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By: Tahir Muzter
Amarnath is again in news, this time it is construction of Amaranth Road. As   a  researcher  of  Amaranth  Land  Row, with  400 pages   first   book on the  subject,  ready   for publication , I should like to  mention  that it is not just a road , it is much more   than that ------it  is    road   leading   to implementation of  a   big  conspiracy   against   Kashmir ----It is  road to  a  new  State  within  State .   This road is leading to Middle East like situation in Kashmir.  But   it is unfortunate,   it is a big   tragedy,   that those Hurriyat Leaders, who  were at the helm of affairs  of  peoples uprising   against   land   row (In  2008  )could   not  visualize  the   danger   in  shape   of  Shrine Act of  2000,  full of serious  flaws, ,  framed by  then  National  Conference  Government , perhaps   at the persuasion of  Delhi --   The issue is   also   linked  with ,  present  Governor’s accord   with  Sangash  Samti   of  Jammu,  restoring land    ,that  too  exclusively to  the  SHRIN BOARD , at   the dictation of  Sangh  Parivar . This   accord   was declared by   constitutional expert    like A.G.  Noorani, one sided,  immoral. Illegal--------and   worst than original land   transfer order of ---May. 2008.    It was  after  that  accord,  that   Singh Parivar  was   much  so  much  encouraged  , that  BJP National President Raj Nathan , in the National council  meeting  at Bangalore  demanded    nationalsation   of   Amaranth  route--- and it happened   just after a couple of days of Governor.s  appointed Panel accord   with    Sangrash  Samiti   of  Jammu  , as  referred above 
                          That   is   the    new  introduction of  my  one  previous  article of  October , 2008, , published  in  the Greater Kashmir    It was  at  that  time  I could  see  it  as a communal    attack on Kashmir  and  also  titled  my  article ---------“Kashmir  under  communal  attack” 
                             But alas   Hurriyat  Leaders , who were   then at the   helm of  affairs, could not understand  and did not took  notice  of the  development    then-----and the   result  is     that  the conspiracy  against    Kashmir   is now under implementation . According   to my information big   business    houses  in the country  -----  supporters of   Sang Parivar   are ready  to invest  in  Crores   in   making  Amaranth  Nagar In Kashmir, hinted    four years back , even before  LAND ROW OF  2008---, by  a renowned  journalist  son of  Kashmir  Armand  Husain Talib-------------My predictive   article  of  2008 , refereed above is reproduced  here in full, without   editing. 
    “This depressing and alarming simultaneously-----It is like Jewish approach to Palestine--------It is time to rethink before it is too late.  “Nationalization of Amaranth Yatra”(GK  26 Sep, 2008)-------- The need of the hour is to make leaders also  to understand, who are more concerned about their leadership, and trying to  surpass each other. In the most critical prevailing situation in Kashmir, Mirwaiz’s thoughts overlapped by distant dream of “Islamic banking system” as if Kashmir is free enough to indulge in this luxury.  Right to self-determination is alright; but political consciousness does not allow us   to be indifferent when presently Kashmir is under a serious and a planned attack. -------------
  “Na Samjogay  tum   ai Kashmir walo ---tumari dastan tak bhi  na hogi dastoonoo main”
                               Kashmir is under a dreadful attack from Sangh Parivar. Events explain that Congress with the nationalist and secular credentials at the helm of affairs at the Centre is also perhaps swayed by Sangh. Parivar’s nefarious campaign against   people of Kashmir. Or it suits to the government of India to follow suit.  It was not just a coincidence that Babri Masjid was demolished by Sangh Parivar when it was Congress Government at the centre. There   are enough indications from the centre of its tightening the noose on Kashmir to suppress the sacred sentiment of its identity, awakened in a collective form for the first time in 61- long years as a result of illegal transfer of forest land against the letter and sprit of the law of the land. The en-mass protest was not communal at all. But  handling    of  the situation    in Kashmir and subsequently in Jammu,  is  no doubt, manifestation  of communal mindset of the rulers  of  the State and  those   at the Centre. The handling can be termed discriminative in it worst form and direct contempt to the Kashmiri sentiment of identity, which is still going on in Kashmir. How can people of Kashmir expect airplay when the Governor of the State is at the same time Chairman of the Shri Amaranth Shrine Board under the blind Shrine Board Act? The recent situation and it discriminative handling in the State is obvious to every one and it suggests, that the Governor of the State should not   be the Chairman of the Sheri Amaranth Shrine Board. It may not be out of any sort of prejudice, but because national interest demands it. 
