moreover,   I will take the help of district administration, and my predecessors in this regard.
Q.  There are reports that clerical staff in CEO and ZEO offices, is involved in favouritism and corrupt practices due to which students are suffering badly and education system is derailed, will you be able to crack this deep rooted nexus or will ultimately surrender ?
ANS: I cannot speak on this question at this time because it is my first day as CEO Doda. But I assure if such reports found factual, this system cannot be tolerated at any cost and action in this regard shall be taken.
Q. The first major challenge for you will be posting of newly recruited teachers,  may be you face political pressure, influence and the as usual personnel relations also , how will you do justice to you chair while making new postings and what will be your priorities and criteria will you adopt while posting ?
ANS: Yet, the posting of newly recruited teachers is a hectic job for the office, because most of the selected candidates are female and vacancies/shortage of staff is in far flung areas , but this will be done after threadbare discussion with the Principals/ZEOs/ Headmasters keeping in view the need of staff/subject teachers in the needy schools.
Q. There are reports that before making new postings rationalisation will be done and old staff will be adjusted in cities, while the new will be sent to villages and other far off areas, but while releasing the list of teachers, it was clearly mentioned that these teachers will be posted against the clear vacancies and to fill those vacancies no transfer will be made, don’t you think rationalisation will be against the directions and contradictory ?
ANS: Rationalization process will be done in accordance with the norms set up by the higher authorities through a committee already constituted for the purpose. 
Q: There are many cases of attachments of RRTs, which earlier CEO was unable to check, will you take any stern action against such practices? 
ANS: So far as this question is concerned this will be checked only after having a meeting with the field functionaries and the action in accordance with the rules shall be taken. 
Q. What action will you take against the Pvt Educational institutions, not fulfilling the norms?
ANS:  Private educational institutions if found functioning in violation of the rules set up by the department, the stern action shall be taken against the defaulters. 
Q: At last what clear message you wish for teachers and students and parents? 
ANS: I being the son of soil as a Chief Education Officer Doda want to give a message through the medium of media to teachers to work with dedication, sincerity and honestly in the schools and do justice with the poor students. Moreover, they are also advised to maintain regularly, punctuality and discipline in the schools. At the same time I appeal to the parents to the students to cooperate to the teachers with a positive attitude .Because hard work is the key of success for the students to achieve the goal in life. 


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Srinagar, Oct 10 (Only Kashmir): A deputation of the J&K Human Welfare Association, Centre for Peace, Development of Humanity and Rehabilitation of ex-Militants, Srinagar, called on Mr. N. N. Vohra, Governor, at Raj Bhavan here today.
The Governor gave a sympathetic hearing to the deputation comprising Mr. Mohammad Farooq Khan, Chairman, Human Welfare Association, Mr. Nazir Ahmad Wani and Mr. Mohammad Sidiq Khan, Executive Members of the Association which urged, interalia, for various measures being taken to rehabilitate the ex-militants. The Governor agreed to take up the problems of this Association with the Chief Minister. (OK)


Saturday, October 6, 2012


Srinagar, Oct 06 (Only Kashmir):  – Giving full credit to Radio Kashmir and Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar for braving challenging circumstances and keeping the duo broadcasting and telecasting stations functional during bad times, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Saturday said that the staff and officers had to pay heavy price for the same.
            Speaking at a function after he launched 10 MW FM Channel-2 of Radio Kashmir, Srinagar here this morning, the Chief Minister referred to the difficulties faced by the two stations to run their programmes and kept people abreast with the facts during the militancy.
            “You became the voice of people and worked for showing light to them in dark days”, he said and mentioned the stupendous work rendered by Radio Kashmir and Doordarshan for restoration of normalcy and peace.
            Describing launch of FM Channel-2, yet another step of Radio Kashmir to enhance its reach and provide good entertainment to the people, the Chief Minister said that there is greater potential for encouraging private FM stations in the State. He expressed the hope that Radio Kashmir and Doordarshan would focus on producing more informative, educative and attractive programmes for the general public benefit. He mentioned Shahrbeen programme of Radio Kashmir and appreciated its production.
            Omar Abdullah said that Jammu and Kashmir is abode of different cultures and languages, as such, Radio Kashmir and Doordarshan has to reach to every area and formulate programmes in different languages. “I am happy to note that the programmes presently broadcasted and telecasted take care of this requirement”, he said emphasizing the need for its further upgrading and improvement.
            The Chief Minister said that the reach of Radio Kashmir is quite enormous. “I have been told that people across the border also like listening programmes of Radio Kashmir which is of significant importance. You can touch the hearts of people across the border by providing balanced and fact full programmes to them”, he maintained.
            Legislator, Jahangir Mir, CEO Prasar Bharti, Jawahir Sarkar, Director General Doordarshan, Tripurari Sharan, Director General All India Radio, L. D. Mandloi, All India Youth Congress President, Rajiv Sadhav, officers and staff of Radio Kashmir and Doordarshan were present on the occasion among others. (OK)


