Monday, December 31, 2012


By: Bilal Bashir Bhat
According to some media sources Kashmir observed 22 days of hartal this year. The most recent shutdown was called by Hurriyat (G) followed by Hurriyat (M) on December 31 against the indiscriminate firing on Eight Civilians in Pulwama Kashmir. Rest of Hartals and Curfews following are the some main events and incident occurred in 2012. 
1. The Sufi shrine of Hazrat Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA), populary known as Peer Dastgeer Sahib, in Khanyar in downtown Srinagar, was gutted in a fire.
2. Following after fire incident at Shrine the Curfews and Strike calls gripped the valley for almost two weeks. Police resorted to heavy lathicharge in Maisuma to disperse the maiden “Chalo” call of the year by People’s Political Party and Grand Mufti J&K.
3. While accepting Pakistan’s invitation a delegation of Hurriyat (M) led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq visited Pakistan. On the other hand Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s led Hurriyat denied to visit the Pakistan.
4. Curfew was imposed in major parts of Srinagar for six consecutive days after some skirmishes between two communities in Zadibal area was reported.
5. The valley joined the almost 54 Muslims countries to register protest against the video containing disrespect to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sponsored by some western countries.
6. The News related to Shahrukh Khan’s professional visit to Kashmir got some space in front page on various local Newspapers.
7. On his first visit to Kashmir as President, Pranab Mukherjee makes his presence at 18th convocation of University of Kashmir. Much talked Mirwaiz Umar Farooq remains out of Kashmir during the occasion.
8. In 2012, Kashmir also witnessed various encounters between Security Force and militants.
9. The ruling National Conference-Congress coalition swept the Legislative Council polls.
10. Gas crisis in Jammu and Kashmir turned into a minor law and order problems in some far villages as well as in Srinagar.
11. Yasin Malik visited Pakistan to depose before the Special Commission, constituted by the Supreme Court of the neighbouring country, probing the `Memogate`.  Meanwhile in 2012 Yasin Malik also lost his father.
12. 2012 begins with a gory incident as Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) allegedly killed 18-year-old student in a firing incident outside the NHPC-run Uri power project at Boniyar, 90 kms from Srinagar.
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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Srinagar 30, December (Only Kashmir) : Hurriyat conference in its flat reply made it clear that four point formula of Pervez Musharraf is not a practicable solution for Kashmir dispute and added that the formula is not clear with regards to self-determination and there is no mention for sacrificses offered. Statement added that pervaiaz Musharraf in his one to one meeting with Syed Ali Geelani has explained the blue print of his formula and confirmed it just a status quo and the formula was presented in a best possible lucid language. Sunday in a press release spokesman Ayaz Akbar said that Hurriyat does not believe in aggressive and offensive statement to curb freedom of expression and we fallow it and added that in order to represent the facts in its right perspective and believe it an obligatory duty to explain that the Musharraf formula is deceptive in its nature and nothing else and making it a debatable is a step to make Kashmir issue a confusion. Spokesman in his statement added that the best and the possible solution of Kashmir dispute lies in the resolutions of United States and added that Hurriyat constitution adopted in 1993, there exists an option that in case the possible hurdles, the final resolution can be sought through UN resolutions or under the supervision of a friendly country from international community and taking full considerations of the aspirations and sacrifices of the people state. Statement explained that no more chances of exhibition of flexibility other than already discussed, because we believe that constitution already adopted in Hurriyat confrence ,any other concept opted will means that the people of Kashmir have to give up their demand for complete freedom and accept other options. The state ment said, in a historical meeting with Syed Ali Geelani and Pervaiz Musharaf ,the latter presented the sketch of the possible formula ,that was same and nothing different from that of autonomy and self-rule of National confrence and PDP,nor there was a slight mention of right of self-determination. Musharraf formula as already explained, has notified and suggested self-rule for Kashmiri language speaking population instead of slight mention of the stating the 1947 position. There is no mention of demilitarization instead it has mentioned the civil and populated areas for possible demilitarized . The statement added that Musharraf formula lays stress on flexibility of borders and has concluded over the joint control of India and Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir territory .The main aim of the formula is to make the borders flexible for possible and easy exchange of border visits . Spokesman in his statement added that the main theme of the Musharraf formula is to maintain status qou and for the said reason the said formula has been made lucid and presented in parliamentarian language. Hurriyat reiterated its stand that we have rejected its contents the very first day and we once again reject it without any ambiguity. Spokesman in his statement made it clear that the on-going freedom movement is indigenous in nature but India strain very nerve to malign it and links it with other world issues and is trying it’s hard to convince that the movement is a reaction and result of intervention from the other side of border. The situation demands that people of Kashmir should in no way do the things which may change the discourse and real stand with regards to Kashmir issue. (OK)


Saturday, December 29, 2012


Srinagar Dec 28 (Only Kashmir):  After the indiscriminate firing by Indian forces in Pulwama on 27 Dec, both the factions of Hurriyat has called for complete shutdown on Monday 31 Dec. 
While calling for complete shutdown on December 31 against the indiscriminate firing by Indian forces in Pulwama and termed it a state terrorism. Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani has extended his wholehearted sympathy with injured persons in the said incident and added that the forces are so trigger happy to the extent that blood of the people of Kashmir has turned very cheap for them. Terming the announcement of majestrail inquiry, a good joke,Syed Ali Geelani said ,that it is nothing but to deceive and pacify the rage of masses and added that it is understood that the state administration is not in a position to inquire about the incident and it is not denying the fact that no armed person can be examined in court because of AFSPA. 
Meanwhile Chairman of other Hurriyat Faction Mirwaiz Umar Farooq expressed serious concern over the recent incident at Pulwama during which Indian troops used wanton
force and opened fire on the peaceful people injuring dozens of people, four of them critically.  He said the incident has aptly exposed the hollow and fabricated statements of the government of India that things were peaceful in Kashmir.  “It contradicts the stand of GOI on Kashmir that things were peaceful,” Mirwaiz said 
Strongly condemning the use of force and suppressive tactics on innocent and peaceful people at Pulwama, APHC Chairman said that the GOI should take cue from the incident that emotions and aspirations of Kashmiri people can’t be suppressed on gunpoint. Meanwhile Huriyat has called for a complete strike on Monday 31st of December against this incident and asked people to protest peacefully demanding withdrawal of armed forces from towns and cities and repealing of the black laws. (OK)



Srinagar, Dec 28: (Only Kashmir):  APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq today convened an extraordinary joint meeting of the conglomerate’s executive and general council at the party headquarters. The meeting was attended by the heads of all the constituent members of the conglomerate. Apart from discussing the ongoing political situation in Jammu and Kashmir, the recently concluded visit of the high level hurriyat delegation to Pakistan also came under the discussions.
APHC Chairman apprised the participants about the visit to Pakistan and its historical importance and its concrete results in connection with the solution of Kashmir. He also made them aware about the changing political scenario on global level regarding Kashmir issue.
Terming the recent visit of APHC delegation to Pakistan as a successful exercise, Mirwaiz said that Aphc leadership met the members of Pakistani establishment including the present dispensation, the members of the opposition, civil society and leader from Azad Kashmir. He said intense deliberations were held with them in connection with the solution of K issue. He further said that the hurriyat delegation had a mandate of the Kashmiri public, adding, a month long discussions were held with intellectuals, traders, and other shades of society in Jammu and Kashmir before leaving for the visit.
He said the government of Pakistan and People of Pakistan had a similar view regarding the Kashmir issue. Mirwaiz further stated that APHC visit to Pakistan should be seen in a realistic perspective in context with the Kashmir dispute.
APHC Chairman said that the conglomerate was not against the confidence building measures taken by the Pakistan and India to improve the relations even if the various issues like Sir Creek, Siachen and Water are yet to be resolved. He, however, said that without solving K issue, the CBM’s would prove to be a futile exercise between the two countries. He said solution of K issue was a key to resolve all other lingering issues between India and Pakistan. Asserting a new thinking was emerging regarding the world conflicts after the Arab Spring, Mirwaiz stressed on India to take a cue from the people’s movement around the globe and accept the ground reality. He said GOI should shun its traditional policy of obduracy on K dispute as it would only complicate the problem instead of resolving it. He said the mass participation of Kashmiri people in the revolutions of 2008 and 2010 had already proved that Kashmiri aspiration and emotions can’t be ignored, if any political process has to be made result-oriented. Mirwaiz said the world was not seeing Kashmir as a dispute between two countries, but as a vital international conflict whose resolution was must to bring peace and stability to south Asia.   He said the time has come to show the political resolve and take bold steps to solve the dispute for once and all.
APHC Chairman stressed that K dispute should seen also be seen through the prism of Afghanistan. He said as Indo-pak relations are  also viewed though the Afghan conflict, it holds true for Kashmir conflict as well. He said that the bilateral engagements have always proven to be meaningless to solve Kashmir issue. Mirwaiz said Tashkent, Shimla and Agra agreements have proven that.(OK)


Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hilal War is writing a Book on Benazir’s Assassination
Srinagar, Dec 27 (Only Kashmir) : A Joint meeting of Bhutto Memorial Trust (BMT) and People’s Political Party (PPP) was held to commemorate the Fifth death anniversary of slain PPP Chairperson Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto at party headquarters, Rajbagh, Srinagar, Kashmir.
The meeting was presided over by Engineer Hilal Ahmad War, Chairman PPP. The PPP and BMT leaders paid rich tribute to the great leader in recognition of her life-long struggle for the stability, integrity and democracy of Pakistan and her contribution for the Kashmir cause.
Mr. War said with authority that ‘Benazir Bhutto was killed at the behest of American CIA’. He said there were some black sheep in PPP leadership who hatched conspiracy with American CIA to kill her. He further said that she and her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto vehemently opposed American Policy of making Pakistan a satellite State for its future plans. First America engineered the killing of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and then its Intelligence Agency, CIA killed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto was part of the ploy to create instability in Pakistan in order to the takeover the control of Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan by United States, said War.
PPP Chief, Mr. War, said that he is writing a book entitled ‘The Man Who Assassinated Benazir Bhutto ‘in order to expose the killers of the daughter of East.
Mr. War said in his speech, “PPP Government of Pakistan miserably failed to expose and punish the killers of Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto and it appears that due to vested interest and non concern for the integrity and stability of Pakistan, some prominent members of the present PPP Government are adamant to sell off Bhutto’s of their ‘dignity and honour’ that they earned globally for their struggle to make Pakistan a stronger and “Greater Pakistan”.
The speakers emphasized that the concept of Greater Pakistan floated by Shaheed Z.A. Bhutto and his Kashmir Policy for realization of right of self-determination for struggling people of Jammu and Kashmir were and are the source of inspiration for the political and armed activists of Kashmir Liberation Movement. The participants of the meeting urged the Government of Pakistan to formulate a Kashmir Policy in accordance with the letter and spirit of Bhutto’s Kashmir Policy.
After conclusion of speeches delivered by various participants’ special prayers (Fatah Khawani) were offered for the eternal peace and comfort of the souls of Shaheed Z.A. Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. (OK)


Sunday, December 23, 2012


Srinagar Dec 23 (Only Kashmir): Following after J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and MLA Langate Er Rashid today the chairman of his Hurriyat Faction Syed Ali Shah Geelani  has expressed his grief over the brutal gang rape of young girl in Delhi and suggested that the accused in the said cases be dealt under Islamic Law.  Syed Ali Geelani in his statement TO Only Kashmir said said the people in India are adopting the double standard and come on streets to protest against this, but in Jammu And Kashmir during last two decades such incidents are common and not a single person protested and nor the accused were brought to book .Citing the examples of Kunan poshpora ,Chanpora Jigerpora Shopian and double murder and rape cases of Asia and Nelofar ,Syed Ali Geelani said ,though the accused were identified but were let free and no one was penalised or punished for the crime and added that even the then home minister of India L K Advani declared that the forces cannot be convicted otherwise their ‘’morale will be at stake. ”and even the Home minster added if the forces are indicted ,they cannot ,’’serve ‘’ the nation .Pro freedom leader while expressing heartfelt sympathy for the victim said, ‘we feel deep pain for this ,but the people of India should raise their voice and protest in the same way they have expressed for this case in Delhi.(OK)



Srinagar Dec 23 (Only Kashmir): After bagging the best State Awards in the sectors of health, horticulture and forest protection successively, the Jammu and Kashmir State grabbed the Best Award for Poverty Reduction conferred to Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah by Speaker Lok Sabha, Meera Kumar at the awards giving function of IBN7 Diamond States Awards 2012 here on Saturday evening.
            This is yet another feather in the cap of Omar Abdullah led coalition government for its good-governance and commitment for equitable development and poverty alleviation. The last four years have witnessed path breaking initiatives of present dispensation aimed at upgrading basic amenities, reaching out to all areas equitably on development front, empowering common man, strengthening institutions, bringing transparency, making public service delivery fast and administration answerable before the people besides working for restoration of peace in the State.
            The efforts of the government are being recognized by independent organizations and media houses regularly. As a part of this recognition, the Jammu and Kashmir State was awarded the prestigious Best State Award for Poverty Reduction by the Jury of IBN7 Diamond States Awards 2012 and Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah received the prestigious award at the hands of Speaker Lok Sabha, Meira Kumar.
            While receiving the award, Omar Abdullah said that the process of poverty alleviation was kick-started in the State by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah when he announced and implemented Agrarian Reforms and made former owner of the agriculture land free of cost. (OK)



By: Bilal Bashir Bhat
Police fired teargas shells and resorted to lathicharge and use of water cannons on Saturday to disperse thousands of people who had gathered at Raisina Hill close to the Rashtrapati Bhavan to protest against the gang-rape of a 23-year-old woman in a bus seven days ago. 
These types of stories can only be reported from Kashmir, as Kashmir is the hub of Stone Pelting whatever the reasons are.
After 2010 Kashmir agitation National channels felt mum regarding the same type of protests related to Kashmir. Indian Media while showing their Hypocrisy broadcasted the whole coverage live throughout the day. Even Prime Minister Manmohan Singh within no time directed home minister Sushilkumar Shinde to ensure sense of security in Delhi. Central Cabinet Minister RPN in a live interview said "Government is hearing them (the protesters) loud and clear”.
These types of statements and initiatives was also the need of hour since June 2010 after Tufail Matoo was brutality killed, perhaps that could have saved almost 120 precious lives. 
However generally world and particularly Kashmir understands the significance, pain and the grief of these protests held in Delhi as whole Kashmir was boiled consequently after the gory year in 2009 after the alleged abduction; gang rape and murder of two young women in mysterious circumstances came into news. There were violent protests against the incident, as it was alleged that CRPF personnel are behind raping and murdering of Neelofar and Asiya. Shopian rape and murder case agitation gripped the whole valley which results the death of almost 60 youth. Finally the case was handed over to CBI.
This incident and those protests of 2009 were too unnoticed in National Media against recent rape incident in New Delhi. 
History is the witness of another incident of Kunan Poshpora Kupwara where at least 53 women were allegedly gang-raped without any consideration of their age, married, unmarried, pregnancy etc gang raped by  Indian army during a search and interrogation operation in the village Kunan Poshpora village.  The United States Department of State, in its 1992 report on international human rights, rejected the Indian government's conclusion, and determined that there was "was credible evidence to support charges that an elite army unit engaged in mass rape in the Kashmiri village of Kunan Poshpora.  Even according to Human Rights Watch statics the number of raped women could be as high as 100.
Despite these quoted statements the Indian investigations agencies termed this incident as "baseless. 
Anyways such cases and incidents are condemnable according to my opinion it’s only the path of Islam which not only secure girl but felicitates her respect too.  However Indian media and the people of India should also feel the pain of Kashmiries who witnessed such various incidents during past many years.
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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Srinagar Dec 22 (Only Kashmir): First of its kind E-Travel website was launched at an impressive function at SKICC, Srinagar today. The online travel Portal by Travel Junction 24x7 was launched by Speaker, Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly Mr. Mohammad Akbar Lone
While inaugurating the said website Speaker, Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, Mr. Mohammad Akbar Lone said that valley of Kashmir has always been a place of attraction for the people of the country as well as abroad. Calling Kashmir a paradise on earth, Mr. Lone said that the backbone of the economy of the state is either tourism or horticulture and special attention needs to be paid towards these vital sectors.
According to Only Kashmir sources Speaker while Lauding the organizers of the function said such steps would definitely make tourism a successful venture for all stake holders as well as the groups visiting the state for enjoying the scenic beauty as well as hospitality for which the state is famous. 
Emphasizing upon the officers of tourism department to extend all possible facilities to the tourists, Mr. Lone directed for maintaining the tourism infrastructure and giving facelift to various tourist spots for attracting more and more visitors to the state.    
Speaking on the occasion Director Tousrism Mr Talat Parvaiz stress upon tourism operators to work with honesty and dedication, the Speaker quoted the important saying “Honesty is the best policy” and hoped that every visiting person will be treated with care and enthusiasm by the people connected with tourism sector particularly.
Mr. Sheikh Nasir Reyaz, a young dynamic entrepreneur and (CEO) of Travel Junction 24×7 stated that with the launch of E-travel portal the travel and tourism related paradigms would witness a positive revolutionary change wherein the needs of both inbound and outbound travelers are catered. Nasir Reyaz thanked the audience and guests for being the part of event. 
Meanwhile many prominent personalities and a galaxy of Journalists were present on the occasion. (OK)