                       However it is a separate issue and demands threadbare discussion. Here it is the burning question of the attack, Sangh Pariwar has launched on Kashmir. And the ‘launching’ statement of BJP National president Rajnath singh is enough to bring it to home, that Shri Amarnath Shrine Board in its present form with its present obviously flawed Act. Is in the vanguard of the attack declared by BJP now. ---The worst apprehensions kashmiries were harboring against transfer or ‘diversion’ of land to the Shrine Board (SASB) is coming true.
BJP seeks to take over Yatra route” (GK Sep 14, 2008) A brief heading, but a big news. ---------   It needs to be read again and again together with “Panini Kashmir” Plan and thought of what is going to happen to secular Kashmir. when our basic identity is in danger.. And how can we fight it back. ----- As the Greater Kashmir has rightly described it---“The agenda is out. The link between the Amaranth agitation and behind the veil saffron plot is now exposed”------. ---Bhatia Junta Party has demanded nationalization of the entire route to Amaranth cave in the Kashmir valley. In his presidential address to the three day national executive meeting in Banglore.Rajnath Singh demanded that the road leading to the Amaranth should be nationalized. While demanding it to from the Central Govt., he has shamelessly said that it is needed “so that in future no attempt is made to disturb the social harmony.” As there is in no such instance  of  disturbance during  one hundred and  fifty years of Amarnath yare.--- And then how can the goal  of social harmony be reached  through a  nationalized  thoroughfare.? Or it is a veiled threat? 
The BJP has sought to compare the Amaranth issue with the situation prevailing just after demolition of Bari Mashed in Ajodhya. The BJP president said that the then congress government had been able to acquire the “disputed land and end the controversy, the same can be done in Kashmir by nationalization of land in Kashmir.”  According to reports even some delegates present in that meeting   were puzzled by the radical proposal of nationalization of vast areas in Kashmir. He has also demanded carving out a separate area in the Kashmir valley for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits.
Surely it is not any co- incidence, but understandably a part of  Sangh Parivar’s wicked agenda.  “Panunu Kashmir”---an organization of some  migrated Pandits  has come out with their plan.    --------Kashmiri Pandits have a right to come to Kashmir resettle here, as they, all are bonafide State-Subjects.  But it is not just a question of their right to resettle in Kashmir again. It is beyond that and that too with dangerous implications. According to the statement issued   after the B JP’s Bangalore meeting was over. “Panini Kashmir” has said---“we have already earmarked the area for the creation of separate home-land on the north east river Jhelum.  The political  map of this  area has already been released This area, which includes Amarnath Shrine, provided vital surface link to Ladakh region,    creation of  Homeland with Union territory status in the valley would secure the territorial and civilizational imperatives of valley which   secure the territorial and civilizational imperatives of the Indian nation on the northwestern front”.
There  is another alarming revelation made by  PDP President Mehbooba Mufti in this regard.Her statement now  on BJP’s  wicked proposal   should be taken as “Ghar Ka Bhedi  lanka  dhaye”------- On September, 15, Mehbooba Mufti president PDP dared Sangh Parivar to try  and carry  out  its hidebound vicious plan of nationalizing the Amarnath route.  Reacting to the BJP president Rajnath Singh’s call for nationalizing  the Amarnath route,  she also pointed out  that, -------General Sinha had told  in an interview with “Saamma”-RSS- mounth-piece recently that he had presented to the Central Government a comprehensive plan of action centering around  the Amarnath, to  tame Kashmiries. In his interview General Sinha had lamented that the Government of India didn’t take any follow up action on his Kashmir Plan, although they appreciated it a lot.” -------- It shows that the General had more arms in his armory to tame the kashmiries firther
General Sinha’plan makes BJP President’s   statement together with “plan of Union territory in the Valley, more alarming for people of Kashmir.   This all explains that ‘‘Hamaree burbadioon kay mashwaray  ho rahe  hain aasmanoo  main”.   All this is bound to bulldoze our identity guaranteed under Article 370. What we fear is genuine as the recent situation in the State and its handling brings to surface many   ugly plans of taming people of Kashmir, and throttling their voice.  This is horrifying which can be visualized well ahead of coming events. It can be stopped only if we do right thing at right time.  
The blunder is ours---- When  the  unilateral, immoral and illegal Govt.-Sang rash  Sami   accord was  made public by the Government  naming  it  shamelessly as “ victory for dialogue. ”. The leaders at the helm of affairs in Kashmir shelved the matter by disassociating themselves telling “land is no issue”.  -------- Is land no   issue? Yes, Kashmir is disputed and diverting peoples protest to 61 years old demand for right of self- determination is also understandable. However, the big question is-----Is it politically wise to allow erosion of Kashmir’s identity until our demand for right of self-determination is conceded.   ------------ OR we must  revolt against every  such nefarious design aiming at converting Kashmir into a colony as is being done now bluntly because of   our  blunder of remaining  indifferent to our identity in the past..   Telling “land is no issue”--- has encouraged Singh Privar and paved way for their achieving their objectives.  People of Kashmir have enough experience to understand that politicians and leaders have always their own expediencies. But at   time  any alarming event demand immediate attention and action.BJP National President’s  wicked demand of nationalization of Amaranth yatra route  together with another plan of  Union territory in the  valley is , no doubt an alarming  move and needs to fight back with our  political will and determination.  
