Friday, September 24, 2010


New York: A unanimous resolution passed by an enthusiastic Kashmiri public meeting in Brooklyn on Thursday appealed to the United States to pave way for holding in New York an important Kashmir meeting between the Foreign Ministers or Prime Ministers of Pakistan soon in an effort to resolve the Kashmir dispute and put an immediate end to the Kashmiri youth killings by the Indian forces. It condemned the continued Indian atrocities.
The important meeting was presided over by visiting AJK Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan and addressed among others by Washington DC-based Kashmiri-American Council chairman Dr G N Fai, North America Muslim Conference chief Syed Afab Shah, Taj Khan, Sardar Mehmood Khan, Ch Jameel Tabassum, Rashid Mirza, Qayyum Qamar and Hafiz Sabir. Sardar Mehmood Khan read out the resolution that calls for the US role in reviving peace talks between Pakistan and India. The AJK Prime Minister described the Kashmir deliberations by the OIC Foreign Ministers in New York very important and helpful to Kashmiris in carrying out their struggle in the present toughest circumstances. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi presented the Kashmir case forcefully, he said adding that there won’t be any let up in the ongoing Kashmir struggle till New Delhi conceded self-determination right to Kashmiris. He said that his ideological measures in relation to Kashmir movement are receiving bigger popular boost. “There would be no compromise on the Kashmiris right to self-determination, he asserted.
He highly lauded the b old support provided to the Kashmir movement by government of Pakistan. “Kashmir Banega Pakisan” is not mere a slogan. It keeps the Kashmiris on right tracks. He richly appreciated the remarks by the OIC Secretary General that “new innovative approach to solve Kashmir is needed. he AJK Premier disclosed that very soon he would be participating in an important on Kashmir in Brussels. I am going to start a new phase of sensitizing the international personalities about the serous ness of Kashmir unsolved”. Speakers lauded the package of measures taken recently by Sardar Attique Ahmed for revival of Kashmir cause, Sardar Attique asked his audience, his party workers to display “Kashmir seeks attention” on their chest board and hail American role for the welfare of the immigrants. A large number of community members participated in the meeting. The speakers hailed the new reformative measures undertaken b y the present government in AJK.
Sardar Attique reiterated his call for military democracy and cited the example of the USA to carry forward their strategic interests through its military democracy. If the democratic forces and the army work together the country could soon become a citadel of economic power.


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