Thursday, November 4, 2010


Srinagar Nov 04 (Only Kashmir): Ophthalmologists in Kashmir have warned of serious eye-related diseases on the Valley ties caused by prolonged use of computers by the urban youth. Experts said that Computer Vision Syndrome is on tremendous increase across the valley as the unrest has limited the options other remaining busy with their computers.
“Prolonged use of computers and other electronic devices combined with severe climatic changes in the valley have drastically taken toll on people in the valley particularly children are the soft targets,” former head of the department Ophthalmology, SMHS, Dr Bashir Ahmed told Agence India Press.
The expert raised concern over the growing number of people showing Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) — eye-related diseases.
More than four months long unrest in Indian Kashmir has made people to remain confine to their homes. The youngsters who have been active on social networking sites highlighting the atrocities of their own land have come to the limelight not from the side of Police but this time from doctors.
Elaborating, Dr Bashir who also runs his own eye care Clinic in the summer capital-Srinagar said that CVS is caused by decreased blinking reflex while working before computer screens.
“There is a tremendous increase of this disease among boys and children who spend most of their time on computer screens,” He said adding that the normal blink rate in human eyes is 16–20 a minute and studies have shown that the blink rate decreases to as low as 6–8 blinks a minute in persons working on computers.
“Students and other professionals have accepted the new trend of using computers for long time. Social networking has become a craze for the Kashmiri youth, which is proving detrimental for the eyes,” he said.
Talking about its symptoms, the expert said “fatigue and redness in eyes headache, blurred vision, neck pain, eye strain, dry irritated eyes and difficulty in refocusing the eyes are common in such patients.”
The Ophthalmologist also sought proper check on the diseases and role of teachers and parents in curbing over-usage of computers by children.
Talking about the avoidance of CVS, he said.


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