Thursday, December 20, 2012


Srinagar, Dec 20 (Only Kashmir):  – While welcoming talks between leaders of certain separatist groups of Kashmir and Islamabad, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Thursday emphasized similar dialogue between them and New Delhi adding that lopsided dialogue process would not yield any result.
 “After returning from Pakistan they should also talk to Indian leadership. No one has put any condition for talks for them”, he said adding that separatists should put their agenda before the people and accordingly initiate dialogue with Government of India unconditionally to work out solution to J&K centric political issues acceptable to all stakeholders.
Referring that separatist group which has not gone to Pakistan for talks, the Chief Minister said that when it is an universal truth that militancy has achieved nothing and dialogue is only way forward to settle problems, the other separatist group should also get involved in talks to address complex issues for the good of general public and peace and prosperity in the State.
The Chief Minister was speaking at a function after inaugurating 76 metres long old heritage Zainakadal Timber Bridge after it has been restored and made pliable for pedestrian and light vehicles. He also laid foundation of new bridge downstream Jhelum in Zainakadal area. (OK)


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Islamabad Dec 18 (Only Kashmir): Chairman of his Hurriyat Faction Mirwaiz Umar Farooq along with other six delegates of Hurriyat (M) met today cricketer turned Politian Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan here in Islamabad Pakistan. Addressing a joint press conference along with Imran Khan, Mirwaiz said India has tried to suppress the Kashmiri people by using force but it has now realized that these tactics have been ineffective. “The only solution to the Kashmir issue is through dialogue,” said Mirwaiz
Mirwaiz said that draconian laws need to be abolished and efforts have to be made to resolve the problems at hand if law and order and peace are to be maintained.
 Going forward, he said that Pakistan has assured that the Kashmir issue is always on its agenda during dialogues with the Indian authorities. (OK)



Srinagar Dec 18 (Only Kashmir):  A Disaster Preparedness Training Programme organized by Divisional Disaster Management was held at Institute of Management and Public Administration here, today.
In the training programme about 31 KAS probationers of batch 2011 participated and were acquainted with various disaster management techniques on the occasion.
According to Only Kashmir sources various precautionary and safety measures regarding First Aid, Fire Fighting, LPG leakage, Search & Rescue  and other natural and man-made disasters were demonstrated through Power Point presentation besides a live demonstration of rescue equipment's used by Fire and Emergency Services was also presented on the occasion.
The programme was moderated by Coordinator, Disaster Management & OSD with Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Aamir Ali, Course Coordinator IMPA, Dr. Jehan Ara Jabeen, Dr. Samia Jabeen, Joint Director Fire and Emergency Services, R T Dubey, First Aid trainer Dr. I P S Bali, Secretary Regional Red Cross Abdul Jabbar Chakat, Senior Sales Officer HPCL, Haroon Hameed,  Gas Safety Product distributor, Sartaj Ahmed Parry besides  Civil Defence trainers Abdul Gaffar and Shakeel Ahmad were present on the occasion. A mock drill was also held on the occasion, in which the KAS officers also participated.(OK)


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Srinagar, Dec 12 (Only Kashmir):
One of the newspapers of Jammu based on wrong report had tried to tarnish big achievement of Khawaja Farooq Renzu out of sheer jealousy. A Jammu based newspaper published news that “None of the book of Renzu Shah has been included in the M Phil syllabus of Central University Hyderabad.” Following the publication of this baseless News on a Jammu based News website Only Kashmir directly contact with Khwaja Renzushah regarding the matter. Meanwhile Khwaja Renzushah forwarded a scanned copy of written felicitation letter to Only Kashmir which was rewarded him by Dr. Nishath, Assistant Proffesor Deptt of Urdu University of Hyderabad. “One of the research assignment has been given to Manzoor Hussain on famous novel of Renzushah Zakhmon KI Saalgirah in a written communication, Dr Nishet Ahmad assistant professor humanities Hyderbad University has intimated that research scholar will be conducting the research on novel,” the letter reads. 
Meanwhile various intellectuals and literally circles have felicitated Kh. Rinzu Shah for his Novel’s inclusion in syllabus of Hyderabad University for M.Phil course. Sources told Only Kashmir, Novel of Rinzu ‘Zakmo Ki Saalgerah’ getting as research syllabus for M.phil degree is being appreciated. While appreciating a step, Aalmi Urdu Federation and J&K Chapter has observed that the step will encourage more and more novelists to find their place in wider literally canvas. 
Allah Baksh, Afzal Buland, Zafar Kirmani, Maikash Amori, Rouf Kadeem, Mirwaiz Arwani Movlana Latief Bukhari, DC Ananthnag Farooq Ahmad Shah, Rouf Punjabi, Aafaq Qadri, Syed Shamsu Din, Syed Abdur Rasheed, Movlana Jallaludin, Dr. Haleem Khateeb and other various prominent personalities inside and outside of Valley have felicitated Rinzu for getting his Novel’s inclusion in the syllabus of in one of the pretigious Universities of the sub-continent.
Meanwhile Chief Editor Only Kashmir Bilal Bashir Bhat has expressed his heartiest congratulations to Farooq Renzu Shah for the honour bestowed by him of his creation (Zakhmon KI Saalgirah). 


Monday, December 10, 2012


Srinagar Dec 10 (Only Kashmir): Today on the International Human Rights Day, Hurriyat delegation led by senior APHC leaders Zaffar Akbar Bhat and Yasmeen Raja along with three dozen women victims of rights violations in the past two decades today staged a Protest at Parliament street New Delhi to protest against the excesses being carried in J&K. According to Only Kashmir sources the women include widows and half widows whose husbands were killed by Indian troopers or were subjected to enforced disappearance. Interestingly while expressing solidarity with the Kashmiri cause, people arrived from different parts of India showed concern on the worsening human rights situation in Kashmir. The hurriyat delegation had visited Delhi along with the victims following the instructions of APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.
Activists of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) took to the streets here on Monday to protest against a court's verdict of awarding life sentence to prisoners.
Condemning the life sentences awarded to several convicts, the JKLF also called for a shutdown in the city.
JKLF Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik along with Javid Mir and Shabir Shah protested against the judgment of the court awarding life sentences to Showkat Ahmed and Nazir Ahmed Sheikh, who were arrested in 1990 and had spent nearly 15 years in jail without trial.
Recently both of them were arrested again, after they were released seven years ago.
The legislator from India's Jammu and Kashmir state, Engineer Rashid said that the protest was to draw the attention of the provincial government towards the authoritarianism prevailing in the province.
Chairman Hurriyat confrence Syed Ali Geelani has  appealed the world bodies and organisations working for human rights to take cognizance of violations of human rights and impress  India and use their influence  to save precious lives in Kashmir .Addressing executive council of conglomerate on “World Human Rights Day"
Meanwhile various Political organizations held protest rallies throughout the day.
Besides all this, all shops, business establishments, schools, colleges and government offices would remain close and the public transport would also remain off from the roads.


