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Islamabad/London 16 March (Only Kashmir): The memo commission held its proceedings on Thursday at the Islamabad High Court and the Pakistani High Commission in London.
Zahid Bukhari, the counsel for Husain Haqqani began his cross-examination of Ijaz.
During the cross-examination Ijaz informed the commission that he was in contact with intelligence agencies of several countries but could not give an exact number.
Ijaz also revealed that he had arranged for a meeting between Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik and officials from the Indian spy agency RAW. Ijaz refused to provide details.
As the cross-examination continued, Husain Haqqani also arrived at the Pakistani High Commission in London and appeared before the memo commission via video link.
The commission confirmed the validity of phone bills provided by Mansoor Ijaz and also opened a sealed envelope of the draft sent by the US businessman.
Justice Esa who heads the commission said that this was not a draft but a part of the information.
Zahid Bukhari also cross-examined Ijaz during the proceedings and stated that the US businessman was always against Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities.
Ijaz replied that he was against proliferation not the nuclear programme.
Bukhari requested the memo commission to seek Ijaz’s passport so it could be examined for entry and exit stamps and the Mansoor Ijaz was told to bring his passport on Friday.
Prior to the proceedings, when Bukhari had arrived at the Pakistani High Commission he claimed he would be successful in proving that Ijaz was an enemy of Pakistan.
The counsel for the former ambassador further said that it was not a big deal for the Blackberry sim to be lost, and Ijaz was formulating a conspiracy which is why he was so careful with his sim.
Mansoor Ijaz prior to appearing before the commission said that during his cross-examination, Haqqani counsel will try to use misleading tactics rather than answering the charge of what was his (Haqqani’s) role in the memo issue.
“If he can’t answer any of those questions than his best defence is diversion” Ijaz said.
(Courtesy, The Nation London)


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