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Courtesy: Weekly Voice of Kashmir
Srinagar: A move to bring accountability and transparency in the affairs of Kashmir University (KU) by its new Vice Chancellor, Dr Talat Ahmad, has made a section of “vested interests” restless and they have started a sinister campaign stories to divert the attention from a process aimed at saving the varsity from financial and academic crisis.
Reliable sources in KU disclosed that this section has been feeling the heat since the new dispensation took over the reins of the University a month back. Though small but this “powerful” lobby in the University had thrown cordon around the former Vice Chancellor and were busy in making the hay while the sun was shining. These academics or officers not more than 20 had virtually made former VC Riyaz Punjabi hostage to their whims and had extracted “fabulous packages” thus making the University to bleed financially.
Sources said that it was unheard of how the administration had opened the doors of exchequer to please this group by giving them an honorarium of Rs 10,000, a vehicle, a free mobile phone for the officer and his driver and a “free hand” for making appointments. A rough estimate suggests that nearly 800 appointments through backdoor have been made through back door by these officers without following the standing rules and regulations. The appointments have mostly taken place in North and South Campus, Iqbal Library, Hostels and Proctoral wing of the University.
A senior teacher, who is close to a separatist leader, has allegedly made at least 40 appointments in a particular wing.
Similarly the University finances were looted under the transport head as many vehicles were purchased and put at the disposal of these people, who were only “enjoying the luxury” and not showing any tangible results.
The Vice Chancellor Dr Talat Ahmed has said that the number of vehicles in University was eleven times more than required. Subsequently a team was constituted, which has suggested that VC, Registrar and Controller should only use vehicles and rest of the vehicles should be kept in pool and can be used by the officers as per their requirements.
Interestingly the vehicles had been purchased out of the resources generated through payments seats, which is otherwise meant for upgrading the infrastructure of various departments.
All these irregularities and bunglings were covered under a well-structured media campaign and this “strong lobby” did not allow the administration to even breathe.
Since the noose has started tightening and the influence of this group of vested interests is declining, they have reportedly begun to “malign” the administration on the pretext of face lifting on the eve of a high profile visit by NAAC team. This has, however, been defended by the majority of the faculty and other staff in the University saying that it is important to project the institution in a positive manner.
“It is surely better than purchasing high class vehicles like Scorpio at the cost of students,” said a University Professor referring to hike in the student fee and spending that on purchasing the vehicles.
However, they are facing heat from a strong section of academics who have put their foot down and have rallied behind the administration in its endeavor to ensure accountability and transparency in this highest seat of learning. An indication to this was available on 16 July evening when two groups entered into a verbal duel after offering Isha prayers at the University mosque. The young teachers took exception to this “smear campaign” and entered into arguments with some of those owing allegiance to the group of “vested interests”.
However, the changing air in the campus has rekindled the hope of transparent administration, which the teachers in University believe would help to regain its academic glory.


Syed Asrar Qadri Tuesday, July 19, 2011  

::well it might be a hot news for u people but we knew it and tried to express it----ironically had to face the brunt of so called civilized class of academicians who are also at the helm of affairs---time and again we tried to review the prestigious students union (KUSU),so that behind the curtain corruption and the unfair exploitation of students , emotionally, financially ,and snatching their rights be stopped .However we were tainted as miscreants.. leveled with charges (like waging war against the university), the UNION (KUSU) that has a history of its own was termed illegal,its office was demolished under a well versed conspiracy,efforts were put in so that not even a single concentious student should dare to speak ,or raise a concern about the malpractices being done by the administration--look who were talking same people who are looting the prestigious house of education that u are claiming now.....
....NO one supported us that time..the same people who are raising concerns right now when approached by us that time out rightly ignored our concerns depicting that they cant go against the administration because (---yeh hamari roti ka sawaal hay---)
Now i don't know what they are going to do perhaps might be looking to create their own lobby with the BIG GUN ......

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