Sunday, November 7, 2010


Srinagar, Nov 07 (Only Kashmir): At least 9000 mourners gathered at the residence of deceased killed by stone palters at Shopian when Minister for Rural Development, Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar and Minister for Social Welfare Ms. Sakina Itoo joined the family members at to share their grief.
The people from all walks of life of Shopian were openly expressing their anguish and anger against those stone pelters who caused death of innocent people at Shopian yesterday.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sagar said that it is the time that entire society should show solidarity and unity against such forces who are inimical to development and progress. He said it s is really unfortunate when people leave their houses for earning bread and butter they fell victim to such brute acts leading to human tragedies. He said that violence always has caused miseries to general people. People of the valley have suffered due to continuous hartals, turmoil and devastation. He said the people who are instigating violence are real enemies of the society as they are depriving ordinary people of their livelihood. They are the people who brought economy of entire valley of Kashmir to standstill and did not allow developmental activities to take off during last four months.
On the occasion, Sakin Ittoo also shared the grief of the family members and the locals on the death of innocent civilians by stone pelters. She said that society will never forget the colossal losses caused by such urchin who are trying to intimidate civilians with stones. She said now people have realized the real intention of such people and have been raising their voices against their abnormal activities. She said that the presence of such a huge gathering in Shopian is the clear indication of the fact that general masses are fed up with the activities of such unbridled elements and time has come to put strong check on their activities in the society.


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