Thursday, January 31, 2013


Srinagar 31 Jan (Only Kashmir): Only Kashmir have always maintained the ethics and spirit of true and fair journalism and the allegations of Early Times Daily were highly prejudiced, malicious, unprofessional and uncalled for quoted the editorial desk of Only Kashmir in an emergency meeting held at its head office in Srinagar this morning. 
Today an emergency meeting of the editorial desk of Only Kashmir was called at its head office to take cognizance of the recent news item carried out by the Daily news paper viz: The Early Times (published in Jammu) 29th Jan blaming only Kashmir of being a mouth piece of renowned writer and bureaucrat of Valley Mr. Farooq Renzu Shah. The said news item was taken very strong note of by the entire editorial desk of Only Kashmir and it was unanimously maintained that such an allegation was highly malicious and propagandist and called for a defamation suit in the court of law. Speaking at the meeting the Chief Editor of the organization Mr. Bilal Bashir Bhat maintained that Only Kashmir has always been committed to maintain the truest spirits of free and fair journalism. The item which had pricked the eyes of Early times was a reality and it had been published by Only Kashmir as normally as every other paper did without giving any undue highlight or limelight to Mr. Renzu and moreover carrying out a factual happening as a news item did not render any paper as a mouthpiece and such a notion was highly childish. The Chief Editor further maintained that the Organization as such had never ever tried to make Mr. Farooq Renzu a centre of attraction on its New Portal as could be even verified till date by revisiting the archives of the news-portal. 
It was eventually concluded that such an immature and unprofessional approach of early times was highly regrettable and was protested by the entire fraternity of Only Kashmir in the strongest of its tenors. The Chief Editor further demanded an unconditional apology from the Editor of the paper failing which a defamation suit could be filed against the paper as such. (OK)


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