                Nobody in Kashmir is against Shri Amarnath pilgrimage.  It has been going here for the last about two centenaries and no doubt with the support and available services of Muslims here. The Holy cave was discovered by the Kashmiri Muslims and handed over to Kashmiri Hindus, as  admitted by Dr.Karan Singh “I have to record that this sacred cave has among its guardians a Muslim family from Anantnag Kashmir, who receives his share offerings made at the holy cave every year (the Abode of Shiva by Prof. Fida Hassnain,--1989). Amarnath yatra is a tradition -----a practical token of our secular temperament and this will continue till Kashmir is on the map of the world.But unfortunately with the formation of   Shrine Board, non-kashmiries and outsiders converted it into a hotbed of political controversy.
Coming again on the issue of communal attack on Kashmir from Singh Parivar, we are supposed to give our mind to the land issue which became the basis of the controversy. Yes, apparently   “Land is no issue”. But the naked fact is that the issue is very much linked with Shri Amaranth Shrine Board (SASB), which functioned and acted like “EAST   INDIA COMPANY” in Kashmir. This is the Shrine Board Act.2000, which is obviously flawed and has made the Board powerful enough to dictate terms to the State Government, as it stands proved with the recent land diversion   to this Board. There is no doubt that Shrine Board in its present form and shape will prove  cancerous for ages old communal harmony in Kashmir .It is the Shrine Board in its  present form and  under the existing Act.,   that Singh Parivar is fluttering its wings to make the Board a launching pad  for  its communal attack.----It is the time  that the leaders  also give   their mind  to this alarming situation, and raise their voice to get the obviously flawed  Shrine Board Act. Amended with appropriate remedial measures taken in the matter. This is what the sacrifices of the people demand.  And this is how we can stop Sangh Parivar’s communal attack on Kashmir. Let people of Kashmir be aware of this communal time-bomb.’’ 
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(Only Kashmir Exclusive)
Srinagar August 27, 2012
Hurriyat Conference was formed on March 10, 1993 as an alliance of 26 political, social and religious organizations in Kashmir. But in the present times perhaps it’s difficult to find 26 persons from the same conference working together in the same path. The example of this tragedy was found today at a Marriage party held at Hyderpora Srinagar when Shabir Shah’s made his entry and without smiling just shake hands with Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Moulana Abass those who were already present at the said wedding party, after that Shabir Shah sat down in a corner lonely. Now it was time for Nayeem Khan to make his entry it was shocking to guests present there that he even didn’t bother to say Hi Hello to all above mentioned persons except Shabir Shah, and sat down near to Shabir Shah. Looking at the situation, all the guests present at the wedding began to look at each other followed by whispering.
Meanwhile today the Executive council of Hurriyat Conference today held at Rajbagh office without the participation of Shabir Shah, Moulana Abbas, Aga Syed Hassan and Musdiq Adil. However all the said Executive Members send their representative but were not allowed to participate in the council.
Despite all this a common Kashmiri can expected unity not the division among separatist leadership which is also need of the hour. (OK)


Saturday, August 25, 2012


Srinagar, Aug 25 (Only Kashmir): – Mr. N. N. Vohra, Governor Jammu and Kashmr, inaugurated a 5-day All India Postal Football Tournament at Bakhshi Stadium, here today.
9 teams from Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Orissa, Haryana and Delhi are participating in this Tournament organised by the Jammu and Kashmir Postal Circle.
Mrs. Usha Vohra, First Lady, and Mr. R. S. Chib, Minister for Youth Services and Sports, were prominent among those present on the occasion.
Speaking on the occasion, the Governor observed that sports promote close understandings and camaraderie among youth of various parts of the country. Recalling that Jammu and Kashmir had passed through a difficult phase during the past years, he expressed happiness that the environment had started looking up and this year has been a very good year for the State with a large number of tourists visiting J&K.
The Governor complimented Mr. John Samuel, Chief Post Master General, J&K Circle, for taking notable initiatives not only for reviving the past glory of the postal services but also for the promotion of sports, which have contributed to re-invigorating contacts and interactions among youth from different parts of the country.
The players of all the teams were introduced to the Governor. He declared the Tournament open and wished all the participating teams a good game.
The Lady Governor released “My Stamp” brought out by the Department of Posts on this occasion.
