Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Srinagar, Dec 28, (Only Kashmir): The Hurriyat (G) on Tuesday flayed the police contention about its links with militants and funding stone-pelting, daring authorities to prove a single charge, and asserted that the alliance could not be cowed down by such tactics.
“The police allegations, in fact, are a part of a huge conspiracy to brand the peaceful Kashmir movement as violent and provide a justification for jailing and terrorising the Hurriyat leadership,” the Hurriyat (G) spokesman, Ayaz Akbar, said.
“The conspiracy is a collusion between New Delhi and the National Conference, and some police officers do the bidding of their masters with eyes shut to fabricate tales that don’t have the remotest link to reality,” he said.
“The moral ascendancy which our movement has gained by the agitation of the pat months and the widespread recognition that it is not terrorism or a Pakistan-backed campaign has rattled the rulers, who have now descended to such lowly tactics,” he said.
“We do not believe in duplicitous policies, but say and act according to our convictions openly. We do not use the term peaceful agitation out of fear, but out of our long standing understanding of how to run the movement,” he said.


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