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Srinagar, Sept 19 (Only Kashmir) : People’s Political Party (PPP), Chairman, Hilal Ahmad War, before Press Conference Kashmir is in the middle of one of the worst crisis since 1947 – a crisis that is humongous both in terms of its impact and the far reaching fallouts that it carries along. This fresh round of uprising against the Indian occupation has already consumed more than a hundred lives in just 100 days and the worst part is that the victims are being projected as perpetrators by the Indian State. Through sheer might of its military, police, media and other wherewithal, government of India is crushing our legitimate movement and also trying to portray us as troublemakers who can’t rest in peace. India wants to continue with its oppressive policy by arming its forces with “unimaginable” powers to kill anybody, anywhere, at any point of time just to make sure that this Intifada passes off as a matter of misgovernance and misgivings between Kashmiris rather than an independence movement.
The post-Eid persecution that the Kashmiris are facing is something that isn’t spontaneous but it is a sinister plot that was hatched before the auspicious day after the Indian agencies started seeing the writing on the wall. A couple of incidents of arson where blown out of proportion and given prominence in the media to overshadow a mega show of people’s sentiment for the independence on Eid. An abrupt war hysteria was created through the news channels and a vicious propaganda was unleashed against the peaceful Kashmiris to discredit our genuine struggle and just cause.Any political & economic packages or other sorts of appeasements or nefarious plans implemented through K. C. Pant, Dulat, Jethmalani, Wajahat Habibullah, Advocate Ashok Bhan etc by Govt. of India are destined to meet a disgraceful failure. By buying loyalties using traitors and pseudo-freedom fighters for elections or dialogue will get India nowhere and neither will it help in creating peace in Kashmir. It is highly advisable for Dr. Manmohan Singh & other Indian leaders to accept the hardest realities of Kashmir problem & concede the right of self-determination to the people of J & K State, so that the South Asia gets guarded against the otherwise inevitable horrors of nuclear war.In view of the aforesaid position and ground realities our party PPP has rightly and thoughtfully advocated a 3-point formula since 10th August , 1996 which if acted upon, shall save J & K State from armed turmoil & also ensure peace & prosperity in the subcontinent of India & Pakistan. People of J & K State shall never allow any person, political party or conglomerate to act as their political attorney in connection with the settlement of Kashmir dispute. The Kashmir problem is the question of life & death for the people of J & K State who alone can directly settle this problem through fair & impartial referendum. The role of India & Pakistan is the role of co-operation only but the role of adjudication is the prerogative & inherent right of the people of both sides of control line. Let Indian leaders learn a lesson from Algerian liberation war against France, American war of Independence from Britain, Indian war of Independence commanded by Subhash Chander Bose, Irish war of Independence from Britain etc. and bow before the aspirations of J & K people by conceding their right of self-determination before it is too late.A slew of lies, fabrications and cooked stories has now been topped by a typical Chanakya policy of deceit and cunning formation of the All Party Delegation to visit Kashmir.
May I ask the UPA Chairperson and the Prime Minister of India what purpose this delegation will serve in calming the tempers and bringing about peace except it being a time biding tactic and an attempt to co-opt a handful of people secretly by the use of money and other sops. We warn the Indian government that it should face the ground realities and understand no peace is possible unless the burning Kashmir issue is resolved. Kashmiris won’t settle for anything less than Azadi and the sooner India realizes it, the better it would be for all the parties involved i.e. India, Pakistan and the principal party Kashmir. We didn’t sacrifice a hundred thousand youth in the last twenty years, and many thousands before that, to go for a sell out or accept a solution within the Indian constitution that the Kashmiris have never accepted.Can the All Party Delegation walk on the streets of Srinagar and talk to the youths? No. Can it reach out to the people?
No. Because it knows if it does, the reality will dawn before the world once more. Kashmiris who have been taking to streets by tens of thousands continuously for more than three months now have an unshakable resolve to fight India within the jurisprudence of United Nations Charter for the legitimate right of Self-determination and get freedom.It’s such a shame that these people are coming here to rub salt into our wounds by unleashing their forces on us on one hand and trying to sweet talk us into their trap on the other. This show of hypocrisy and subterfuge must end and it should occur to India that the only resolution to the crisis is giving Kashmiris their right to self-determination.
This visit of the delegation is nothing but another drama in the political theatre of Kashmir directed and produced by the Indian Home Department. No pro-freedom leader is going to meet them and they are seen as unwelcome guests by the Kashmiris. I request all the Kashmiris and our pro-freedom friends too to completely stay away from this deceitful exercise and not fall in the Indian snare. Let India come out with a concrete, honest and genuine initiative to resolve the issue, every Kashmiri would welcome it. We’ve nothing against India except that she has subjugated us and is unwilling to set us free. But India must know freedom is a birth right and nobody, however mighty, can snatch it.


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