Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Srinagar 13 June 2012 Only Kashmir
Dubious standards are marring the activism & pro-freedom leadership in the conflict ridden Kashmir. The pro-freedom leaders and activists drawing honorariums and occupying government positions is a known reality in our part of the world. Pertinently, a large number of examples are there in Kashmir wherein after retirement and serving government interests the individuals join the pro-freedom politics and activism.
According to some quarters, these double standards prevalent in the civil society, activism, and pro-freedom leadership are adversely impacting the basic fundamentals of resistance movement.
On the other hand of the spectrum, during the Swadeshi movement, part of the Indian independence movement and the developing Indian nationalism, was an economic strategy aimed at removing the British Empire from power and improving economic conditions in India by following the principles of swadeshi (self-sufficiency), which had some success. Strategies of the Swadeshi movement involved boycotting British products and the revival of domestic products and production processes.
While in Kashmir a number of those who claim to be associated with resistance politics or activism are through their deeds a picture perfect portrayal of hypocrisy. Drawing all the monetary benefits and other incentives from the authorities and state machinery a large number of so called leaders and self styled intellectuals boast of high moral standards and day in and day out brag of enlightened concepts like freedom and liberty. (Source: KMW)


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