Saturday, December 8, 2012


Srinagar Dec 08 (Only Kashmir): In a significant and landmark development, Zakhmon KI Saalgirah, the literary novel of renowned Kashmiri author Khwaja Renzushah has been selected by prestigious Hyderabad Central University as a syllabus novel for MPhil degree in the University for research by scholars. After conducting similar MPhil researchs on literary contributions of Munshi Prem Chand, Saadat Hussain Mantoo, Asmat Chugtai and other treasured literary books of globally acclaimed authors, Central University Hyderabad through its research scholars has reached the zenith of literary horizon. The research work for the year 2012 -2013 has been assigned to Kashmir based research scholar Manzoor Ahmad who will conduct his research for award of MPhil degree on Renzushah’s famous novel “Zakhmon Ki Saalgirah”.Earlier, in 2006 and 2009 Jammu University awarded MPhil degrees to Dr Imran Tak and Dr Irfan Qureshi for conducting research on rare literary short stories of Renzushah and research on spiritual content of his literary writings.
Khawaja Renzushah started his literary career from teenage when he was class 9th student. His first book "Doobtay Kinaray" was published when he was a student at SP College Srinagar and while recommending his literary works, the renowned literary personality of the time Aali Ahmad Saroor compared Renzushah’s Afsana with Munshi Prem Chand and observed that with the passage of time entire literary fraternity will understand the extraordinary literary content of Renzushah’s writings. Three researches on Renzushah’s literary contribution has proved the prophesy of Aali Ahmad Saroor as true.
Renzushah's first literary novel “Zakhmon Ki Saalgirah” was published in 1982 which received all round appreciation throughout the subcontinent. The bpook book was widely read in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The well-known personalities of the subcontinent documented their observation about valuable literary contribution at that time. Khwaja Renzushah was honored with AALMI URDU CONFERENCE award at New Delhi which he received at the hands of Prime Minister. This literary novel was followed by series of novels and other books in Urdu, English, and Kashmiri for which Renzushah received prestigious awards at state level, national level as well as at international level. He was honored by international literary organization at Los Angels USA and he also received awards at Tripoli and Syria for his literary contribution. Renzushah being the author of 11 books has assumed the status of being first living Kashmiri novelist and author, on whose literary works three MPhil degrees have been awarded to three Research Scholars. It is for the first time that Hyderabad Central University has selected the novel of any Kashmir-based author for research work.
Meanwhile various intellectuals and literally circles have felicitated Kh. Rinzu Shah for his Novel’s inclusion in syllabus of Hyderabad University for M.Phil course. Sources told Only Kashmir, Novel of Rinzu ‘Zakmo Ki Saalgerah’ getting as research syllabus for M.phil degree is being appreciated. While appreciating a step, Aalmi Urdu Federation and J&K Chapter has observed that the step will encourage more and more novelists to find their place in wider literally canvas. 
Allah Baksh, Afzal Buland, Zafar Kirmani, Maikash Amori, Rouf Kadeem, Mirwaiz Arwani Movlana Latief Bukhari, DC Ananthnag Farooq Ahmad Shah, Rouf Punjabi, Aafaq Qadri, Syed Shamsu Din, Syed Abdur Rasheed, Movlana Jallaludin, Dr. Haleem Khateeb and other various prominent personalities inside and outside of Valley have felicitated Rinzu for getting his Novel’s inclusion in the syllabus of in one of the pretigiousw Universities of the sub-continent.
Meanwhile Chief Editor Only Kashmir Bilal Bashir Bhat has expressed his heartiest congratulations to Farooq Renzu Shah for the honour bestowed by him of his creation (Zakhmon KI Saalgirah). 


Thursday, December 6, 2012


Jammu, Dec 06 (Only Kashmir): The ruling National Conference-Congress coalition has swept the Legislative Council polls for which counting took place early this morning. Of the four LC seats which went for polls on December 03, National Conference and Congress bagged two seats each.
For the K-1 constituency of Kashmir province, National Conference candidate Mr. Ali Muhammad Dar defeated his nearest rival Peer Muhammad Hussain of Peoples Democratic Party by a margin of 2675 votes. Of the 16155 votes polled for the constituency, Mr. Dar secured 8586 votes whileas Mr. Hussain got 5911 votes.
For the K-2 seat, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Monga of Congress defeated his nearest rival Mr. Yasir Reshi of PDP by a margin of 2565 votes. Mr. Monga secured 8659 votes whileas Mr. Reshi got 6094 votes.
For J-1 constituency Congress candidate Mr. Shyam Lal defeated his nearest rival Mr. Gurmeet Singh of PDP by a margin of 7034 votes. Of the 14874 votes polled, Mr. Shyam Lal secured 9123 votes whileas Mr. Gurmeet secured 2089 votes.
For the J-2 seat, Dr. Shahnaz Ganai of National Conference defeated her nearest rival Mr. Ved Prakash Gupta of PDP by a margin of 6917 votes. Of the 14812 votes polled for the constituency, Dr. Shahnaz secured 9070 votes whileas Mr. Gupta secured 2153 votes.
While Congratulating the winning candidates Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who is also working president of National Conference said that the overwhelming victory of coalition candidates is heavy jolt to those (PDP leadership) who indulged in malicious propaganda against the coalition and tried their best to create wedge between the workers of Congress and National Conference at grass roots.
 “Your real test will be in 2014”, he added and told the workers to show same spirit and determination during the next assembly elections and depict coalition charisma.
The Chief Minister also congratulated the NC-Congress party workers and leaders on behalf of President National Conference Dr. Farooq Abdullah and said that Dr. Sahib has telephonically asked him to convey his message to the party workers of both Congress and National Conference for showing unity and strengthening the coalition” said Omar.
Meanwhile the newly elected members of the Legislative council Ali Muhammad Dar and Dr. Shahnaz Gania have thanked the Panchayat Members for reposing faith in them and electing them to represent them in the council.(OK)


Monday, December 3, 2012


Srinagar Dec 03 (Only Kashmir): Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Mr. Umang Narulla today said that 90% polling was reported in today’s voting for the four seats of Legislative Council.
Addressing a press conference here this evening, Mr. Narulla said the entire polling process remained incident free in all the 149 booths. He said polling material in respect of some snow bound areas like Kishtwar, Gurez, Machail, Zanaskar etc was airlifted. He said counting for the two seats of Kashmir would be held at SKICC, Srinagar while as for the two seats of Jammu would be held at Polytechnic College, Jammu and at respective district headquarters of Leh and Kargil.
The CEO said the Election Commission has appointed two observers and some micro-observers to monitor the election process. He said 5-8 complaints of violation of model code of conduct were received by the Commission which is being examined.
According to Div Com Kashmir Dr Asgar Hassan Samoon the district wise breakup of total votes polled is as follows: 
Srinagar: 100%, Budgam: 91.56%, Pulwama: 86.75%, 4. Anantnag: 95.87%, Baramulla 88.28%, Kupwara: 90.25%, Kulgam: 92.84%, Shopian: 92.68%, Bandipora 97.80%, Ganderbal 97.80%, Leh: 93.28%, Kargil: 65.37%
Recently Hurriyat (G) Chairman Syed Ali Geelani appealed Panches and Sarpanches to boycott the legislative council elections. In a statement issued here, Geelani said that those who damage the Kashmir cause are “committing sin and hurting the sacrifices offered by martyrs”. “India is using these elections as a tool to justify its occupation in Kashmir and those who cast votes, damage the Kashmir Cause”, reads the statement. 
Geelani said,“Panches and Sarpanches are a part of our society and they themselves have presented various sacrifices directly or indirectly. Coffins of martyrs have also come out of their houses, so they should not be the part of election process”. (OK)


