Saturday, June 23, 2012


Chief Minister Omar Abdullah welcomed the appointment of Raja Pervez Ashraf
Islamabad June 22 (Only Kashmir): After disqualification of two persons Raza Gilani & Makhdoom Shahabuddin PPP nominated candidate for Prime Ministership of Pakistan the national assembly of Pakistan rubber stamped Raja Parvaiz Ashraf's appointment by 211 votes in the 342-member lower house of parliament. Raja Pervez Ashraf is declared to be elected as prime minister of the Islamic republic of Pakistan," speaker Fehmida Mirza announced. 
President Asif Ali Zardari will now hope that Ashraf can form a cabinet able to see through the government's five-year term in office, due to expire in February 2013, without the need for early elections.
But Ashraf is a controversial choice. Currently fighting a corruption case from his tenure as water and power minister, he has also been blamed for much of the government's inability to resolve a disastrous energy crisis.
The change in premier is likely to ease little of Pakistan's myriad problems, not least appalling power cuts that enrage millions or a stalemate in US relations that have led to a seven-month blockade on NATO supplies into Afghanistan.
Ashraf will also come under immediate pressure from the Supreme Court to write to Swiss authorities, asking them to reopen investigations into Zardari.
Meanwhile National Conference President and Union Minister for renewable energy Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Party working president and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today welcomed the appointment of Raja Pervez Ashraf as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. (OK)


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