Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On his first wedding anniversary, people observe Nazir’s Chaharum!

Little did Fata Begum, 65, the most ill-fated mother, know that the date of her son’s Nazir’s wedding last would turn out to be his ‘Chaharum’ (fourth day of mourning) a year later! But this is how it turned out for poor Nazir Ahmed Mir, a baker killed in CRPF’s firing on Friday evening at Pattan, just outside his bakery shop.It was on August 03 last year that Mir got married. But just a year later on the same day, the house that rented with wedding songs and festivities was echoing with wails and shrieks. This time the same friends and relatives once again turned up on the same date but not to celebrate his wedding anniversary but mourn his death ?it was his ‘Chaharum’.No wonder that Nazir’s battered mother was again singing for her son the way she did a year back, but the content of her songs has changed like her fate; and it will remain so for in him the family has lost all it had!Fata can’t believe that her son is dead. “My son Naza (that’s how she called him) is in Pattan on his bakery shop,” she says and then wails loud to call him home.“Wala Maharaza, Mouj Ha Che Gamech Chetta (Come O my ‘bridegroom’, your mother has lost her light…,” cries Fata Begum as even the tears somehow refuse to come out of her old eyes to roll on her wrinkled face.According to the relatives, this poor mother had toiled real hard to bring her son up. Being in abject poverty, she would go begging at times and also worked as domestic help in people’s homes to take care of his son, the only asset she had.It’s been only for past few years that Nazir had taken to work in the bakery to and earn for his poverty-stricken family.Besides his mother’s, Nazir’s death has left behind another sordid tale ? that of his young widow Rukhsana, and their just 22-days-old son, who had just been named Amaan.With no one around to fend for him, the little Amaan couldn’t have got a better name. In Arabic language ‘Amaan’ means ‘protection’, and this is what he has lost in the very first month of his birth ? his father and all the care and protection it brings!


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