Mr. R S Chib, Minister for Youth Services and Sports, speaking on the occasion, gave details of the various initiatives being taken for the promotion of sports and games in the State. He said that earlier Mohammedan Sporting Club, Kolkata, had played matches in Srinagar and now the famous Mohan Bagan team will be playing one match each at Srinagar and Jammu in the beginning of next month.   
Later, the Governor, Lady Governor and Mr. Chib were presented mementos by Mr. Samuel.
Giving details, Mr. John Samuel, Chief Post Master General, J&K Circle, thanked the Governor for taking keen interest in the promotion of postal services in the State and recalled that he had launched “I Love My Post Office” campaign in the State which has proved a great success. He also gave details of various other sports events being organised by his department in the State in the coming months.
In his welcome address, Mr. Amit Sharma, Director, Finance, J&K Circle, gave details of the teams and the matches being played during this 5-day sports event.
Mr. Jagdeep Gupta, Director Postal Services, J&K, presented a Vote of Thanks.
A brief cultural programme was presented by the school students on this occasion.
          Mr. Dalip Thussu, Secretary, J&K State Sports Council; office bearers of the J&K Football Association, football lovers and players were present on the occasion.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Srinagar, August 21 (Only Kashmir): The Srinagar police has busted a module of Kashmir Islamic movement, a  part of Hizbul Mujahideen   involved in  a  number of attacks  including  the attack on Hon’ble Minister for Rural Development , Police  officers and grenade attacks on Civil Secretariat and Tatoo ground. These attacks were carried from January 2011 to July 2012 over a period of 18 months; this was stated by IGP, Kashmir Mr. S.M Sahai at a press conference here today.
          Giving details he said, Srinagar Police has successfully investigated attack on SHO Batamaloo, killing of  Inspector Shabir Ahmad of Police Telecommunication, Killing of ASI Sukhpal Singh,  attack on NC Block President, attack on Hon’ble Minister Ali Mohd Sagar, killing of  NC Worker at Batamaloo, attack on CRPF at  Rainawari through automatic weapons, UBGL attacks at Civil Secretariat and Tatoo Ground, attack on Peer Jalaludin , killing of  Retired Dy.Sp Abdul Hamid Bhat- by busting a module of “Kashmir Islamic Movement” by arresting  two militants namely Abdul Rashid Shigan @ Molvi @ Omer Mukhtar son of Abdul Ahad Shigan resident of Lachaman pora Batamallo and Imitiyaz Ahmad Gojri @ Amir son of Late Ghulam Qadir  resident of Nowakadal  Teng pora Srinagar. Abdul Rashid Shigan was previously selected as a trainee constable and was discharged from Police department, while undergoing basic training following his involvement in militant activities. He has also remained detained under PSA. He later on managed to get his reinstate orders from Hon’ble court. He further stated that on 04-01-2011 an attack was carried on SHO Batamaloo when he was travelling in his private vehicle. He was seriously injured, 29-06-2011 Inspector Shabir Ahmad of Police Telecomm was fired upon and injured at Iqbalabad Bemina at his residence, who later on succumbed to his injuries, 20-04-2012, ASI Sukhpal Singh of Police Post Bagiyas was fired upon and critically injured while on duty near Darishkadal Chattabal, who later succumbed to his injuries, 02-12-2011 NC Block President Ghulam Mohd Lone was fired and injured at Safakadal, 11-12-2011 attack on Hon’ble Minister for Rural Development & Parlimentary affairs, Mr Ali Mohammad Sagar, was carried out in which one police man died in the incident, 24-12-2011 NC Activist Bashir Ahmad was fired upon and killed near Dhobi Mohalla Batamaloo, 17-03-2012 Peer Jalaludin @ Jal Sahab of Sheikh Dawood khadmat Khalak Trust  was short and injured near his house,30-05-2012 vehicle of 32 Bn. CRPF caring troops was fired upon near Victory  crossing Rainawari  resulting in the injuries to 7 CRPF  personnel, 28-06- 2012 four Rifle grenades were fired towards tattoo ground (115bn  TA), 18-07-2012,a rifle was fired on civil Secretariat and 10 08-2012,one retired DYSP Abdul Hameed Bhat was fired and killed in near Tangpoara, Batamaloo.
        The following arms/ammunition were recovered from his residence and hideouts at Batamaloo, which includes one coil electric -wire, one mine, two radio sets kenwood , eleven  Batteries, one  radio set Frequency setter, four Chinese pistols, six pistol magazines, 100 rounds of pistol ammunition, five grenades, two knifes ( Khokri), thirteen UBGL shells, one Kiran kove rifle, two AK 47 rifles, 16 AK 47 magazines, large quantity of AK ammunition, two UBGL thrower, two kit for cleaning, two pouches, one fire extinguisher, three bags, one water bottle, one first aid kit, one ladies hair wig, two scooter helmets, four grenade pins, one IED and eleven detonators.(OK)


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In the picture Omar Abdullah, Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Mubarak Gul offering Eid prayers at Hazratbal Srinagar.
