Monday, April 29, 2013


Srinagar Apr 29 (Only Kashmir): To take stock of problems being faced by the people of his constituency Senior Congress Leader Yasir Pandit conducted an extensive tour of his constituency and held public meetings Sonawar from Dalgate to Cheki Dara, Harwan and adjoining areas. He gave a patient hearing to the problems faced by the people and assured them to reflect their demands to the concerned authorities.
During his visit Pandit met various party workers who raised their issues regarding their problems. While addressing series of public meetings he assured the people that their genuine problems will be taken up with concern authorities. While speaking to media Yasir said “I’ve focused my attention to upgrade and improve the living standard of the people of the Sonwar Constituency, especially the weaker sections of the society are my top priority.
While conducted tour Pandit found heaps of garbage on the streets & drainage system was defung he requested Municipal Commissioner to look into the matter personally. He also requested Hon’ble Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to personally intervene in depilated condition of World famous Boulevard Road as concern MLA forget about how to use his CDF. He also draw attention to Director Tourism to intervene in the matter regarding last year street lights from Dalgate to Nehru Park in which tourism dept spend hefty amount of money but mostly lights are not functioning. During his interaction with people of the locality they complaint about irregular power supply as tourist season is starting & also various immoral activities are going on during night hours he appeals SSP Srinagar to look on the matter so that the people living there feel free & secure.


Sunday, April 28, 2013


Srinagar Apr 27 (Only Kashmir): Known for his noble personality, the current Governer of Jammu and Kashmir Narinder Nath Vohra is set to ready to play his second innings as a Governor in the state. The former political secretary to the then Prime Minister of India Late I K Gujraaj have been appointed as Governor of J&K for the second consecutive term.
President Pranab Mukherjee has extended the term of Jammu and Kashmir Governor Narinder Nath Vohra, a Rashtrapati Bhavan statement said Saturday. "The president is pleased to appoint Narinder Nath Vohra to be the governor of Jammu and Kashmir for a fresh term on the expiry of his present term," said the statement. According to Only Kashmir monitoring Vohra, a former bureaucrat and a security expert, was appointed governor of the troubled border state in June 2008 during Shrine Board agitation. (OK)


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Srinagar, April 23 (Only Kashmir): To discuss about the prospects, status of conventional books, scope of reading, intellectual copyrights and the possible threat posed by electronic and on-line media to the traditional form of book reading and writing, Allama Iqbal Library, University of Kashmir today observed the World Book and Copyright Day during which various activities including a book and poster exhibition was held at KU.
Dean Academic Affairs, KU, Prof AM Shah who was Chief Guest on the occasion appreciated the efforts of the Library in preserving the conventional books.
He said “We should also think as to how we can help students to strengthen creativity among them.”
Prof Shah also suggested that Allama Iqbal Library can conduct a seminar in collaboration with department of Library and Information Sciences to think about the future structure of libraries and ways to increase the readership among students
“I am also worried about the future of books in our society. There is a need to revise the present form of our libraries,” Prof Shah said.
Chief Librarian, Allama Iqbal Library, Dr. Abdul Majeed Baba, while talking about the importance of inculcating the reading habits among the youth said people should think about the various means, whereby they can foster reading habits amongst the younger generation.
“Great books by great authors will continue to survive despite the technological revolution changing our reading culture,” Dr. Baba said.
Prof Baba added “Both digital books and conventional books have their own roles to play in the society and they are going to serve their users for the times to come.”
He urged students not to make reading an obligation but a hobby and passion.
Dean Faculty Law, Prof Farooq Ahmed Mir talked about the laws governing the intellectual property and the monopoly of publishers on authors. He said due to the incorporation of Intellectual Property Rights Act authors feel secure about their works.
“Intellectual Property Rights Act is a global movement to protect the intellectual property of people.  Authors must come forward and press for their demands regarding their works,” said Prof Farooq.
Noted columnist and Producer EMMRC Ajaz- ul- Haque while talking about the transformation from print to on-line media said “We have become technophobes and technology has rendered us more virtual than real.”
However underlining a different perspective with the paradigm shift from print to on-line media Coordinator, Media Education Research Centre, KU Faruq Masudi said due to the technological boost we have been able to “preserve” the old classics for future generations.
“The advent of internet and open publishing ended the long domination of media moguls. Now with the help of internet everyone can publish without any gatekeeping,” Masudi said.
On the sidelines of the function, a book and poster exhibition was also inaugurated, which showcased the literary works of renowned authors of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. The autobiographies, biographies of many noted personalities of the state were also put on exhibition there.
Later in the afternoon Vice Chancellor, KU, Prof Talat Ahmad visited the book and poster exhibition.
He also interacted with various visitors at the exhibition and participants of the poster exhibition and discussed themes of the various posters with the participants which included library professionals and students and scholars from dept of law and other departments of the varsity.
On the occasion Allama Iqbal Library also felicitated its three frequent users. During the function a printed file of Education Mail- an educational fortnightly was also presented to the library for archive by its Editor GH Gurkhoo. (OK)


