Monday, October 25, 2010


Srinagar Oct 25 (Only Kashmir): People’s Political Party (PPP) Chairman, Hilal Ahmad War, has rejected the role of interlocutors in resolving the Kashmir Issue which has assumed the shape of an International Issue. He reiterated that Kashmir Issue is the question of life , death and honour of the common man of Kashmir, therefore , it cannot be resolved through any interlocutors or mediators , it can be resolved directly the masses of Jammu and Kashmir ( 14 million people) by means of a free, fair and impartial referendum.
PPP Chief, Hilal Ahmad War, has told the visiting interlocutors that, having regard to the commitment of exercise of right of self-determination for the people of J & K, history has provided golden chance to you to write and recommend the GoI to concede the demand of Right of Self-determination of the 14 million people of Jammu and Kashmir which they are required to fulfil and en-cash towards their obligations.
He further said, “No amount of repressive policies, use of force, intimidating through Indian military, Para military and other forces can take away this inalienable right of J & K people”.
He said to leadership of India, “Please do not sit over the volcano but avoid any such calamity which endangers entire South-East –Asia as a whole by your negligence”. Let better sense prevail upon you and your leadership to capitalize at this historical juncture for the attainment of Permanent Peace and Tranquillity on this side of globe.


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