Sunday, April 21, 2013


Srinagar 21 April (Only Kashmir): The Insaaf Idara led by Kh. Farooq Renzu Shah expressed its deep anguish and dismay on cruel death of 26500 Pashmina goats in sequel to starvation and non availability of fodder. Insaaf which is social orginisation, pointed out that the basic situation which has led to such starvation of innocent goats has been deliberately caused by biased environmentalist Ms Manika Gandhi who always projected these Chiru and changra goats as sources of Shahtosh. It is because of her wrong and biased propaganda that she ensured banning of Shahtosh and consequently local Kashmiri handicraft related persons were rendered jobless. It has been traditionally people associated with Kashmiri Handicrafts who would ensure providing of fodder and food to such goats when this trade was free from any banned restrictions. They would use their wool for Shahtosh and Pashmina and never killed Chiru and Chitra for this purpose as wrongly projected by Ms Monika Gandhi’s environment organisation. Historically these handicrafts have been encouraged by Hazrat Bulbul Shah RH and Hazrat Ammir-i- KabirRH during their lifetimes. Since then this trade was flourishing from Qarakul lake of Kashgar up to Banihal passes of Kashmir. Even king Nepolian, was also presented Shahtosh Shawl by Kashmiri handicraft person but due to wrong campaign launched by Ms Manika Gandhi with deliberate target to bring this trade to stand still thousands of trades men were adversely effected. The Shahtosh was projected as smuggled item and so many Kashmiris associated with this trade were booked under various offences treating and confusing both Shahtosh and Pashmina as one stuff and unnecessary terming genuine and pious trade as illegal activity. These circumstances led to collapse of the Shahtosh and Pashmina Industry and these innocent goats could not get proper treatment and food. The lake of interaction between traders and source goats of Shahtosh and Pashmina led to their starvation. The result is obviously in the death of 26500 Pashmina goats in Chanthang area of Ladakh which is biggest environmental disaster of present era and no one had raised even finger on the personality responsible for such disaster. Insaaf reminded Manika Gandhi about anti polythene campaign which was started in Kashmir but she never extended her support for anti polythene campaign rather she helped 45 industries which were polythene manufacturing units inspite of the fact they were ordered to be closed by Supreme Court. This is clear example of her bias she believes in protecting harmful dogs on street but she engineers death of thousands of Pashmina goats which are source of livelihood of lakes of Kashmiries. (OK)


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