Sunday, October 3, 2010


Srinagar, Oct 02, (Only Kashmir): People’s Political Party (PPP) Chairman, Hilal Ahmad War termed Babri Masjid judgement a politically motivated, simply to appease the fanatic Hindus of India. The judgement is not on the expected lines of justice and has far reaching consequences , in view of the fact that RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal , Ram Sena, Hindu Maha Saba, BJP etc. along with other pseudo secularists will further their design to carry forward their programme of Hindutva, said Mr.War. He sad that this judgement will encourage the Hindu fanatic groups of India to ask for desecration and demolition of many more shrines and mosques and other places of worship of Muslims in various parts of India on the same parameters as fixed in the judgement. ‘The judgement is legally, constitutionally and logically wrong , biased and is against the golden principles of Justice’ . ‘This has resulted in total miscarriage of justice and the minorities have been reduced to irrelevance’, said PPP Chief.
PPP Chief, Hilal War said that the Muslims of India have been all along at the receiving end. They stand driven to wall and their future course of action will depend on the future circumstances of historical events. The only hope left to such minorities was in the judicial system. The unfortunate part played is that the judgement has attempted to dug history of 500 years from Hindu point of view only. This process shall throw open flood gated of digging more and more in history which will provide renewed cause of action to divide and sub divide the Indian society on communal basis which does not go in tune with the concept of spirit of secularism at all .
The judgement has provided deep rooted tremendous and powerful incentive to the communal forces of India for gearing up their strategies. The judgement has reinforced and added fuel to the fire. Therefore, it will result in chaos and confusion in entire India which ultimately will destabilize and India, said Mr.War. This will lead to a chaotic Indian society where every religious minority will feel insecure and unsafe and will have no faith, trust and confidence in the judicial system of India. PPP Chief said if the same is not checked the religious minorities of India including Muslims, Christians and Dalits etc. will be constrained to demand for a Separate Homeland within India.


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