Sunday, December 30, 2012


Srinagar 30, December (Only Kashmir) : Hurriyat conference in its flat reply made it clear that four point formula of Pervez Musharraf is not a practicable solution for Kashmir dispute and added that the formula is not clear with regards to self-determination and there is no mention for sacrificses offered. Statement added that pervaiaz Musharraf in his one to one meeting with Syed Ali Geelani has explained the blue print of his formula and confirmed it just a status quo and the formula was presented in a best possible lucid language. Sunday in a press release spokesman Ayaz Akbar said that Hurriyat does not believe in aggressive and offensive statement to curb freedom of expression and we fallow it and added that in order to represent the facts in its right perspective and believe it an obligatory duty to explain that the Musharraf formula is deceptive in its nature and nothing else and making it a debatable is a step to make Kashmir issue a confusion. Spokesman in his statement added that the best and the possible solution of Kashmir dispute lies in the resolutions of United States and added that Hurriyat constitution adopted in 1993, there exists an option that in case the possible hurdles, the final resolution can be sought through UN resolutions or under the supervision of a friendly country from international community and taking full considerations of the aspirations and sacrifices of the people state. Statement explained that no more chances of exhibition of flexibility other than already discussed, because we believe that constitution already adopted in Hurriyat confrence ,any other concept opted will means that the people of Kashmir have to give up their demand for complete freedom and accept other options. The state ment said, in a historical meeting with Syed Ali Geelani and Pervaiz Musharaf ,the latter presented the sketch of the possible formula ,that was same and nothing different from that of autonomy and self-rule of National confrence and PDP,nor there was a slight mention of right of self-determination. Musharraf formula as already explained, has notified and suggested self-rule for Kashmiri language speaking population instead of slight mention of the stating the 1947 position. There is no mention of demilitarization instead it has mentioned the civil and populated areas for possible demilitarized . The statement added that Musharraf formula lays stress on flexibility of borders and has concluded over the joint control of India and Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir territory .The main aim of the formula is to make the borders flexible for possible and easy exchange of border visits . Spokesman in his statement added that the main theme of the Musharraf formula is to maintain status qou and for the said reason the said formula has been made lucid and presented in parliamentarian language. Hurriyat reiterated its stand that we have rejected its contents the very first day and we once again reject it without any ambiguity. Spokesman in his statement made it clear that the on-going freedom movement is indigenous in nature but India strain very nerve to malign it and links it with other world issues and is trying it’s hard to convince that the movement is a reaction and result of intervention from the other side of border. The situation demands that people of Kashmir should in no way do the things which may change the discourse and real stand with regards to Kashmir issue. (OK)


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