Monday, March 25, 2013


Jammu Mar 25 (Only Kashmir): Giving historical background of the accession of Jammu and Kashmir with the Union of India, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Monday said that those who repeatedly cram that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India (Atoot Ang) forget that the accession was only on three subjects of communication-currency, defence and foreign affairs, which was gradually eroded.
The Chief Minister said that it is also a fact that political issue of Jammu and Kashmir with internal and external dimensions exists and all the Union Governments right from 1971 either headed by BJP, Janta Dal or Congress have recognized this issue. And this does not at all constitute any challenge to the accession of the State to the Union of India. “If we talk of the necessity of resolving this political issue having Indo-Pak external dimension and internal dimension between the Union of India and the State, do we cease to be Indians? How does it amount to challenging accession”, he questioned and said that by talking about Kashmir issue is not in any way making us to cease to be citizens of India or challenging the State to be part of the Country.
            “Those who repeatedly talk about the Kashmir being integral part of Union of India are responding to whom? Has any member of the House questioned it?” he asked and said that for the resolution of political issues of Jammu and Kashmir various viewpoints and formulas have been given by different political parties which includes Autonomy Report projected and piloted by National Conference, Self-Rule proposal of PDP and Indira-Sheikh Accord of Congress. “The Kashmir issue exists and no one can deny it. It is not necessary we agree with each other’s viewpoints but at the end of the day we all want to address this political issue and resolve it amicably”, he said.
            “By repeating the word of ‘Atoot Ang’ (Integral Part) time and again, you cannot change the status of political issue of Jammu and Kashmir. To change the scenario you have to win over the hearts of people of Jammu and Kashmir. I have always said that Kashmir will be true part of India when you win over the hearts of the people and care for their hopes and aspirations. If you will reject them there will be alienation. Every Kashmiri is not Pakistani. When they get rejected they resort to raising such slogans which they do not believe by heart and they do it to give vent to their anger. (OK)


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