Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Srinagar: Cracks are developing within the all-party delegation to Kashmir with senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj saying Tuesday that reaching out to the separatists was not good idea.
Swaraj said "reaching out to the separatists was their decision and not a collective decision."
"That was their personal decision, not a decision of the delegation. If some people want to go, we cannot stop them. But we decided not to go," Sushma said. She added that it was not a mandate as it was not discussed in the delegation.
Sushma made these remarks when asked by newsmen for her response to discussions three groups from the all-party team had with the separatist leaders after some members went out of their way visiting their homes yesterday.
However, CPM's Sitaram Yechury said, that it was a collective decision.
"Yes, finally it did, if it didn't have the backing, nobody objected to it. We are the ones who proposed. It was finally, officially, on behalf of the delegation," Yechury said when asked if there was a consensus within the delegation.
When asked if the visit was successful, Sushma said, "It is successful in the sense that we have listened to the people and tried to understand what they are saying. Sitting from far you cannot understand the problem, you have to come here and listen to people's point of views from different walks of civil society. We will respond to this in Delhi after interacting with each other."
While in interview on national news channel J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said, that meeting with separatists was part of the plan and welcoming the move.
"Purpose of the delegation coming here was for them to get an idea of what is happening and have balanced view of situation," said Omar.
On Monday, 39 politicians of different ideologies, personalities and opinions touched down in Srinagar hoping to make a gentle landing in the volatile Kashmir Valley. These politicians were seeking a united political consensus in a state that has seen 107 civilian deaths in the past three months.


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