Saturday, December 1, 2012


Srinagar Dec 01, (Only Kashmir):  At least six out of every ten security personnel who undergo blood exams in Kashmir are reported as infected with HIV+ve. So far, there has been no authoritative survey on the health condition of large number of armed forces in Kashmir. Knowledgeable sources told Only Kashmir that the rotation of duties among security forces and army could be a major risk factor vis-à-vis AIDS. Doctors in Kashmir have raised concern over the fresh increase in the number people with HIV+ve cases. AIDS was until recently unknown to Kashmir. But there've been above 90 AIDS deaths since 2000, officials said. According to the figures available at Jammu and Kashmir State Aids Prevention and Control Society (JKSAPCS), there are 2573 total aids patients in the valley which include 434 in Kashmir and 2139 in Jammu division. Meawhile World Aids day was observed in valley today.  The Department of Health Services Kashmir organised World AIDS Day in collaboration with District tuberculosis Centre here today. Director Health Services Dr. Saleem-Ur-Rehman was the chief guest on the occasion while as Block Medical Officers, Zonal Medical Officers, Doctors, Paramedical, Asha workers and students also participated. Besides, the function was also attended by religious scholars intellectuals, academicians and social activists and bureaucrats.While addressing on the occasion the Director Health Services, Kashmir said that the department has already initiated steps to make people aware about the fatal disease and to wipe out the disease from the valley concrete measures are underway. Appealing people to cooperate with the department in curbing this menace, Dr. Saleem said it is people’s cooperation only which shall enable society to get rid of the disease. Advocating for maintaining the honour and dignity of a patient suffering from this disease, the Director said that society should always uphold the dignity of every individual inspite of the fact that the persons is suffering from such dreaded disease. He also made awareness about the causes of infection which include use of infected syringes by irresponsible medical staff, resulting in agony and suffering of an innocent person. He appealed people to be affectionate and sympathetic towards such patients so that proper medicine be made available to them. The function was also addressed by Principal S. P College, Srinagar  besides religious scholars. Meanwhile, World Aids Day was also observed at Sheikh-ul-Alam Budgam where district TB Control Society in collaboration with JandK Voluntary Health and Development Association organised a medical education resource programme also. About 200 participants were acquainted with the measures to control the HIV/AIDS and TB Co Infections on the occasion. A rally of school children was also organised by DHS Budgam on the occasion. (OK)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Srinagar Nov 28 (Only Kashmir): An indefinite curfew has been imposed in major parts of Srinagar this evening. An official Police statement said, "The district magistrate of Srinagar has imposed curfew in the police station areas of Nowhatta, M.R Gunj, Safakadal, Khanyar, Rainawari, Nigeen, Lalbazar, Zadibal and Parimpora with immediate effect, till further orders."
 A police spokesman said, "Police has taken cognizance of some skirmishes between two communities in Zadibal area. The civil and police administration are monitoring the situation. There are no reports of anybody getting injured. However, sporadic incidents of stone pelting have been reported."
Clashes between members of the Sunni and Shia communities in the old city area of Zadibal on Wednesday afternoon prompted the authorities to impose curfew in areas under nine police stations. Personnel of police and the Central Reserve Police Force have been deployed in sensitive areas of the city to maintain law and order.
Meanwhile all the Kashmir University examinations scheduled to be held on 29th November have been postponed.
According to sources Only Kashmir received here Mobile Telecom operators are allegedly directed by authorities to suspend service tomorrow on 29th Nov. 
Meanwhile, two CRPF jawans and a civilian were injured in a powerful hand grenade blast in south Kashmir's Bejibehara town on Wednesday evening.
Police said militants targeted a patrol party of the CRPF with a hand grenade which exploded, causing injuries to two jawans and a civilian. The injured were taken to the hospital for treatment. (OK)


Sunday, November 18, 2012


Srinagar, Nov 18 (Only Kashmir): Muslim Khwateen Markaz led by Anjum Zamrooda Habib today held a protest rally here in Press Enclave against the the ‘brutal’ attack on the Gaza strip in Palestine. The women’s group said that the silence adopted by the international community has given Israel a free hand. According to Only Kashmir sources they also burnt flags of Israel here and raised slogans against them. “The silence adopted by the international community particularly the Muslim Countries has led to the death and destruction of the Palestinian people. The people in the Gaza are being killed and their properties destroyed while the international community is adopting a criminal silence,” said Anjum. The aggression by the Israeli army has been going on for decades now while to the world community it has been portraying that its actions are in self-defense.
Meanwhile Pakistan’s Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has condemned the Israeli attack on Gaza and urged Muslim countries to raise their voice on the issue.  “Now is the time to decide when Muslims are being killed, as to who is the aggressor and who is the victim,” said Altaf Hussain. He also questioned as to where were Human Rights organistions when Palestinians are being killed. The MQM chief said that Islam does not allow hatred of anybody and that he does not fear death over raising his voice over the rights of Palestinians. “The murder of innocent children in Gaza must stop immediately,” he said.
Kashmir University students also took a Candle March this evening as solidarity with Gaza at Historical Clock tower Lal Chowk Srinagar Kashmir. Large number of people also participated. 
Meanwhile Chairman People’s Political Party Er Hilal Ahmad War has urged people to protests on Monday (already declared as Strike) over the attack on Gaza (Palestine) by the Zionists and homage to the recent martyrs over there. (OK)



Srinagar Nov 17 (Only Kashmir):  While expressing strong displeasure over the he recent court judgment regarding the Muslim League President Dr Qasim Fakhtoo the chairman of his Hurriyat Faction Syed Ali Shah Geelani has called for complete strike on 19 Nov Monday.
Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani in a press conference here today blamed chief minister Omar Abdullah for the verdict. "It was on the directions of Omar Abdullah that the judge gave such a verdict," he told a press conference here today. “Life imprisonment cannot exceed more than 14 years and sentencing Dr. Faktoo was based on the earlier statement made by Omar Abdullah,” he said. “Omar had earlier said that he would look into the case of Dr. Faktoo but recently he made a statement that he wished to see Dr. Faktoo behind the bars forever,” added Geelani. Meanwhile Geelani also called for a shutdown on Monday against the Jammu and Kashmir high court convicting Muslim League chief Ashiq Hussain Faktoo, alias Dr Qasim, of killing a Kashmiri Pandit, and asking him to "serve life imprisonment till death".
Termed it as contrary to the basic principles of human justice Chairman of his Hurriyat (M) in a statement to Only Kashmir said the court judgement was in tandem with government’s stand on this particular case.
“When the courts are confronted with Dr Faktoos like cases, it seems they (courts) remain satisfied with the government views and opinions. It also seems that when such cases come before the courts, instead of providing justice, the court gives more importance to the political influence and sticks to their view while pronouncing the judgments”.
Calling the imprisonment of Dr. Qasim Faktoo as a grave violation of basic human rights, Chairman PPP, Er. Hilal War said that such obiter dicta clearly enunciate the anti-human designs of the Indian Government in J&K, especially with Kashmiri Muslims.  He further said that such violations and exploitations were clearly and categorically against the ‘Universal Declaration on Human Rights’. Hilal War has also supported the Srtike Call against Faktoo’s imprisonment.  
Meanwhile after his arrival here in Srinagar after a successful JKLF chairman Yasin Malik terms decision of putting Dr Qasim in jail for life as a political decision, Yasin too shows support to Strike call to be held on Monday. (OK)