Thursday, October 4, 2012


By: Bilal Bashir Bhat
  After the release of recent anti-Islamic video by a western scoundrel which sparked violent protests throughout the Muslim world that resulted the deaths of dozens including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. Even the railways minister of Pakistan, Ghulam Ahmad Balor, said he would pay the reward of £60,000 out of his own pocket to one who will kill the filmmaker. 
Meanwhile Kashmir also witnessed the strong protests against the filmmakers, US and Israel, a daylong complete strike was observed throughout Jammu and Kashmir, Demonstrators burned U.S. flags and demanded filmmakers be punished, Authorities imposed curfew in some parts of Srinagar, a Government vehicle was torched, however fortunately no loss of life was reported during the protests.  
Every Muslim of Kashmir was demanding the ban on Youtube, where the blasphemous video was available for every user who may wish to watch or download.  Later the video was blocked in various countries including India, after the White House denounced the film. 
Here in Kashmir, the most popular social media sites Facebook and Twiiter were found full of Anti America & Israel content which was uploaded by Lakhs of people to register their protest against the same. Every user was demanding the ban on Youtube. Even the Cabinet led by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah also denounced the video. 
Finally the attention was diverted following the ongoing T-20 world cup in Sri Lanka, now the same Facebook walls of same users was full of content supporting favorite cricket team mostly Pakistan. 
But hours after the President Pranab Mukherjee’s arrival here in Kashmir on 26th September, Government by some unknown reasons ordered Internet-service providers to block social networking websites such as YouTube and Facebook. However some people can access Facebook as well as YouTube on their mobile phones, while Facebook can sometimes be opened on laptops and computers via broadband, but this access comes and goes. 
Reacting to media reports, Minister for Information and Technology Aga Ruhullah, however, denied any attempt to crack down on free speech in Kashmir. “We are liberal as before,” he said. “But it is the right of every government to control a bad situation.”
“It is due to the ban imposed on Facebook and YouTube…We are sorry, but the sites are barred till further orders by Government,” a Tata Docomo customer care executive told this writer during a conversation on phone.
In the present modern times, Facebook is an inexpensive form of communication with friends and relatives throughout the world. But after the blockage of Facebook, frustration among youth including this writer can be identified easily. 
Every youth of Kashmir addicted to Facebook seems helpless against the uncertain orders of blockage of Media Networks by state Government, where SMS service is already blocked for the last two years. 
Finally, being a Journo I would like to request State Assembly members for a discussion in Assembly regarding the blockage of Facebook as this matter is same related to almost every household like the Gas subsidy.
(The writer can be reached at:


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Srinagar Oct 02 (Only Kashmir): According to Police sources Only Kashmir received here the Lashkar Toiba (LeT) has been found involved in the burning of Baba Haniefu din Zairat at Ratsuna in Beeru and a mosque in Narbal Magam. Police has busted a LeT module by arresting six militants which has been found involved in the burning of two religious places in district Budgam.
The module was comprising of the militants, Zahoor Ahmad  Khan @Zubair, Barkat Ahmad Malik @Abu Talha, Assadullah Dar@Assad, Aijaz Ahmad Dar@Imran, Rouf Ahmad Dar@Rafeeq and Farooq Ahmad.
Among them one has recorded before the judicial magistrate that he was directed by the Lashker militants in Pakistan to burn the religious places to ignite an agitation like that of 2010.
According to police, the investigation is going on in the Dastgeer Sahib fire at Khanyar. (OK)


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