Monday, September 27, 2010


Srinagar, Sept 27 (Only Kashmir): Accusing the Jammu and Kashmir government of using students to suppress the ongoing movement, the Chairman of Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani Sunday made a passionate appeal to the parents not to send their wards to the schools on the shutdown days. However, he maintained that the students can attend the schools on the normal days according to the Conglomerate’s protest calendar.
Geelani said on one hand the troopers and police are targeting the students to suppress the ongoing movement, and on the other, they are showing concern over their education.The veteran leader, who is spearheading the ‘Quit Jammu and Kashmir Movement’, said the struggle has reached a decisive phase. “We are ready to sacrifices even our lives for the movement. At this juncture we can’t afford anybody to take such steps which are aimed at affecting our cause. I want to maintain that we are aware about the importance of education but at the same time how can we forget that most of the 109 youth and teenagers who fell to bullets of troopers and cops, were students,” Geelani said.
Elaborating, he said during the ongoing agitation the authorities have arrested and booked many students under various offences and the Public Safety Act just for staging peaceful protests “against killing of their colleagues.”“These students who are languishing in jails, police stations and interrogation centers were also pursuing education. Their parents had woven dreams of prosperous future for them. But the Government has put them behind bars and ruined their career. It is ironical that the same Government is now showing concern over education of our students. This is sheer hypocrisy,” he maintained.Geelani said in the garb of education of our students the Government has hatched a “conspiracy” to suppress the ongoing movement. “Asking the students to attend the schools is an attempt to break the movement which is giving sleepless nights to Indian leadership. We are also concerned about the education of our children. But we have to understand that students as part of our society are not holidaying at homes on shutdown days but silently protesting against the denial of rights to Kashmiris. We are committed to provide safe, secure and respectable future to our future generation,” he said.Geelani said the students can freely attend the schools on the normal days according to the protest calendar.
He appealed the people, particularly the students, teachers and other academic staff to make the Conglomerate’s shutdown call for Monday and other days successful.“I salute the Kashmiris who have been rendering unflinching sacrifices to carry the movement to its logical conclusion. This nation has always respected our programs. I make a fervent appeal to parents not to send their wards to the schools on shutdown days. Teachers should also remain away from the schools. This way we can convey to leaders in New Delhi that they can’t befool the Kashmiris by showing false concern over the education of our children,” Geelani said.
Geelani said he is aware about the inconvenience to the people due to frequent shutdowns. “However, people from all walks, from street vendor to businessman, are wholeheartedly supporting our movement despite incurring financial losses. Shutdown is one of the ways to press for our right to self-determination. For convenience of the people, we have been giving relaxations for one or two days in the protest calendar every week. But the Government imposes curfew on day of relaxations to suppress the people,” he said.Giving figures, Geelani said out of 108 days of ongoing movement, the Conglomerate had called for shutdowns for 75 days. “But the Government imposed strict curfew for 76 days.
The Government uses its military might to enforce the curfew, but this has strengthened the resolve of Kashmiris to attain freedom and intensified their alienation towards the Indian rule,” Geelani maintained.


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