Srinagar, Aug 20 (Only Kashmir): Eid Nimaz was offered with full zeal and fervor in different parts of Valley. Dargah Hazratbal ground witnesses the highest gathering, whereas Eidgah Srinagar witnesses the 2nd highest gathering in Kashmir Valley. Whereas separatist leaders including Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Yasin Malik, Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Nayeen Ahmad Khan and others were barred to offer congregation Eid prayers.
Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Central Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Special secretary to Chief Minister Mubarak Gul offered Eid prayers at Hazratbal Srinagar here amongst the large congregation.
Meanwhile a police vehicle was set ablaze by a mob here in Eidgah Srinagar, results major injuries to four Police personals. According to Police sources Only Kashmir came to know that the vehicle which was set ablaze by a mob here in Eidgah Srinagar this morning was headed by ASI Ghulam Hassan No. 1349/S of Police Post Qamarwari was on way to SKIMS, Soura to collect dead body of vehicular accident victim.
Authorities have been preventing the separatist leaders from addressing large public meetings since the 2010 summer unrest, in which 130 people were killed in bloody clashes with the security forces.
Overall Eid was celebrated amid peace and religious fervor across Jammu and Kashmir. (OK)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Srinagar Aug 15 (Only Kashmir): Amid rain and complete shutdown, the 66th Independence Day celebrations in Kashmir Valley passed off peacefully on Wednesday.
Tight security arrangements were put in place across the capital Srinagar and other parts of the Valley to pre-empt any untoward incident.
Meanwhile, mobile phones from various service providers, including BSNL, Bharti Airtel, Aircel, Reliance and Tata, were made silent as a security measure.
Strict restrictions were imposed and people were not allowed to move freely in and around Srinagar city.
The main function was organized at heavily guarded Bakshi stadium in Srinagar, where Chief Minister Omar Abdullah unfurled the tri-colour and took salute at the march past presented by security forces, the state police, fire and emergency service and students from different educational institutions.
However, due to wet ground caused by rains, no cultural programmes were held.
Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah appealed separatist leaders to come forward and have a dialogue with the Government of India.
“Kashmir is a political issue which needs to be resolved through peaceful dialogue. This vital issue can’t be sorted out through any means other than dialogue. I appeal people to engage themselves with the Government of India," he said.
The Chief Minister said that the graph of violence is decreasing and his government has reduced the presence of security forces.
“We have removed various bunkers in Srinagar and similar action will follow in other places with the improvement of situation and restoration of peace."
Omar however said that this is not the right time for the revocation of AFSPA. "I think the present situation doesn't allow us to do away with this act but I assure people that it will go during his tenure," he said. (OK)


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Srinagar Aug 14 (Only Kashmir):  A delegation from Burma led by Hashim Yousf called upon Hurriyat Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq at his Nigeen residence. Yousuf apprised Mirwaiz about the bone chilling accounts of the ongoing murderous assault on Muslim children, elders, women, men and youth by the Burmese government and monks.
The delegation requested Mirwaiz to apprise Kashmiri Muslims about the plight of Buremese Muslims so as to collectively raise their voice against the ongoing human right crisis in Burma. The delegation said it was atleast force Islamic world, United Nations and International Human Rights Origination to take strong notice of the issue.
APHC Chairman assured the delegation that brotherhood exists between the Muslims and he would take all the necessary steps within his sphere of influence to address the issue of grave human concern.
Apart from this, a four member delegation of Jammu Kashmir Amnity Council met Mirwaiz and presented their problems before him. (OK)


Monday, August 13, 2012


(Note: Only Kashmir may be or may not be agree views expressed in this post. The views expressed in the post are the writer’s own.)
By: Tahir Muzter
Ghulam Hassan Mir, Minister of Agriculture,   President  of   some    un -know party “Democratic Party (Nationalist),  has  blamed   National    Conference founder Sheikh  Mohammed  Abdullah for the present situation in the State, and said  that   Sheikh  failed to transform  the mindset of people , which had   developed during  the  plebiscite  movement”
 MIR’S   statement speaks  a lot about   his own  self, which this   write-up cannot afford to discuss here.
