Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quit Kashmir campaign reaches White House

Washington, August 22 : Hundreds of Kashmiri Americans spent hours on Saturday at the Freedom Plaza under the tent before they marched to the White House for "Prayers for Peace in Kashmir: A 100-Hour Vigil" reminding the world powers that "Quit Kashmir", is the message that the people of occupied Kashmir say loudly to Indian troops.
The participants included people of all ages, representing both sides of the Line of Control and those who would like to see peace and prosperity in the region of South Asia. They wanted to send a message to the world powers that the people of Jammu and Kashmir still continued to hope that the United Nations would implement the resolutions passed on Kashmir by its Security Council. They wanted to convey to the world that the Kashmiri people believed that the time had come that United Nations or the Obama Administration let India know that talks between India and Pakistan must be accompanied by practical measures to restore an environment of non-violence and free from state terrorism in Kashmir.
The Executive Director of Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Centre, Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, on the occasion said that Kashmir was unmistakably given the pledge by the United Nations that it will be allowed to decide its own future. "Now, bleeding and betrayed, it asks for the pledge to be redeemed," he said, adding that the people of Kashmir expected President Obama to seize the reality of the dispute as the question of people’s life and destiny. "Let not the America’s strategic partnership with India validate India’s war crimes in Kashmir," he said.
Dr Fai emphasized that Kashmir situation had been met with studied unconcern by the United Nations and this had given a sense of total impunity to India. "It has also created an impression that the United Nations is invidiously selective about the application of the principles of human rights and democracy," he pointed out.
Attorney Mumtaz Wani said that the human rights violations being perpetrated by Indian troops in occupied Kashmir were deliberate and officially sanctioned. He reiterated that the killings of youngsters and youth signified only one thing that authorities would like to force the whole population into submission. "The people of Kashmir believe that their cause is genuine which has the international sanctity. India and Pakistan have agreed to the United Nations security council resolutions and Kashmiri people simply want that the future of their land to be determined in accordance with their wishes and will," he added.
Zubair Khan thanked the participants for spending long hours during the candle light vigil to express solidarity with their brethren in occupied Kashmir.
Others who participated included Liaqat Kayani, Sardar Zahoor, Sardar Zareef, Hamid Malik, Haji Mansha, Haji Asghar, Sardar Zulfikhar, Mujtaba Wani, Sanaa Naqash and Ehtisham Kayani.


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