Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Srinagar, Dec 12 (Only Kashmir):
One of the newspapers of Jammu based on wrong report had tried to tarnish big achievement of Khawaja Farooq Renzu out of sheer jealousy. A Jammu based newspaper published news that “None of the book of Renzu Shah has been included in the M Phil syllabus of Central University Hyderabad.” Following the publication of this baseless News on a Jammu based News website Only Kashmir directly contact with Khwaja Renzushah regarding the matter. Meanwhile Khwaja Renzushah forwarded a scanned copy of written felicitation letter to Only Kashmir which was rewarded him by Dr. Nishath, Assistant Proffesor Deptt of Urdu University of Hyderabad. “One of the research assignment has been given to Manzoor Hussain on famous novel of Renzushah Zakhmon KI Saalgirah in a written communication, Dr Nishet Ahmad assistant professor humanities Hyderbad University has intimated that research scholar will be conducting the research on novel,” the letter reads. 
Meanwhile various intellectuals and literally circles have felicitated Kh. Rinzu Shah for his Novel’s inclusion in syllabus of Hyderabad University for M.Phil course. Sources told Only Kashmir, Novel of Rinzu ‘Zakmo Ki Saalgerah’ getting as research syllabus for M.phil degree is being appreciated. While appreciating a step, Aalmi Urdu Federation and J&K Chapter has observed that the step will encourage more and more novelists to find their place in wider literally canvas. 
Allah Baksh, Afzal Buland, Zafar Kirmani, Maikash Amori, Rouf Kadeem, Mirwaiz Arwani Movlana Latief Bukhari, DC Ananthnag Farooq Ahmad Shah, Rouf Punjabi, Aafaq Qadri, Syed Shamsu Din, Syed Abdur Rasheed, Movlana Jallaludin, Dr. Haleem Khateeb and other various prominent personalities inside and outside of Valley have felicitated Rinzu for getting his Novel’s inclusion in the syllabus of in one of the pretigious Universities of the sub-continent.
Meanwhile Chief Editor Only Kashmir Bilal Bashir Bhat has expressed his heartiest congratulations to Farooq Renzu Shah for the honour bestowed by him of his creation (Zakhmon KI Saalgirah). 


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