                Though his blame on   late Sheikh   is a big and serious one, but it looks  “criticism for the sake of criticism’’   as he has not defined the   present   ‘situation’ of   Kashmir. Mir   is  supposed  to   understand  that   “Kashmir Situation”  today  has many  faces,  including ‘ Kashmir  dispute  or “record  breaking’’   corruption  in present   government  ,of which he is a part, or more and more  alienation of the people. Mir has not described the face of situation, he has in  his mind.
                Understanding   Sheikh’s demands  through   knowledge    of  Kashmir   politics , and particularly history  from 1947 ---and its  objective  analysis. Becoming a  minister   does     not  mean  necessarily   that he  has an eye  for history. Politicians generally   do not  study   history ,  and think it  waste of  time, and    always   try  to   make   self  history of becoming  rich, in which   they  are all and  always successful .  What   he blamed  vaguely  has   an    overall  reply,  but in deep   history of Kashmir   in particular after 1947, till his death   in 1982. Reply is long and not possible in a limited column   of any Newspaper.
                           As  a   Senior Journalist,  I   can  sum  up     reply  to  Mir, in  one sentence -----“THESE  ARE  ‘MIR’ LIKE POLITICIANS ,  FROM    LATE  BAKHSHI TO   MIR.THE LIST INCLUDE    EVEN SHEIKH’S SON AND  GRANDSON    OMAR   ABDLLAH   FOR  MANY REASONS.
                 It is  possible  to understand  only if we  understand   the background   of  dismissal,  arrest  and imprisonment    of  the then Prime Minister of Kashmir Sheikh  Mohammad Abdullah ,who prior to his  dismissal  and arrest and imprsonmnt----   in  a statement in the Kashmir Constituent Assembly  on August 11,1952,   declared :------
                “I would like to make it clear that any suggestions of altering  arbitrarily the basis of our relationship  with India would not only constitute a breach of the spirit and letter of the constitution, but  it may invite serious consequences for a harmonious association of our State with  India” --------------
His  dimissal,and imprsonment   was the  first stroke by India, against Kashmir for  eroding Kashmir’s  special    status , and trampling its  identity  with  many other   actions     as   its follow  up. Delhi is  not   like  Pakistan,  where  we   found   dictators  and  not    think-tanks----India always   had ‘think tanks’   there , who  knew all   “RAJ-NEETEE”. They   were fully  aware   about  the   serious consequences SHEIKH  had hinted at .        They  betrayed   the  “Kashmir Hero”,   but  at same   time  looked for    agents in Kashmr , who  betray   the people in  Kashmir , and  help  India  in its “political  merger” with India. And to  achieve    this   political  objective, the first   step  , India  understood   , was to  shatter Sheikhand  his  leadership.
Bakhshi    was   offered    Kashmir Cheif Ministerhip for   betraying   his  leader   and   his  Kashmir.   He  tried to wash off   the   gravity    of public  wrath   against   Delhi,    in which  hundreds of  people   were  killed. This  process of  giving  rewards for betraying    Kashmir is   going  on in kashmir til    Omar today. 
             “The  naked   fact    is that   to  continue this   process ,  to  keep   the  Sheikh  away ,  from  kashmir  politics , and to erase his  established    popularty    in Kashmir , local governments since   then (1953) have been contrived in South Block of the New Delhi echelons of power. These regimes changed many times, even in matters of months, depending on how efficiently they drove the central agenda forward.”      And it has been confirmed by B.K Nehru. Grand nephew of Moti Lal Nehru and the first cousin of Indira Gandhi, Brij Kumar Nehru (B K Nehru) has written in his memoir 'Nice Guys Finish......” 
Changing mindset of Kashmir no doubt,   what  Mir had said,   is a serious subject -------- this too    is a big discussion---and no doubt somehow it is linked with plebiscite   movement which continued till Indra- Sheikh Accord.   Pelibiscie Front was   buried by its founder Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beigh  who called plebiscite   moment as the  “political   Sahranawarde” and in this dimension Mir tried  to justify Indra- Sheikh Accord. what he   tried to justify   in Indian interest,  is considered     as   Sheikh’s,  wrong   decision   in Kashmir.Though the subject  is debatable ,  but   in my perception plebiscite   moment  is still  alive  in Kashmir -----in  the shape   of  HURRIYAT under  the  strong    leadership     of   SyedAli  Geelani because   Kashmir  politics  still  demands  it. and   which people in power cannot understand. This is also one  face  of   present  Kashmir  Situation ,  which   must  have been in Mir’s mind while   criticizing    Sheikh, because  it does  not suit rulers .
                 The question arises that Mir being in power,  be that with Mufti   or Omar Abdullah,   why   they together   are not   able to  change    peoples mindset   with  the billoions and billions  inhelp  from  Dehli.----------------------  They  cant  change---------Any one,   knowing  Kashmir  history , with    sound  political  analysis   can  predict,that   change   is too difficult--------- That was  the  Sheikhs  foresight   when he warned  Delhi  in clear words , when  he found Delhi ,  making  preparations    to trample   Kashmir interests----, which  continues  in Kashmir   till today  in different  ways. Hence the  consequences   in  shape  of  present    prevailing    situation. 