Sunday, November 11, 2012


Srinagar: Nov 11 (Only Kashmir) The 3rd death anniversary of Professor Sheikh Ghulam Mohammad was observed today with reverence and a pledge to follow his golden principles of “unity, faith and discipline”. Sheikh foundation trust arranged function here at Nigeen Club to highlight different aspects of the life of Sheikh, recalling his vision and indefatigable struggle for Kashmir Cause.
According to Only Kashmir sources the function was started with Tilawat-e-Quran, followed by speeches of various dignitaries which include, Dr Javeed Iqbal, Hakeem Rashid, Aala Fazili Shabir Ahmad Dar and his son Sheikh Adil. 
During his speech Adil stated that his father had always tried to protect the integrity of Kashmir and concentrated his mind and body for Kashmir Cause. “We need to follow his principle in practice if we are really paying tributes to him on this day. He said Sheikh was one of the unsung hero who unrelentingly made efforts for the Kashmir Struggle. While addressing the audience Shabir Ahmad Dar demanded action against certain leaders of Hurriyat (M) for their acceptance of additional security provided by Authorities. During his address Hakeem Rashid said Sheikh has contributed a lot for the Kashmir Cause, being his student his departure from the scene has created void which is still being felt even after three years.  Among other high dignitaries, and a large number of youth at Nigeen Club Editor-in-Chief Only Kashmir Bilal Bashir Bhat was also present on the occastion. (OK)


Thursday, November 8, 2012


Srinagar Nov 07, Only Kashmir
By Tahir Muzter:
Again   right wing Hindu   parties are politicizing   Sheri Amaranth   Yatra as was done in   2008, with big land row, and     economic blockade against Kashmir.  According to a recent news report, published   in the Daily “EARY TIMES”, Jammu, Hindu bodies interpret  Kasmi”s  opposition   to the construction of    road to Amaranth, as   opposition to giving facilities to the yatries, or interference to   Hindu religion.   This sort of allegation     against Kashmir   is no doubt mischievous. Kashmir  opposed  and  will oppose  to the  Construction of  Amaranth  road , but   it     is  based   on the  ground of  protection of  ecologically   fragile  area. And   safeguarding the main water   source of the valley of Kashmir. And it is all logical and a right of Kashmir. In deeded   it is what the   whole world strives for. 

It  is for what,   Hurriyat leader   Syed Ali  Shah  Geelani  has been Coagulated   by   Madhu Purnima Kishwar, a professor at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in Delhi and Founder of MANUSHI—an organization committed to protect democratic rights in India,  who is also   a member of   Kashmir Committee (Ram  Jaith  Malani ).  It was   when a couple of weeks  Geelani   Sahib   voiced concern for the environmental damage being caused to the eco-sensitive zone due to the massive increase in the number of yatris that have begun visiting the Amarnath Shrine.  In an open letter to  Geelani Sahib (tahkaka. com ) , she  has   admitted ----- “ I have personally seen how much garbage and filth, the Yatra generates, and how the extension of the Yatra to two months has caused further damage to the delicate ecology of the area.”
In her open letter, she   has said “On behalf of Kashmir Committee, I fully endorse your demand that just as 153 km area from Gomukh to Devprayag has been notified as an eco-sensitive zone by the Government of India, so also the area around the Amarnath shrine needs to be declared as an eco-sensitive zone. All those who value the Amarnath Shrine as a sacred site, should join hands with their Kashmiri brothers in preserving the pristine purity of the area.” She also admitted --------“You are also right in alleging that the creation of the Shrine Board, (with  limitless  powers---TM)  by Farooq Abdullah government was an ill conceived political move. However, the Board stayed within its limits till General Sinha as the Governor of J&K did all he could to communalize the Yatra as well as its management.  Shee   agreed     that  “ Your demand that the management of the Yatra be handed over to the Kashmiri Pandits of the Valley and that they along with their Muslim brothers take care of the needs of the yatris is a welcome suggestion, especially considering that Kashmiri Muslims have played a stellar role in ensuring that the yatris feel welcome and safe no matter how disturbed the conditions in the Valley. This well-meaning Indian lady, with a positive and constructive   approach has not hesitated to confess that -“While there is no denying that certain vested interests are using the Yatra as “a show of Hindu strength”.
What    the people   of Kashmir  wanted in 2008, during    Amaranth  Land Row  or    for what they have raised  their voice now,   in not   interference    in the  Hindu Religion at all ,but   it and it is  strictly  in accordance with    even the teachings of   VEDAS—Hindu  scriptures ---- Vedas    also    specially emphasis   upon: -----
 “Do not harm the environment; do not harm the water and the flora; earth is my mother, I am her son; may the waters remain fresh , do not harm the waters” This  is  what  Rig Veda venerates deities like MITRE, Varna, Indri, Marts and Aditya, that are responsible for maintaining the requisite balance in the functioning  of all entities of nature whether the mountains, lakes. Heaven and earth, the forests or the waters. Seers recognized that changes caused due to indiscreet human activities could result in imbalances in seasons, rainfall patterns, crops and atmosphere and degrade the quality of water, air and earth resources’’.
This   is what the people of Kashmir   wanted.  desired , and expressed   and   demanded  when   800  kanals of   forest  land   was  transferred to the  Shri Amarnath  Shrine   Board , ,  illegally , with   one  mission   of   Shrine  Board  with  S k Sinha  as it  Chairman    to     make  the  Yatra  bigger  and bigger with  every year, ignoring   the essence of Vedas  on   environment. –Because the mission is all political--------but in   the name   of religious   Yatra.   
While going through this write-up “Vedic Preservative on the Environment” in Times of India (June 4,) ,when   I,  as a son of Kashmir , think  about  what is  happening in Kashmir    in the name of     Amarnath  Yatra   I  find    no name,   no  definition  no  term      which can   present exact picture   of what Kashmir   is   facing   ---------YES—it can be termed ------ECOLOGICAL  TERROEISM  IN KASHMIR’’
The calculated use of violence or the threat of violence against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; which is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear is terrorism.”,  it is what  Kashmir  faced  and  continue  to face perhaps    till Kashmir will  turn   into  a  desert   as predicted  by environmentalists. In the the warning words of great geologist Prof. Husnain-----“If the glaciers meltdown completely, Kashmir will become a desert.” 
Basic fault  lies  with  time to time  state  governments  in Kashmir Since 1996 It  was   the   blind    disposal  of the recommendations   of Natish Sen Gupta\  and Mukhar Ji    Committee   suggesting  limiting  the  number of  Yatries ,  as done in  repect   of  Gangotri in UTTRAKHAND  ----and fixing   quota   of yatries  to the  States.    Till formation   of  the   Shrine  Board   non implementation of the  recommendations   could be attributed    to the  careless  of   governments or   appeasement   policy  of  State Governments for   people   in  Delhi.    But   with  the formation  of  the Shrine  Board, with un-brlled  powers   it became  a dictation  for  the  State government.   The  fact is  that  all the  State  governments  from   1996  are  criminally  silent  on it with   an exception  of  a feeble    assertion  by the ex-Chief Minister Mufti  Mohammad  Sayeed  in 2003?, but    he had  to bow before centre’s  intervention.  And   now the position is that    Kashmir   is continuously    facing   ecological     terrorism.
Tahir Muzter is a well known Journo of J&K, He has been the first Editor of the Daily Chinar & Nawa-e-Subah. Tahir Muzter is also known for his poetry, he is the Author of the book "Neelam Ghar" a collection of poetry in Urdu, Tahir Muzter is one of the content contribution to Only Kashmir. He can be reached at: 


Thursday, November 1, 2012


New Delhi, Nov 01 (Only Kashmir) : Jammu and Kashmir bagged best state award in the health sector at the India Today conclave held in New Delhi today. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who attended the conclave received the award from the organizers. Addressing the conclave, Omar said that his government has flagged health as one of the most important concerns in the development policy of the State adding that focused attention is being paid to upgrade basic health needs in the state. The Chief Minister said that the primary, secondary and super specialty health care sectors are receiving equal attention of the government to universalize modern health facilities in the State. He said that while hospitals and health centers in rural areas are being equipped with adequate medical and para medical staff, the necessary investigation facilities are being put in place in these centers besides modern health gadgets. Omar said that under a sustained approach strengthening of institutions is receiving continuous attention which would be carried forward with added zeal and commitment during the coming years. (OK)


