Monday, October 4, 2010


Srinagar Oct 04 (Only Kashmir):People’s Political Party (PPP) Chairman, Hilal Ahmad War, reiterated that resolving Kashmir requires tough diplomacy of important countries of the globe like USA. UK. United Sates of America has already begun the diplomatic efforts to address the Kashmir Issue in order make South-Asia terror free and a peace constituency. British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, categorically had said in the year 2008 that Resolution of Kashmir Dispute is very vital for the peace and security of South Asia. This statement gave a significance to Kashmir Dispute and impressed upon the peace lovers of South Asia to rise to the occasion and press India and Pakistan to start a dialogue to resolve Kashmir tangle if they really want to be at peace . Bruce Riedel, Obama’s election campaign advisor, in his recently published book, urged Washington to resolve the Kashmir Dispute and only then can the influence of Al- Qaida decline. The first step towards the Kashmir resolution will have to be the withdrawal of all military and paramilitary forces from the Jammu and Kashmir. Bruce said India should withdraw forces from J & K and Pakistan should withdraw its troops from its administered Kashmir. The withdrawal of the forces from both parts will have to be simultaneous. General David Petraeus who heads US Central Command has confirmed that the United States has begun the diplomatic efforts to address the Kashmir Issue so that Pakistan can focus more effective on fighting Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants. Before taking control of the White House, President Obama, had argued that Kashmir is the root cause of the terrorism in the region and he had pledged to address Kashmir Issue with India and Pakistan. General said together with my great diplomatic wing man Ambassador Richard Holbrook, this effort actually has started. The task-force formed by US- based Asia Society has called on the Obama administration to find the lasting settlement to Kashmir Dispute and encourage behind the scene efforts to deescalate tensions between India and Pakistan over the issue. The independent task force set up last year included Richard Holbrook, the Special US Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, and General James Jones, National Security Advisor. Mr. War said, “in the contemporary world, the political issues should be resolved through dialogue. We want process should be inclusive now onwards. All the resistance groups including Hurriyat factions and JKLF factions should also be involved. The consensus is being evolved in the international community that resolution of Kashmir is very imperative for the world peace.
In order to prevent the South-Asian Region from erupting to the prejudice and detriment of the global peace the long-standing Kashmir dispute urgently need to be solved amicably within the framework of fundamental Human Rights and justice to the concerned struggling people. In this connection the PPP’s Roadmap containing 3 Point Formula advocated by our party since August 10, 1996 is the only tunnel to reach the goal and destination of peace and human-brother -hood which shall in turn ipso-facto close the doors and chances of Atomic War. Hilal War’s Road Map amply reflects his ideology and thinking which is the restoration of peace, international brotherhood and a conducive atmosphere for coexistence and a resolution for all the unresolved issues so that all the obstacles in the way to progress and prosperity are removed.” He further said PPP is not averse to talks but the talks should be meaningful and result oriented. To make talks on the resolution of Kashmir Dispute a success there should be no pre-condition from both sides. Dialogue between Kashmir, India and Pakistan to create mutual trust and understanding is indispensably paramount and this is an important step towards the resolution of Kashmir dispute.


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