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By: Tahir Muzter
Ghulam Hassan Mir, Minister of Agriculture,   President  of   some    un -know party “Democratic Party (Nationalist),  has  blamed   National    Conference founder Sheikh  Mohammed  Abdullah for the present situation in the State, and said  that   Sheikh  failed to transform  the mindset of people , which had   developed during  the  plebiscite  movement”
 MIR’S   statement speaks  a lot about   his own  self, which this   write-up cannot afford to discuss here.
                Though his blame on   late Sheikh   is a big and serious one, but it looks  “criticism for the sake of criticism’’   as he has not defined the   present   ‘situation’ of   Kashmir. Mir   is  supposed  to   understand  that   “Kashmir Situation”  today  has many  faces,  including ‘ Kashmir  dispute  or “record  breaking’’   corruption  in present   government  ,of which he is a part, or more and more  alienation of the people. Mir has not described the face of situation, he has in  his mind.
                Understanding   Sheikh’s demands  through   knowledge    of  Kashmir   politics , and particularly history  from 1947 ---and its  objective  analysis. Becoming a  minister   does     not  mean  necessarily   that he  has an eye  for history. Politicians generally   do not  study   history ,  and think it  waste of  time, and    always   try  to   make   self  history of becoming  rich, in which   they  are all and  always successful .  What   he blamed  vaguely  has   an    overall  reply,  but in deep   history of Kashmir   in particular after 1947, till his death   in 1982. Reply is long and not possible in a limited column   of any Newspaper.
                           As  a   Senior Journalist,  I   can  sum  up     reply  to  Mir, in  one sentence -----“THESE  ARE  ‘MIR’ LIKE POLITICIANS ,  FROM    LATE  BAKHSHI TO   MIR.THE LIST INCLUDE    EVEN SHEIKH’S SON AND  GRANDSON    OMAR   ABDLLAH   FOR  MANY REASONS.
                 It is  possible  to understand  only if we  understand   the background   of  dismissal,  arrest  and imprisonment    of  the then Prime Minister of Kashmir Sheikh  Mohammad Abdullah ,who prior to his  dismissal  and arrest and imprsonmnt----   in  a statement in the Kashmir Constituent Assembly  on August 11,1952,   declared :------
                “I would like to make it clear that any suggestions of altering  arbitrarily the basis of our relationship  with India would not only constitute a breach of the spirit and letter of the constitution, but  it may invite serious consequences for a harmonious association of our State with  India” --------------
His  dimissal,and imprsonment   was the  first stroke by India, against Kashmir for  eroding Kashmir’s  special    status , and trampling its  identity  with  many other   actions     as   its follow  up. Delhi is  not   like  Pakistan,  where  we   found   dictators  and  not    think-tanks----India always   had ‘think tanks’   there , who  knew all   “RAJ-NEETEE”. They   were fully  aware   about  the   serious consequences SHEIKH  had hinted at .        They  betrayed   the  “Kashmir Hero”,   but  at same   time  looked for    agents in Kashmr , who  betray   the people in  Kashmir , and  help  India  in its “political  merger” with India. And to  achieve    this   political  objective, the first   step  , India  understood   , was to  shatter Sheikhand  his  leadership.
Bakhshi    was   offered    Kashmir Cheif Ministerhip for   betraying   his  leader   and   his  Kashmir.   He  tried to wash off   the   gravity    of public  wrath   against   Delhi,    in which  hundreds of  people   were  killed. This  process of  giving  rewards for betraying    Kashmir is   going  on in kashmir til    Omar today. 
             “The  naked   fact    is that   to  continue this   process ,  to  keep   the  Sheikh  away ,  from  kashmir  politics , and to erase his  established    popularty    in Kashmir , local governments since   then (1953) have been contrived in South Block of the New Delhi echelons of power. These regimes changed many times, even in matters of months, depending on how efficiently they drove the central agenda forward.”      And it has been confirmed by B.K Nehru. Grand nephew of Moti Lal Nehru and the first cousin of Indira Gandhi, Brij Kumar Nehru (B K Nehru) has written in his memoir 'Nice Guys Finish......” 
Changing mindset of Kashmir no doubt,   what  Mir had said,   is a serious subject -------- this too    is a big discussion---and no doubt somehow it is linked with plebiscite   movement which continued till Indra- Sheikh Accord.   Pelibiscie Front was   buried by its founder Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beigh  who called plebiscite   moment as the  “political   Sahranawarde” and in this dimension Mir tried  to justify Indra- Sheikh Accord. what he   tried to justify   in Indian interest,  is considered     as   Sheikh’s,  wrong   decision   in Kashmir.Though the subject  is debatable ,  but   in my perception plebiscite   moment  is still  alive  in Kashmir -----in  the shape   of  HURRIYAT under  the  strong    leadership     of   SyedAli  Geelani because   Kashmir  politics  still  demands  it. and   which people in power cannot understand. This is also one  face  of   present  Kashmir  Situation ,  which   must  have been in Mir’s mind while   criticizing    Sheikh, because  it does  not suit rulers .
                 The question arises that Mir being in power,  be that with Mufti   or Omar Abdullah,   why   they together   are not   able to  change    peoples mindset   with  the billoions and billions  inhelp  from  Dehli.----------------------  They  cant  change---------Any one,   knowing  Kashmir  history , with    sound  political  analysis   can  predict,that   change   is too difficult--------- That was  the  Sheikhs  foresight   when he warned  Delhi  in clear words , when  he found Delhi ,  making  preparations    to trample   Kashmir interests----, which  continues  in Kashmir   till today  in different  ways. Hence the  consequences   in  shape  of  present    prevailing    situation. 
                    India is  fully aware , that  with the    dismissal , arrest and imprisonment much  has  changed in Kashmir and she cant   win Kashmir -----but   has to capture   Kashmir , strategically ,  and  for that   matter,  they   want to   see    Sheikh  Mohammad  Abdullah’s  name   dead , in the minds of  Kashmir people .---There  is  no  name  in   Kashmir other than  Sheikh ---- who   reminds  about   the    “”SHAB-KHOON      midnight colonial like   attack  on  KASHMIR.-----------YES,    his  accord with  Delhi,  apparently his wrong decision  its own  story , and  obviously  debatable. ( To tell my  readers,  that on my request  late Mirza Mohammad Afzal  Beigh  provided  me an opportunity to listen his  version, in this regard....which I will share   with  my readers-----INSHALLH. (Only Kashmir)
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