Sunday, April 21, 2013


Srinagar 21 April (Only Kashmir): The Insaaf Idara led by Kh. Farooq Renzu Shah expressed its deep anguish and dismay on cruel death of 26500 Pashmina goats in sequel to starvation and non availability of fodder. Insaaf which is social orginisation, pointed out that the basic situation which has led to such starvation of innocent goats has been deliberately caused by biased environmentalist Ms Manika Gandhi who always projected these Chiru and changra goats as sources of Shahtosh. It is because of her wrong and biased propaganda that she ensured banning of Shahtosh and consequently local Kashmiri handicraft related persons were rendered jobless. It has been traditionally people associated with Kashmiri Handicrafts who would ensure providing of fodder and food to such goats when this trade was free from any banned restrictions. They would use their wool for Shahtosh and Pashmina and never killed Chiru and Chitra for this purpose as wrongly projected by Ms Monika Gandhi’s environment organisation. Historically these handicrafts have been encouraged by Hazrat Bulbul Shah RH and Hazrat Ammir-i- KabirRH during their lifetimes. Since then this trade was flourishing from Qarakul lake of Kashgar up to Banihal passes of Kashmir. Even king Nepolian, was also presented Shahtosh Shawl by Kashmiri handicraft person but due to wrong campaign launched by Ms Manika Gandhi with deliberate target to bring this trade to stand still thousands of trades men were adversely effected. The Shahtosh was projected as smuggled item and so many Kashmiris associated with this trade were booked under various offences treating and confusing both Shahtosh and Pashmina as one stuff and unnecessary terming genuine and pious trade as illegal activity. These circumstances led to collapse of the Shahtosh and Pashmina Industry and these innocent goats could not get proper treatment and food. The lake of interaction between traders and source goats of Shahtosh and Pashmina led to their starvation. The result is obviously in the death of 26500 Pashmina goats in Chanthang area of Ladakh which is biggest environmental disaster of present era and no one had raised even finger on the personality responsible for such disaster. Insaaf reminded Manika Gandhi about anti polythene campaign which was started in Kashmir but she never extended her support for anti polythene campaign rather she helped 45 industries which were polythene manufacturing units inspite of the fact they were ordered to be closed by Supreme Court. This is clear example of her bias she believes in protecting harmful dogs on street but she engineers death of thousands of Pashmina goats which are source of livelihood of lakes of Kashmiries. (OK)


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Srinagar, April 09 (Only Kashmir):  A warm welcome was given to Mr. Muzafar Parray by his party workers at his arrival at Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Youth Congress Committee’s head quarter situated at Moulana Azad road Srinagar today as a gesture on being elevated as Member of Legislative Council.
Addressing the workers, on the occasion Senior Congress Leader Yasir Amin Pandit expressed gratitude for elevating Mr. Advocate Muzafar Parray as the Member of Legislative Council. He also presented the vote of thanks to JKPCC President Mr. Saif ud Din Soz for his recommendations towards Muzafar Parray.
The workers and the activists of JKPYCC also submitted their charter of demands to their leader with the request to ensure fulfillment of all these demands within coming years.
Seaking on the occasion Dr Syed State Secratary JKPCC also presented a gestured address on the occasion.
Followed by Yasir Pandit’s speech on the occasion, the Chief Guest MLC and the vice president of JKPCC Mr. Bashir Ahmad Magray, General Secretaries JKPYCC Muhammad Anwar Bhat and Ghulam Nabi Mir Lasjan and many other leaders also spoke on the occasion.
      Meanwhile, while addressing the party workers Parray said he was happy to see PCC chief Saifuddin Soz being re-appointed by the party high command. “ It is really a great thing for the party to have a person like Prof. Soz. Under the dynamic leadership of Soz, we will touch new heights and we hope that party will become more stronger in the days ahead,” he told workers. He termed Congress party an instrument of service to the people and said it (Congress) will leave no stone unturned in mitigating the sufferings of common people. (OK)


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