Saturday, May 21, 2011


Srinagar, Mirwaiz Manzil May 21 (Only Kashmir): Govt. decision to prevent people from offering fateh and paying tribute to their beloved leader and other martyrs at iddgah is
unfortunate and condemnable.
It is regrettable that the only standard response that the govt has to people’s aspirations and sentiments is repression, force and curbs.
Time and again through the exhibition of power the Govt. betrays the fundamental principles of democracy, which it claims to represent and uphold.
It is the right of every nation to honour and remember those that have sacrificed their lives for it. To build a memorial is the least we can do, in terms of paying a tribute to them. In India itself memorials of resistance against the British raj exist throughout, be
it at Jhaliyanwala Bagh, Jantarmantar, Rajghat etc.
By not allowing to build the memorial here the authorities cannot erase or deny the reality of the violence and brutality that has been inflicted on the people of Kashmir for demanding their basic political right. However what the Govt. needs to understand is that the people
of Kashmir have internalized the sacrifices rendered by the martyrs and their memory remains etched in the collective consciousness of this nation. No amount of force can alter that.
Mirwaiz once again reiterated that for lasting peace and development in the region, the key was a just and permanent resolution of the Kashmir issue. The sooner it was understood by all the better it was.


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