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Only Kashmir, Feb 18 2012
Madam Sonia Ji
It is Kashmir speaking to you today, perhaps for the first time. It is cry of lakhs of students of this state, who labour hard during days and nights , in benumbing cold with no regular power supply to pass their examinations, knowing that pass percentage in Kashmir schools is generally disappointing-
Kashmir was shacked -----Kashmir was shocked, when Peerzadah Mohammad Sayeed. made it public that Sonia Gandhi ji Chief of AICC, has not accepted his resignation, which he had submitted i to you after it was proved that he has misused his office to facilitate his unworthy son to pass his examination. It was really a strong slap on the faces of our lakhs of students when they marked your liking for this person. your special affection with Peerzadah is not understandable, particularly, when Congress high command with you as chair- person PEERZADAH was recommended to Mr. Omar Abullah , the new Chief Minister for his inclusion in the new cabinet of the State-, despite that Peerirzadah’s background was not clean, but dirty, well known fact. Who was alleged to have taken Rs 4o, ooo, in 2008, from an MLA SHOIB LONE Omar had no alternative but to accept, as he himself is an appointee of yours for all practical purposes.
MUHTERMA ---It is for your kind information, Peerzadah Sayeed Or no Peerzadah Sayeed, ------- it makes no difference for Kashmir or for that matter to the Sate of Jammu & Kashmir. This state is already sailing in the sea of corruption, sex scandals and much more. If we go through the various annual reports from 2005 till date published by Berlin based Transparency International, an NGO working for corruption related issues in various countries, it has continuously kept Jammu & Kashmir state in the list of most corrupt states in India and in addition to this J&K and Bihar have been declared as the most corruption ridden states in India.
But perhaps you have not conceived the magnitude of the crime Peerzadah committed this time????? W hat Pirzadah did this time, and which is proved case now, is worst than any big dirty scandal, which u cannot refute.--- As Mentioned above ,it is a big slap on your part to our lakhs young students , who read day and night, in sever cold, without regular power supply to pass their examination.As media has opinioned -IT IS CHEATING THE YOUNG GENERATION----------Their faith on Educational institution is shattered. And Shattering faith in any established institutions joins the boundaries of a crime, which can’t be forgiven.
SONIA JI,-----------Introducing myself self to your good-self , I am not an ISA agent, , not a follower of Geelani Sahib or of Mirwaiz., I am an old journalist of Jammu & Kashmir, who is proud of spending three full days with Late Shrimati Indra Gandhi in VIGYAN BHAWAN of Delhi in a Language Press Seminar. That is different story—It was just to show you my “Character role” to save myself from official wrath, in shape of PSA or AFSAPA. So what I am writing is my voice---it is Kashmir’s pain, which is speaking to you------------read it, understand it and think of its remedy------which in present case is the expulsion of PEERZADAH--------to pacify lakhs of our students in addition to the general public-----Other wise it s not impossible that someone will give a call against ur illogical action, and our children will die on roads as usual.
Coming again to Kashmir’s shock on your Stunning and dictatorial decision about Pirzadah is damaging for you and your Party beyond your imagination. With your one stroke, you have confirmed ruling congress patronage of dirty corrupt people, what BAJPA , repeats again and again, and what your big and small leaders try to refute,
Just imagine what lakhs of students and their parents are thinking of you and your Congress-------Please re –think , and respect the sentiments of the people of this state, get your Minister back, who is the most hated Minister in Kashmir today. Peerzadah has also violated the State constitution, while submitting his resignation , and a Minister who shows disrespect towards the constitution has no right to continue in the council of ministers or any where in the government at all. ---- And , MUTERMA< think are you not a partner of PEERZADAH in disregard of our sacred Kashmir Constitution---when you have not asked him to proceed in accordance with the State constitution and not organizationally.
Sincerely Yours
A son of Kashmir


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