Monday, July 16, 2012


Srinagar July 16 (Only Kashmir): In view of recent developments in the trade Union Circles in Jammu and Kashmir, as decided by the SGEJAC and EJAC ® jointly a one day convention of different trade unions and its leaders was held here today in Sheikh Bagh Forest Complex. The convention was objectively convened in order to arrive at broad based consensus to mitigate the burning problems of the employees of the State. The leaders in their address severely criticized the so called trade Union leaders who are responsible for mishandling of the issues of the employees and damaged the movement on one pretext or the other. They castigated the role and hidden Agenda of these elements who have all along been deceiving the employees. It was not the State Government but the leadership at the helm of affairs who are responsible for delay in consideration of demands of the employees. The history will not forgive the dubious role of these trade Union leaders.
Addressing the gathering of thousands of employees senior leadership unanimously announced merger of SGEJAC and EJAC® and all the EJAC factions of the State and declared that new era of trade Union activities under the name of style of “United Platform of Government employees and workers” will start henceforth in order to carry forward the employees struggle to logical conclusion. The participant trade Union leaders representing every nook and corner of the State reposed full faith in the new Platform by raising their hands in support of this historical resolution. It was also resolved in the convention that since all the major constituents of so called JCC have either left or pulled out, this platform gets automatically defuncted.
Giving final touch to the formation of this amalgam of the employees , a 18 members of Central Committee of UPJKGEW was announced which included Subhash Verma, Ram Kumar, Aijaz Khan , Rafiq Khanyari, Sushil Sudan, Suresh Sharma, Malik Gh. Hassan Re, Ishtiyaq Beg, , Shabir Langoo, Sayeda Ladakhi, Mohd. Iqbal, Bushan S.Verma, Shakeel Kuchey,Sanjay Dhar, Javed Akhnoon , Gh. Mohd. Rather ,Gazi Abdul Aziz, Khurshid Ahamed Diwani.It was announced that after month of Ramzan and celebration of Id –ul-fitr State Wide agitational Programme will be announced and in the meantime the Government is again served with this ultimatum to consider the following agreed demands without fail and forcing the employees to come on the roads. The new amalgam declared that it believes in talks and appreciate the concern shown by the Government towards the demands but struggle is the last resort.Leadership projected demands of the employees as under:
1. Regularisation of daily wagers, adhoc, consolidated, consolidated, EVs,RETS after framing of policy. Framing of policy for angwani, asha and fair price shop dealer,mali cum chowkidars.
2. Withdrawal of conditions imposed on GP fund.
3. Removal of pay anomalies of clerical and other cadres.
4. Implementation of 6th pay commission report on remaining PSUs, payment of arrears and budgetary support.
 5. Retirement age should be as per Central Govt. mployees.Besides, it was observed that the state govt. employees have suffered a lot and still there is disparity as regards:
a. extension of LTC facility.
b. Qualifying service for pension be declared 20 years.
c. Mediclaim policy for all employees.d. dislocation allowance.e. Increase in medical allowance to Rs. 1000/-Rules and guidelines of the new Platform were also approved in the convention and it was appealed to all the trade Union leaders to participate and strengthen it .The employees were also appealed to remain united and follow the programme and polices of the amalgam.(OK)


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