                    India is  fully aware , that  with the    dismissal , arrest and imprisonment much  has  changed in Kashmir and she cant   win Kashmir -----but   has to capture   Kashmir , strategically ,  and  for that   matter,  they   want to   see    Sheikh  Mohammad  Abdullah’s  name   dead , in the minds of  Kashmir people .---There  is  no  name  in   Kashmir other than  Sheikh ---- who   reminds  about   the    “”SHAB-KHOON      midnight colonial like   attack  on  KASHMIR.-----------YES,    his  accord with  Delhi,  apparently his wrong decision  its own  story , and  obviously  debatable. ( To tell my  readers,  that on my request  late Mirza Mohammad Afzal  Beigh  provided  me an opportunity to listen his  version, in this regard....which I will share   with  my readers-----INSHALLH. (Only Kashmir)
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Srinagar, August 13 (Only Kashmir):  – Chief Minister, Mr. Omar Abdullah Monday inaugurated the exhibition of ancient manuscripts of Holy Quran organized by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages here.
 “It has been a delight to be able to see, first hand, the wealth of treasures that is with the Academy of Art, Culture & Languages”, the Chief Minister wrote in the Visitors’ Book after taking a round of the exhibition. “It is our duty and responsibility to protect this wealth of Quranic manuscripts for future generation”, he added. He complimented the Academy for organizing an important event like this and said it would help spread awareness about the State’s outstanding legacy.While witnessing the old manuscripts of Holy Quran prepared by renowned Kashmiri and other Calligraphers utilizing various calligraphic innovations, the Chief Minister granted Rs. 10 lakh for digitalization of these rear manuscripts. He directed the Cultural Academy to take required steps to ensure preservation and protection of this rear treasure of the State in a befitting way.Srinagar plays host to a two-day exhibition of Quranic manuscripts and calligraphy specimen, the first major display held in the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir three decades after the Al-Hijra Exhibition in 1981.
 Over one hundred manuscripts of Holy Quran including the one known as Nuskha Fatehullah Kashmiriis more than 700 years old. It is written by Fatehullah Kashmiri in 1238 AD.
            Other manuscripts that attract visitors’ attention include a giant size copy of the Quran calligraphed by Mohiuddin Qureshi about 200 years back; copy of the holy book dating back to 1594 A.D and considered to be the only sample in the world written in saffron ink and a copy of the Quran gifted by the 16th century famous saint of Kashmir, Sheikh Hamzah, to one of his disciples. Among the commentaries of the Quran, significant manuscripts on display include Tafseer-i- Al-Kashaaf by Allama Zamakhshari relating to 12 century A. D. that the 15th century ruler of Kashmir, Zain al Abideen, is believed to have obtained from Makkah, the 12th century A. D. Tafseer-i-Kabir ,Persian commentary, Jawahir u Tafseer by Allama Tantavi and Tafseer-i-Baizavee of 14th century A. D”. On display are also the impressions of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) seal, his letter to the ruler of Persia inviting him to Islam, letter written by Prophet Solomon to Queen Sheeba and the first revelation of the Quran written on the bone of a camel. In the calligraphy section, celebrated artist Sadiqain’s calligraphy of the verses of Ar-Rehman, a chapter of the holy Quran, is the centre of attraction.
            Secretary JKAACL, Khalid Bashir Ahmad explained the Holy memorabilia to the Chief Minister and described the exhibition as a “window on rich cultural heritage of Kashmir”.
