Friday, September 14, 2012


Srinagar, Sep 14 (Only Kashmir): In a late night raid on War House, Maisuma, a police contingent led by SHO Maisuma, arrested People’s Political Party (PPP) Chairman, Engineer Hilal Ahmed War. According to the party spokesman, War had finished his late night prayers and was preparing for some usual daily reading. The arrest is seen as a pre-emptive measure to thwart any possible protests on Friday by the activists of PPP against the controversial American film that has offended the Muslims worldwide. Social websites are full of angry responses from Muslims all over the world who are not only demanding an apology by the producers but also a complete ban on the screening of the movie. The film - Innocence of Muslims - that is alleged to be carrying blasphemous content has hurt the Muslim sentiments, attracting huge criticism, mostly by Islamic groups and individuals. Nigeria and many other countries have issued a nationwide security alert to forestall incidents of violence. The controversy has already turned bloody and led to an attack on two American embassies by mob which has resulted in the death of one American ambassador. Jammu and Kashmir being a Muslim majority state and highly sensitive towards matters like these is always prone to violent clashes and demonstrations. In the past too, such incidents have sparked widespread violence in Kashmir and led to the deaths of many people. (KMW)


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