Friday, August 20, 2010

Osama-Bin-Laden buried in mountainous regions of Pak: Petraeus

Washington Aug-20 (Only Kashmir) : A top US General has said Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, is probably hiding in the remote mountainous regions of Pakistan, even though no one knows where he actually is.
"I think he remains an iconic figure, and I think capturing or killing Osama bin Laden is still a very, very important task for all of those who are engaged in counter terrorism around the world," General David Petraeus, Commander of the US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan, told NBC television's "Meet the Press" when asked about the Al Qaeda leader's whereabouts.
The top American General said, "I don't think anyone knows where Osama bin Laden is. The fact that it took him four weeks to get a congratulatory message out, or a message of condolence in, say, in the course of the last year or so when we've seen these, indicates, literally, how far buried he is probably in the very, very most remote and mountainous regions".


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