Friday, October 8, 2010


Srinagar, Oct 8 (Only Kashmir): The Chairman of People’s Political Party (PPP), Engineer Hilal Ahmad War, has appreciated Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah’s statement and his acknowledgment that Kashmir is an International Issue which has its roots as deep as 63 long years in the contemporary history, has vindicated not only our stand but also the stand of J & K Plebiscite Front wherein his grand father had categorically raised an official slogan that ‘ People are masters of their own fate’ .
PPP Chief said “Omar Abdullah’s statement is not only the victory of the pro-freedom parties stand but also the temporary victory of Omar Abdullah’s ‘conscience’. If his conscience has really woken up he must quit his service from Indian Government and resign from Chief Ministership in order to complete the unfinished agenda of his grandfather, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and join pro-freedom camp and plead the case and cause of right of self-determination of people of entire pre-august 1947 J & K State, said Mr.War. We invite Omar Abdullah to join pro-freedom camp and fight for freedom of Kashmir. If he (Omar) accepts our invitation, we will appoint him as an ambassador and Chief of Foreign Affairs to plead Kashmir case at International level, said War.
PPP Chief, said that Signing of so-called document of Accession is a controversial issue and a debatable question, there are legal provisions and by virtue of Indian Independence Act, passed by British Indian Govt. on July 15, 1947 the Maharaja Hari Sigh was ceased to be a ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, therefore, he had no authority to Sign any document according to aforesaid Act and the relevant provisions International Law. The second argument is that no document of Accession Signed by Maharaja Hari Singh, there was only Bhutan Type Treaty signed by him renewable after every 10 years. According to Indian argument and the fake document of Accession was signed but subject to the ratification by masses directly through referendum.
Elaborating, Hilal War said that at the time of signing of the “so-called” instrument of accession, the then Indian rulers had subjected it to the condition of ratification through referendum directly my the masses of entire Pre-August 1947 J & K State which India has not done so far, therefore, so-called accession is invalid and a dead document. In 1948 Government of India pledges before the United Nations, Security Council to hold a plebiscite in order to ascertain the WILL of the people of Jammu and Kashmir whether they want to stay with India or Pakistan. It is ironic that India has not fulfilled its promises till date and has not conceded the just demand of right of self-determination of people of Jammu and Kashmir.


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