            “It is after 31 years that an exhibition of manuscripts of this size has been held in Kashmir on the subject”, he said adding, “this would bring people face to face with their glorious tradition”. He said that selected collection of manuscripts, relevant to the subject, from the Departments of Archives, Archaeology & Museums and Libraries & Research has added richness to the exhibition. A copy of the Quran from private collection, he said, was specially allowed to be displayed in the exhibition for its uniqueness. The manuscript, owned by Qazis originally hailing from the old city quarter of Naqshband Sahab, is the full text of the Quran calligraphed on a 25 ft x 2.5 inch scroll paper with 99 names or attributes of Allah. It had been gifted by the patron saint of Kashmir, Sheikh Hamzah, to Miram Bazaz, the great grandfather of the Qazis.Khalid said that he is exploring to hold a major exhibition of Kashmir Manuscripts in collaboration with the National Mission Manuscripts and other government departments. The focus of the viewers’ interest remained the early 13th century A. D. manuscript calligraphed by Fateh Ullah Kashmiri. The importance of the manuscript lies in the time of its calligraphy that moves backward into history the earliest presence of Muslims in Kashmir by about a century. Till now, it is believed that Muslims appeared on the scene of Kashmir in the 14th century following the arrival of Islamic preachers from Central Asia. (OK)


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After Arfa Karim Randhawa (late) an eight years old boy ‘Shafay Thobani’ is another big name of Pakistan. He became the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. Shafay was awarded by a Microsoft Specialization Certificate on April 9, this year. Talking to Only Kashmir, correspondent via Facebook Shafay said, “I am proud of myself and I will work for my country.” Shafay was born in 2004, the same year Arfa was declared the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of nine. It is to recall here Arfa Karim , the world's youngest Microsoft certified professional was also from Pakistan who died in Lahore at the age of 16 on December 22 2011 due to brain damage. Meanwhile Microsoft confirmed that Shafay’s certification is legitimate, but surprisingly the claim of being the world’s youngest MCTS could not be verified as Microsoft does not count the age of its professionals. (OK)
Please note Only Kashmir is the first here in Kashmir to present this news. This was first published  on Facebook Page Only Kashmir on July 15: Please follow the link:


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Minister for Tourism Mr. Nawang Rigzin Jora and Minister of State for Tourism, Mr. Nasir Aslam Wani receiving award from Union Minister for Tourism Mr. Subodh Kant Sahaytion
Srinagar, August 08 (Only Kashmir): Today’s Traveller Magazine has conferred the prestigious “Best Adventure Destination” in the country award on Jammu & Kashmir State. The award was received by the Minister for Tourism Mr. Nawang Rigzin Jora and Minister of State for Tourism, Mr. Nasir Aslam Wani from Union Minister for Tourism Mr. Subodh Kant Sahay, at a glittering ceremony here today.Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jora thanked the Today’s Traveller Magazine for honouring the State with the award. “Over the last three years, J&K has made major strides in adventure tourism and created lot of infrastructure to attract tourists to the State,” he said, adding that several incentives have been provided in the new State Tourism Policy.In his address, Mr. Nasir Aslam Wani said there is great potential in the State for river rafting, mountaineering, trekking, paragliding and heli skiing. “Over the next few years, our State will position itself as a global high-end adventure tourism destination, he added.(OK)


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Srinagar: August 06 (Only Kashmir): The 45th death anniversary of Mahajr-e-Millat late Mirwaiz Moulvi Yousuf Shah was observed with respect and honour across the border.
In connection with that, a large remembrance rally-led by APHC Chairman- Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was organized in the courtyard of historic Aali Masjid to pay tributes to the late Mirwaiz.
A large number of Ulemmas, religious leaders, representatives of various religious and political parties including large number of people attended the remembrance rally.
While addressing the gathering, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said the struggle started  by Mohajir-e-Millat for which thousands of people sacrificed their lives would continue till it reaches its logical conclusion. He said the mission led by the late Mirwaiz would be taken to its final destination.
He said that the efforts led by the late Mirwaiz for Kashmiri people and their freedom would remain documented in the golden chapters of history. He said the late Mirwaiz suffered and lived a life in exile and poverty for the Kashmir cause.
 APHC Chariman said when Mahajr-e-Millat finally decided to come to Kashmir with his family in 1955 and reached Amrtisar, the then Government of India pressurized him to withdraw from his firm stand on Kashmir issue and leave it forever. However, he said that the late Mirwaiz remained  steadfast on his commitment with his nation like a rock and did not compromise on his stand and choose to go  back to Pakistan to live a life in exile.
Mirwaiz said that later Mohajir-e-Millat visited several countries including Middle-East where he put forward the significance of Kashmir issue before the international community and sought their influence to solve the dispute.
APHC Chairman told the gathering that the best way to pay tributes to the great political and religious leader of Kashmir would be that on his death anniversary, every worker of Awami Action Committee should make a commitment till late Mirwaiz’s political and religious mission is not taken to final conclusion, they won’t hesitate from offering sacrifices.
APHC Chairman said it was the will of Mahajar-e-Millat’s principals based on justice and righteousness that entire Kashmiri nation was united and fighting for the once cause- right to self determination. Moulana Abbas Ansari,   Imam Hai, Jammat-e-Islaami leader Advocate Ali Mohammad, Khurshid Ahmad, Jamait-e-Hamdania leader Bashir Ahmad Kanth, Bazam-e-Touheed Moulvi Ghulam Mohiudin, Nazimudin from rajouri, Moulana MS Rehman Shamas,  spoke on the occasion and paid glowing tributes to Mahajr-e-Millat Mirwaiz Moulvi Yousuf Shah.(OK)


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