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Srinagar July 31 (Only Kashmir): Statement of Chairman, People’s Political Party (PPP), Engineer Hilal Ahmad War, before Press conference at Hotel Ahdoo’s on July 31, 2012 at 11:30 .a.m. at Srinagar.
In view of the scenario prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir as a result of peoples politico-armed struggle , our party (PPP) , after serious and careful assessment of critical situation prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir and keeping in view all the aspects of Kashmir problem , sentiments of people of Indo-Pak subcontinent and the concept of self-determination right of the people, Jammu and Kashmir came out first time ever since the creation of Kashmir Problem on August 10,1996 with a viable, just, equitable and practicable Roadmap containing a 3-Point Formula commonly known as Hilal Formula for settling Kashmir Dispute to the satisfaction of India, Pakistan as well as People of Jammu and Kashmir.
Through conviction and vision , PPP pioneered the historic Confidence Building Measures ( CBMs) embodied in its Roadmap , between India and Pakistan which transformed into reality in the shape of Srinagar-Muzaffarabad Bus Service followed by Truck service . We reiterated our stand that PPP’s Roadmap is the only solution to Kashmir Problem and to bring PEACE in this region which has been formulated by incorporating wishes and aspirations of all the people of pre-August 1947  Jammu and Kashmir .
Govt. of India has terrific dread and threat of universally recognized principle of self-determination right. Therefore, to avoid and bypass this doctrine she has now opened a new front with the secret help of Indo-Jewish Agencies in order to pave the way for dragging out the basic and essential principle of self-determination right and bypass its doctrine from the freedom struggle of Kashmir and to divert the attention of valiant youth of Kashmir from the indigenous freedom movement. For accomplishing this task various pygmies and pseudo-economists have been projected from both sides of Control Line under the garb of Trade and Commerce  who are secretly provided with enormous funds by Indo-Jewish  secret Agencies with the blessings of American C.I.A. and Indian R.A.W. by utilizing the Channels of ‘ Conference and Economic Diplomacy’.
The recent Cross L.O.C. Conference sponsored by Delhi Based N.G.O, Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation ( CDR)  at SKICC is an attempt whereby it was intended to expel tactfully the principle of self-determination right from our freedom struggle, dilute the fro-freedom sentiment among our youth and to reduce the struggle for freedom to an ordinary political problem between India and Pakistan which could be settled by Economic packages or other sorts of appeasement or nefarious plans through such conferences by  Government of India by purchasing and using traitors and pseudo experts of trade and commerce and some political concessions as well as minor adjustments of Control Line. The way the aforesaid conference was convened and projected gives clear indications that Govt of India has been trying to hoodwink the world opinion by convening such Conferences in Kashmir with a secret agenda. Therefore we reject this so called ‘Cross L.O.C. Trade conference’ and its recommendations.
 Being the architect and author of the idea and concept of Cross LOC Trade and Traffic as the biggest CBM s between India and Pakistan which pertain to Human and Economic aspect of Kashmir problem according to the ‘HILAL FORMULA” and having done an extensive research on all the three aspects of Kashmir Problem including Political aspect, I feel I am at a place, wherefrom I can sense the minutest of the agendas and secret plans behind this Conference.
The main objective of the idea and concept of Srinagar –Muzaffarabad bus service and Truck service, way back in 1996 apart from a CBM was to allow the people living on both sides of Control Line, to meet, interact and exchange views and thoughts on different political issues as members of ‘one Geo-political family’ for the interim period and to do trade relationship between two halves of Kashmir within the ambit of National Trade Policy of Jammu and Kashmir nation.

Alas! The purpose, aims and objectives of the said conference were totally against the philosophy, purpose and the concept of the ‘Cross Trade and Commerce as propounded in PPP Roadmap. Being the protagonist and a strong advocate of the Economic Independence of Kashmir, I have to painfully swallow the bitter pill to oppose and reject the said Conference.
We fail to understand what mandate does a Delhi based NGO have to carry out such a conference in Kashmir and about Kashmir?  The way this conference was organized by Delhi based NGO smacks of some bigger conspiracy. The delegates from the other side of Control Line who are State Subjects of Jammu and Kashmir as we are, were brought here on Visa. The point here is that coming or going back on Visa means that the delegates  have technically accepted Kashmir as a part of India and Cross LOC Trade will take the shape of International Trade between two countries ( India and Pakistan) not between two halves of Kashmir. Had CDR been genuine and sincere in their efforts they would have brought the traders from Azaad Kashmir to this (occupied) part of Kashmir on easy permit basis through Srinagar-Muzaffarabad Bus as was done in 2008 also. During their visit in 2008, they met pro-freedom leadership and took them into confidence before going ahead. Secondly, the ‘Free Economic Zone’ or ‘Free Trade Zone’ the idea of which has been floated in the conference by using the smart tactics of Conference Diplomacy. This idea is nothing but a brainchild of Zionist Ideology and this well known Jewish Concept has been implemented and tested in many trouble torn and conflicting parts of globe to divert the attention of the struggling people and the world. If such kind of Conferences will go unopposed the day is not far when this conference take the shape of ‘Camp David Accord’ to bypass the Doctrine of Self-determination Right in Kashmir. 
 The participants of the conference who are also co-organizers and who claim to be the Trade experts and self acclaimed Champions of business particularly from our part of Kashmir, by supporting the Agendas within the Conference have proven their connections and linkages with Intelligence agencies. For instance, the height and emphasis given to raise the cross LOC trade  to the status of International Trade may sound fantastic and great but technically the status of International Trade means the two halves of Kashmir are made permanent and incorrigible. I personally advise and request them to desist from such nefarious activities of offering a chocolate of business and economy which will ultimately prove to be a sugar coated poison pill for Kashmirs and their sacred freedom movement. I want Mr. Mubeen Shah and Co. and his counterpart Mr. Zulfikar Abbassi, the so-called and self-acclaimed pioneers of Cross LOC trade to stay away from such conspiracies which they do under the banner and guise of Trade and Commerce and Mr. Mubeen Shah must remind himself of his role during the Economic Blockade in the year 2008 before pretending to be the well wisher of Kashmir, its people and the cause.
 I want to clear here that PPP is not averse to any business conference which is aimed at enhancing and boosting the economy of Kashmir  besides proving to be a great CBM between India and Pakistan which will ultimately create a congenial atmosphere for the final solution of Kashmir Tangle. But we want to make it clear that PPP would come out against any such Conference or move which is aimed at diverting the attention of world community in general and Kashmiri masses in particular from the real problem of Kashmir and its resolution. Even if nobody supports me in this endeavor, I would fight against it tooth and nail as one man army.   
Finally, I would like to suggest to the business communities of both sides of Control Line that before attending any such type of Conference or even signing any MOU, they must consult the pro-freedom leadership and to those who have presented the formula of ‘Cross LOC Trade and Traffic’ in order to see through the aforesaid sinister agenda from multiple angles in order to frustrate and foil the plans of Indo-Jewish Intel agencies.(OK)


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