Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Srinagar Jan 19 (Only Kashmir): People’s Political Party (PPP), Chairman, Hilal Ahmad War, said, “We welcome the initiation of dialogue between India and Pakistan .He further said PPP is not averse to talks but the talks should be meaningful and result oriented. To make talks on the different Issues including the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir a success, there should be no pre-condition from both sides. Dialogue between India and Pakistan to create mutual trust and understanding is indispensably paramount and this is an important step towards the stability and peace of this South Asian Region which will ultimately pave the way for resolution of Kashmir dispute. “India must not forget that Kashmir is the gateway to Peace, said, War”.
In response to India’s offer to Pakistan, People’s Political Party (PPP) has urged Pakistan to hold meaningful and result oriented dialogue with India ensuring that Kashmir is on top of the agenda. Commenting on India’s talk’s offers to Pakistan, PPP Chief, Hilal Ahmad War said Pakistan should stick to its stance that talks with India should not be confined to economic issues only. India, he said is trying with its best to pressurize Pakistan for not insisting on inclusion of Kashmir in the agenda of proposed dialogue. It is an attempt on the part of India and its international supporters to help India get out of present embarrassing situation in Kashmir.Mr. War said that Kashmiris had made a lot of sacrifices for the resolution of Kashmir but India always used talks as ploy to ward off the pressure.
He said whenever there is international pressure on Kashmir issue to avoid any eventuality of nuclear confrontation in South Asia, India makes talks offer to Kashmiris just to neutralize the situation. “It is in fact the international pressure that has got mounted on India and they just want to diffuse it by staging a drama in the name of talks to give an impression to the world community that it is engaged in a dialogue with Pakistan or with one section of favourite Kashmiri leadership on Kashmir”, he said. Under given circumstances, Pakistan should ensure that Kashmir is on the top of the Agenda”.
Mr. War urged the Government of Pakistan to formulate a Kashmir Policy in accordance with the letter and spirit of Shaheed Z.A. Bhutto's Kashmir Policy. He disfavoured and disapproved the proposed idea of showing any flexibility by government of Pakistan with regard to settlement of Kashmir Dispute as such a flexibility is bound to cause a irreparable damage to Kashmir Cause and shall affect Kashmir Liberation Movement which has so far taken heaviest toll of life, honour and property in entire J & K State.


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