Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Srinagar Feb 08 (Only Kashmir): The population enumeration process in Jammu and Kashmir has been proceeding smoothly and no obstruction has been noticed, said Census Director Farooq Ahmed.
The second phase of the Census operations is scheduled to start from February 9 to February 28.
Recalling the first phase of census enumeration, Ahmed said that the separatists and mainstream politicians of the restive Valley supported the process.
"No we have no reports of any obstructions from any quarter. And if you remember, before starting the first phase, all the separatists as well as the mainstream politicians supported us. They said we must cooperate with the census department and provide full details. And at the moment we don't have any problems of that sort," he said.
Apart from the question of separatists, the other factor that looms large over the census operation is the issue of ongoing different weather that may obstruct the census process in some areas.


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