Saturday, October 27, 2012


Srinagar, Oct 27 (Only Kashmir): Celebrating the Eid-ul-Azha, Muslims all over the world in general and in Kashmir particular, stood witness to the occasion where thousands of devotees thronged mosques, shrines and Eidgahs (prayer grounds) to offer Eid prayers. Barring a stray incident of stone pelting in old city, Eidul Azha was today celebrated with traditional fervour and gaiety across Kashmir valley. In reports of Stone Pelting were received today as compare to past many years. 
The biggest congregation of Eid Prayer was held at Eidgah Srinagar where nearly 30,000 people offered the prayers, where Hurriyat (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was scheduled to address the occasion, following his house arrest his close aide and the senior member of Hurriyat (M) Hakeem Rashid strongly condemned the house arrest of Mirwaiz at his Nigeen residence, terming it as a direct interference into religious matters of the head priest. Mirwaiz was scheduled to lead Eid prayers at Eidgah, he added. 
According to Only Kashmir sources, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah offered Eid prayers at Dargah Hazratbal amongst thousands of Muslims.
Later, he interacted with people and shared Eid greetings and extended good wishes to them. The Chief Minister also prayed for peace, prosperity and progress of the state and the country.
Meanwhile Hurriyat (G) Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chief Muhammad Yasin Malik; Democratic Freedom Party Chairman, Shabir Ahmad Shah were put under house arrest by state authorities to prevent any public meeting.
Overall Eid was celebrated amid peace and religious fervor as compare to past many years. (OK)


Monday, October 22, 2012


Only Kashmir, Oct 22 published from Srinagar
By:  Ajmer Alam Wani (Chief Editor: JK Monitor)
Face Book users, beware, you may fall in the trap of international blackmailers network, which is spread from Kashmir to London and Indonesia. It has been established that many youngsters have created fake IDs on Face Book, are trying to lure males all over, talking explicit sex and inviting them for immoral activities.
Earlier it was online lottery notifications and SMS on mobiles to trap people in which many have lost their hard earned money acting accordingly. Though this is still in practice but majority of the people have understood this by now and not getting influenced by such SMS and mails.
Interestingly, they give their number of Indonesia starting with (+62) or London starting with (+44) to those who are from India or Kashmir. And to those who are in London, US or other European countries they give Kashmir numbers starting with (9906 or 9596). It has been established that they are targeting working journalists, writers, police officers, businessmen and others who remain most of the time online.  According to Ajmer Alam’s monitoring they collect the addresses, phone numbers and family details from mutual friends and insists for collecting photographs but do not disclose their own identity. So be cautious and don’t get much excited, when some unknown girls talk to you so open, until you know them or you establish their identity.



Srinagar Oct 22 (Only Kashmir): In a brazen act of official apathy, the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) and police are failing to check the menace of illegal occupation of the roadside venders near Lalchowk especially near Palladium.
All this has created a mess for the masses and offices located in the area it has become terribly inconvenient for staff and clientele to make an entry into the any of shops and offices located in the area which as such is completely chocked by the said vendors.
It is even alleged that SMC Employees and Police take bribe from the vendors for keeping their small beds on roadside and never bother to act against the same menace.
As a matter of fact, the illegal encroachment of footpaths by shopkeepers and street vendors is among the serious problems faced by the pedestrians of the Kashmir valley especially at crowded place like Lal-Chowk .Pedestrians, masses and businessmen hope authorities will now soon act on this serious issue.
It is worth pointing out that the handicraft business community has also protested several times against menace of street vending. Street vendors, who they alleged were defaming Kashmiri handicraft. The dealers held a recent protest demonstration appealing the authorities to take action against streets vendors occupying footpaths and sell “fake Kashmiri handicraft”.
Pertinently, Lal Chowk is one of the most popular shopping spots in Srinagar and the inability of authorities especially SMC to remove street vendors casts a great doubt on their overall efficiency. 
(Outputs: Kashmir Media Watch)


Saturday, October 20, 2012


Srinagar, Oct 20 (Only Kashmir):- Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah today said that some people are bent upon disturbing peace and drag people into difficulties and hardships adding that his government is working to provide life comforts to people and they are out to use unfounded issues for trouble.“They try to create fear in the minds of people by using mikes and guns as peaceful situation does not suit to their style of politics”, he said “Syed Ali Shah Geelani is talking of agitation and issues calendar without looking into facts and ascertaining the truth”, he said adding that no road is being built from Pahalgam to Amarnath Cave. “It is all false propaganda. The papers submitted by the State Government in the Supreme Court and the order of the Apex Court itself substantiates and vindicates the fact that no road is being constructed in the said area”, he said adding that those indulging in this propaganda should go through 200 page document provided by the State Government to the Supreme Court in this regard and show us where there has been any talk of building a road. The Chief Minister threw open challenge to Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani in this regard “I will keep two helicopters of the State at your (Syed Ali Shah Geelani) disposal to fly over Pahalgam-Amarnath track. You select any photographer of your own choice and have a complete aerial view of the mountains and the track and show us where macadam is being laid even over a metre of the track”, he told Mr. Geelani and ridiculed the falsehood being circulated in this regard to disturb peace. He said that some people have made it their mission to create law and order problem for their benefit. “While we are working hard to restore peace and tranquillity, provide employment to youth, help trade and tourism activities to flourish and carry forward a comprehensive development programme across the State, they are bent upon disturbing tranquillity for their self interests”, he added and said that they have utilized all means in this regard and are in search of occasion to mislead people. (OK)
Reaction from Hurriyat (G)
“We have shown the evidences and they are proper. He (Omar) will only talk. He is a very cleaver politician because he knows Geelani will never fly in Indian Helicopter it’s just to showcase people that there is no construction going on.”
"If we are wrong they should bring some independent international agencies or team to look into the matter and we will also accompany them to the construction site” said Ayaz Akbar close aide of Syed Ali Geelani


Friday, October 19, 2012


Srinagar Oct 19 (Only Kashmir): According to Only Kashmir reliable sources, Payal Abdullah-the wife of J&K Chief Minister who is separated with his husband these days, met the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Nitin Gadkari twice in the last four months, which indirectly indicated that she might be fielded anywhere from Uttar Pradesh because Payal runs an NGO named Rahat which is operational in Uttar Pradesh. According to sources Payal is seeking Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) mandate for the 2014 General Elections. Well this is not the first time a member from Abdullah family did so, In 1984 Patron of National Conference Dr Farooq Abdullah’s brother-in-law, Gulam Mohammad Shah alias “Gul Shah”  along with the then 12 MLA’s of ruling Party National Conference joins the hand with Congress to form a new government headed by Shah himself under the banner “Awami National Conference”. Moreover Farooq’s sister Khalida Shah in 1985 had succeeded in doing away with his brother after declaring herself the president of the “real” NC at a public really in Srinagar. In case if the News proved to be true definitely that will be a big setback for the Abdullah family in general and National Conference in Particular.(OK)


Monday, October 15, 2012


Oct 15, Only Kashmir
Madina Masjid, an imposing and resplendent structure of glass dome and glass minarets, will formally open doors to devotees Thursday in Meghalaya's capital. The four-storey building - 120 feet high and 61 feet wide -- stands inside an Idgah Complex in the city's Lahan area and is close to the garrison grounds along the Umshyrpi river. At night, the mosque's glasswork glows and glitters. Madina Masjid has a capacity of around 2,000 people and has separate space for women to offer prayers. Around Rs.2 crore has been spent on the Masjid, with fund from well-wishers. Union Law and Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid is scheduled to inaugurate Madina Masjid, along with Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Vincent H. Pala, Oct 18. (OK)


Saturday, October 13, 2012


Srinagar Oct 13 (Only Kashmir):- Giving a big setback to the common people of Kashmir Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde today accompanied by Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and J&K Minister of State for Home Nasir Aslam Wani Saturday evening visited various areas in Srinagar city. They visited Lal Chowk, Polo View, Hari Singh Street, Jahangir Chowk, Sangermal Shopping Plaza and other places.  
 Earlier, the Union Home Minister made shopping at Polo View and purchased fruits at Jahangir Chowk. He also interacted with shopkeepers and commoners. 
Union Home Minister Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde who is on 3-day visit to the Jammu and Kashmir today visited Hazratbal and paid obeisance at the shrine. He prayed for the peace, progress and prosperity of the country.
While talking to Media at Dargah Hazratbal the Union Home Minister said “It was my childhood wish to pray at Dargah.”
The Union Home Minister also went round the Dal Lake through Nehru Park basin, Kabutarkhana, Charchinari, Dal interiors and eventually he deboarded at Hazratbal.


