Monday, April 4, 2011


Srinagar April 04 (Only Kashmir): The Jammu and Kashmir based People’s Political Party (PPP) today repeated its demand again of a fresh probe into the assassination of its founder president Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. A high level meeting of Bhutto Memorial Trust (BMT) and PPP was held to commemorate Bhutto’s 32nd death anniversary at PPP headquarters, Srinagar, Kashmir. Paying rich tributes to the late Z.A. Bhutto, the executive members elucidated Bhutto’s vision of a united Muslim world. He was a top notch politician and an intellectual, said Engineer Hilal War, Chairman PPP. Mr. Bhutto rendered many sacrifices time and again to ensure Pakistan became democratically, economically and militarily strong, said War adding it is because of this that the American CIA hatched a conspiracy with anti-democratic in forces in Pakistan and engineered his judicial murder. But his voice lives in our hearts and will keep guiding us through and through.PPP Chief demanded the reopening of the Shaheed Z.A. Bhutto’s murder case, so that the perpetrators are brought to book. Mr. War said Bhutto created thousands of Bhutto’s after his assassination. He was such a strong inspiration that many Bhutto’s were born as a result of his martyrdom, said
War. War said Bhutto not only threw challenge to the anti-democratic forces in Pakistan but he was a thorn in the flesh of the anti-Muslim forces worldwide. The anti-Muslim forces in the world never wanted to see Muslims unite and as a result
they saw Bhutto as the biggest threat, and that is why they connived with various forces within the country to liquidate him, said Engineer Hilal War.PPP and BMT have demanded Bhutto’s murder case be reopened and the culprits be punished. The
PPP leader called for a judicial inquiry into what they called the assassination of the PPP founder. The PPP leader said the Pakistan was facing different challenges and was passing through a critical phase. He said as a result of ill-advised Kashmir Policy pursued by the government of Pakistan damaged the Kashmir case at international level. He vowed to continue his struggle for the rights of self-determination the people of Kashmir in order to translate the dream (Greater Pakistan) of Shaheed Z.A. Bhutto into reality. On the occasion PPP leaders heaped praise on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for his services to the party and the country. PPP leader vowed to continue the Mission of Shaheed Z.A. Bhutto. The participants and members of PPP and BMT unanimously appealed to the people of Pakistan that they should rise above regional, racial and ethnic prejudices and considerations and unite together in the direction of national and emotional integration because such a course could only save Pakistan from external conspiracies aimed at disintegrating the country once again like December 1971.The speakers emphasized that the concept of Greater Pakistan floated by Bhutto and his Kashmir Policy for realization
of right of self-determination for struggling people of Jammu and Kashmir were and are the source of inspiration for the political and armed activists of Kashmir Liberation Movement. The participants of the meeting urged the Government of Pakistan to formulate a Kashmir Policy in accordance with the letter and spirit of Bhutto’s Kashmir Policy. The participants also disfavored and disapproved the proposed idea of showing any flexibility by government of Pakistan with regard to settlement of Kashmir Dispute.Mr War said that the late PPP leader was the founder of Pakistan’s nuclear programme and his agricultural and industrial reforms laid the foundations of the Pakistan’s prosperity. Several other leaders paid tribute to the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The tripod of Bhutto’s achievements rests on awakening the people, giving a unanimous Constitution to Pakistan and strengthening defense by giving nuclear programme.“He believed in dialogue and negotiations for resolution of most complex political issues instead of resort to force,” PPP Chief. Hilal War said.” It was through dialogue and negotiations that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto brought back ninety thousand prisoners of war from Indian camps,” the PPP Co-Chairman added. PPP Chief advised the Government of Pakistan to befriend Iran in order to realize the dream of Z.A. Bhutto. The Simla Accord, which brought longest spell of peace between India and Pakistan, also stands as an endless monument to Shaheed Bhutto’s negotiating skills.“Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a thinker, a friend of the poor, downtrodden and oppressed. Fearless in his beliefs he refused to bow before any man or power other than the Almighty,” he said.


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