Thursday, January 6, 2011


Srinagar, Jan 06 (Only Kashmir): The Chairman of People’s Political Party ( PPP), Hilal Ahmad War , has appealed the general masses of Kashmir to observe January 26, Indian Republic Day as ‘Black Day’ and convey a message to the International Community that people of Kashmir are struggling for the attainment of right to self-determination as enshrined in UN Charter.
Mr. War in a statement said ,every Kashmiri will observe January 26, a ‘black day’ as a mark of protest against the continued denial of Kashmiris’ right to self-determination which is contrary to its claim of being a democratic republic and against ongoing human rights violation in the Valley. War said we have appealed the people of Kashmir to observe a 26 January a Black Day in order to remind the Indian leadership and the world community that the presence of Indian Occupational Forces in Jammu and Kashmir is illegal, illegitimate and unconstitutional is clear violation of United Nations Charter as well as U.N. Plebiscite Resolutions passed by U.N.O.
Therefore, by no law all over the world or morals can justify their presence in Jammu and Kashmir Nation be justified.
PPP Chief said, “we believe that Pak-India peace needs a boost and participation of Kashmiri leadership within and without Hurriyat Conference in any result-oriented dialogue process is a must. He said, “There are political parties in the entire J&K State with conflicting ideologies and
stands regarding Kashmir Issue. Therefore, no person, party or conglomerate of diverse ideologies can be recognized as political attorney of the common man of Jammu and Kashmir as a whole”.
He, however, said that before initiating talks, India should create conducive atmosphere by taking steps like demilitarization, repeal of black laws, put an end to human rights violations in the occupied territory and release all illegally detained youth, pro-freedom leaders and activists.
India must not forget the issue of Jammu and Kashmir has assumed the shape of an International Conflict ,therefore, the intervention of superpower nations like United States of American and China is unavoidable and in accordance with golden principles of United Nations Charter in order to maintain International Peace and Security . These powerful Nations including
European Union knew that the gateway of World Peace is the resolution of Kashmir Tangle. The PPP Chairman said that the international community had accepted that the Kashmir dispute was the main hurdle in cordial relations between New Delhi and Islamabad and its amicable settlement could bring peace in the region in particular and world in General.


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