Thursday, October 11, 2012


By: Tahir Muzter
After four years of   Amaranth Land Row (2008). This year once again right wing Hindu parties in India are going to spew poisonous misinformation campaign against Kashmir. This is not something unusual, but a usual course of dictum they have pronounced. They have in very clear words declared that they   will forcefully counter the propaganda allegedly unleashed by separatists; their supporters and valley based main stream political parties against the facilities being provided to pilgrims of holy Amarnath shrine by the Government. The leaders of various Hindu organizations, social activists and intellectuals who participated in a meeting organized by Baba Amaranth & Buda Amarnath Yatri Niyas (BABAYN) on this September to frame a roadmap to counter the   (alleged) propaganda against the yatra. We will not allow anyone to interfere in the religious affairs of Hindus reports “EARLY TIMES”, Jammu.  This is again politicization of Amaranth by   the right wing Hindu   parties, done in 2008, and   still remembered. by all ,    as a renowned   Jammu  based correspondent,  Bini  Joshi, has  very recently    wrote :  “ The  BJP  was playing politics with the sentiments of the  people, became very clear, when it fuelled  the Amarnath Land Row   in 2008”(GK)
What  Bino  Joshi    confessed now   a few days  back  ,  Kashmir    has  faced it very bitterly in 2008, and  is  going to  face again,  as the right  wing Hindu Parties  have chalked out   the   program  as mentioned   above. –Kashmir  talked  logic then,  when land was allotted  to the  Shrine Board, intriguingly, and  Kashmir is talking logic now , when  new political lovers of Amarnath ,  are pleading for  the construction of road ,or nationalization f the Amaranth Yatra  Route. But the fact is Kashmir was    always trampled, instead of giving Kashmir heed. 
Yes!    It is  Syed  Ali Shah  Geelani , who took  the stand  on  new  development of Amarnath  road  and   its expected  fall back.  But this too is a fact, that this time, Kashmir Civil Society, under the influence of highly enlightened Prof. Naeema Ahmad   who came with a   well-meaning resolution on the new development. 
What Kashmir’s fault is?  
What  wrong   Civil  society  of  Kashmir   did, and  what crime,  Mirwaiz Maulana  Omar Farooq,  Mohammad  Yassin Malik   or    Hurriyat  leader  Syed  Ali  Shah  Geelani    committed  against  Amrnath  Yatra,  or  yatries  or Hindus,   as alleged   by the  right wing Hindu  Parties.   It  is  nothing like that.  It  is   a   statement  issued  by  the  Mirwaiz Maulana Omar  Farooq , expressing   concern  on   big  danger   to   the   environment  ,while  Syed  Ali Shah  Geelani   took  a note   of   the    controversy on  Construction of  road to  Amaranth and   voiced    the people’s  concern   on the  issue. This  is for the first time, after 2008 Land Row on environment, that  Geelani  Sahib   felt the need   of   speaking   on   this issue ------- beyond   the ‘Freedom Movement’.  Certainly his stand on this important, has been welcomed   not by the people in general     but even by   the people    who differ   with    his ideology. This writer is    one among such people. Geelani’s   stand on protection of environment   is not being   appreciated   in Kashmir only but it is being welcomed    outside    Kashmir as well. 
Madhu Purnima Kishwar, a professor at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in Delhi and Founder of MANUSHI—an organization committed to protect democratic rights in India,  who is also   a member of   Kashmir Committee (Ram  Jaith  Malani ) has  congratulated Geelani Sahib for having voiced concern for the environmental damage being caused to the eco-sensitive zone due to the massive increase in the number of yatris that have begun visiting the Amarnath Shrine  now. I have personally seen how much garbage and filth, the Yatra generates, and how the extension of the Yatra to two months has caused further damage to the delicate ecology of the area.”
Madhu Purnima Kishwar ----in an open letter to Geelani Sahib in ‘’   has said “On behalf of Kashmir Committee, I fully endorse your demand that just as 153 km area from Gomukh to Devprayag has been notified as an eco-sensitive zone by the Government of India, so also the area around the Amarnath shrine needs to be declared as an eco-sensitive zone. All those who value the Amarnath Shrine as a sacred site, should join hands with their Kashmiri brothers in preserving the pristine purity of the area.” She also admitted --------“You are also right in alleging that the creation of the Shrine Board by Faros Abdullah government was an ill conceived political move. However, the Board stayed within its limits till General Sinha as the Governor of J&K did all he could to communalize the Yatra as well as its management.  Your demand that the management of the Yatra be handed over to the Kashmiri Pandits of the Valley and that they along with their Muslim brothers take care of the needs of the yatris is a welcome suggestion, especially considering that Kashmiri Muslims have played a stellar role in ensuring that the yatris feel welcome and safe no matter how disturbed the conditions in the Valley. This well-meaning Indian lady, with a positive and constructive   approach has not hesitated to confess that ----- “While there is no denying that certain vested interests are using the Yatra as “a show of Hindu strength”.
But  she  added  “ it is wrong to attribute the growing numbers of Amarnath Yatris to the political games being played by Government of India or the Sangh Parivar. ‘’     She appealed   to    Geelani Sahib to resist the temptation of “politicizing” this issue to settle other scores with the Government of India.  This is the surest way to lose the environmental battle.’’
This appeal to Geelani Sahib is very positive. She also hoped that Geelani sahib will also extend his concern to the pathetic plight of rivers, lakes and the fast depleting forest cover in Kashmir.  The land that was once celebrated as a virtual paradise on earth has become an ecological disaster. ------ 
But her  interpretation or  clarification  of   Government Of India, and  Sangh  Parvar  on this  issue , is no  doubt  debatable.—which this  limited column   cannot accommodate .But  for a cursory  reference, this  writer   wants to  convey   her , on the basis of  my  4-years research, that  ,  soft ad Hard Hinduvata swooped down  on Kashmir   with  imposing ----economic  Blockade ---  a war crime   against Kashmir, in the  name Land  Row, in 2008. ----Its detail is very long, and dreadful.  The  fact is   that  the restoration of the land to Board, that  too  exclusively   on  the dictation of Jammu Sang rash Semite,--------and that too   after the  revocation of original  land transfer order , by the elected  Government  is  one sided, illegal, immoral, and comparative,  as declared  by  the renowned  constitution  expert A. G Noorani.  This too is  an open secret  and    a  naked  reality  that   800  kanals of   forest  land   was  transferred to the  Shri Amarnath  Shrine   Board , ,  illegally ,  clandestinely, and  in a consparative way------ with   one  mission   of   Shrine  Board  with  communal  minded  S k Sinha  as its  Chairman    to     make  the  yatra  bigger  and bigger with  every year, ignoring law of the land, the Kashmir ethos , environment, and other drawbacks  Because the mission is all political but in   the name   of religious   yatra.   Kashmir   has   enough  to prove   the  bigger  and larger  yatra as  a political  conspiracy------  One  simple  question in this regard is, which  helps  to understand   the   use of  majority  might  ,  and colonial  attitude with Kashmir. Why  the   criminal    double standard  in  Uttrakhand and  Kashmir.   ?
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