Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Srinagar 19 June (Only Kashmir): The Jammu & Kashmir Young Journalists Association (JKYJA) in an emergency meeting presided over by Ajaz Ahmad War (President, JKYJA), today expressed a strong displeasure over Press council of India’s discriminatory attitude in meeting just a selective bunch of journalists in Kashmir. A PCI team that is on a four day visit to the valley met a handful of journalists only while ignoring many scribes and media organizations of the state. PCI did not even bother to call upon the JKYJA, the single largest journalist body representing young journalists of Kashmir.
Pertinently, the Young journalists of Kashmir are currently facing tough times on account of lack of financial stability and safety concerns. The young journalists have been since the beginning of the ongoing turmoil facing multi faceted problems in the shape of meager financial resources and state wrath especially whenever they desired to express their constitutional right of ‘freedom of expression’.
As a matter of fact, on one hand the Press Council of India had stated its motive to look into the problems faced by journalists especially their safety concerns and on the other hand has created a paradox by ignoring the young journalists body (JKYJA) which happens to be the organization of the real foot soldiers of journalism.
Ironically, the meeting between some selected journalists and PCI was limited to interaction on non- serious issues like advertisements, whereas journalism happens to be much more than advertisement especially in a turmoil zone.
The Jammu & Kashmir Young Journalists Association (JKYJA) has strongly condemned the manner in which the reputed organization like Press Council of India has conducted its visit to Kashmir which is completely lopsided and prejudiced so far.
All the members including President JKYJA have expressed their dissatisfaction with Press Council of India (PCI) in this regard especially considering the fact that organization is bestowed with duty of drawing out ethics for journalists.


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