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Srinagar, June 09 (Only Kashmir): A one –day national level Sirah symposium on the theme “Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the educator par excellence” organised by Shah-I-Hamdan Institute of Islamic Studies was held at University of Kashmir here on Saturday in which scholars within and outside the state presented their scholarly views.
While presiding over the inaugural session of the national symposium Vice Chancellor University of Kashmir Prof Talat said that the teachings and revelations of Qu`ran and the discoveries of science are in agreement with each other and both can be interrelated in order to have a better and clear understanding of the worldly phenomenon and other cosmic realities .
As a geologist and from what has been proved by research I know that deep down inside the big mountain there are certain structures which create some sort of pressure and hold the mountains together which in geology is referred as isostasy. And this is something very similar to what has been mentioned in Quran about the structure of mountains.”
Stressing on the need to refer to the guidance of Quran and teachings of Prophet (SAW) Prof Talat said that Prophet (SAW) was sent as a blessing for the entire humanity who made education obligatory for both men and women so that they understand the real meaning of life by seeking knowledge and education so as to enlighten their lives and the lives of others.
While observing that the Shah-I-Hamadan institute of Islamic studies should have some sort of mandate to work and research in collaboration with science departments of the University on various themes where both science and Quran are interrelated Prof Talat said “This is one of the few universities across India which has the unique distinction of being blessed with one of the best Islamic studies department and an equally efficient science faculties. Therefore I suggest that the two should come together and have a detailed research and discourses in future on the various interlinks between science and teachings of Quran.”
Professor Talat assured the department of full support and reiterated that the Institute of Islamic studies will soon get a new 3-storied building once the campus at Zakura comes up.
In his remarks Vice Chancellor Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) Prof AR Trag who was chief guest on the occasion while maintaining that as Muslims we should always be aware of the rich contribution made by our beloved Prophet (SAW) towards education said “Prophet (SAW) was indeed a teacher par excellence who taught the entire humanity the principles of humility and kindness. God asked Prophet (SAW) to read and Prophet (SAW) conveyed the same message to us that we all must read and learn from cradle to the grave.(OK)


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